5 Ways to Sneak in a Holiday Workout (In 15 Minutes or Less)

Workout during the holidays without adding yet another task to your do-to list.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Think exercise is impossible during the holiday season? While the holiday’s often come with a whole slew of added tasks on our to-do lists, plus lots of sweet goodies and family events, it’s not impossible! In fact, exercise during the holidays can be as easy as squeezing in a quick walk at the airport during your layover or making the most of that jet lag we all dread. 

We’re breaking down five easy and stress-free ways you can sneak in exercise during the holidays that won’t feel like you’re adding just another thing on your to-do list. 

5 Ways to Sneak in Exercise During the Holidays 

#1 Use Jet Lag to Your Advantage

Traveling somewhere far this holiday season and have a serious case of jetlag? While this isn’t the thing any of us look forward to as we travel, why not use it to your advantage? While you’re adapting to the new time change, you can actually squeeze in some exercise during the holidays by getting a sweat sesh in when you’re finding it impossible to sleep. Hey, it may even help you get tired enough to hit the hay. 

So, press play on your fav HIIT workout, or if there’s a treadmill available, get a 15-minute brisk walk or jog in. Mine as well burn some cals and make the most of the fact that you’re jet lagged, right? 

#2 Make the Most of Indoor Workouts

When we travel and are in new environments, whether it’s a family member’s house or a hotel, it can become really easy to get into a fitness rut and toss our fitness goals out the window. But, make the most of indoor workouts to squeeze some exercise in during the holidays. You can use your FitOn app anywhere to get a quick workout in at any time—plus, you can choose the workouts that don’t require equipment, so you can get a workout in and burn some cals without having to have anything other than a pair of sneakers. 

Or, if you’re really crunched for time, get a quick five-minute circuit in to fire up your metabolism and burn some cals. Do 20 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, a one minute plank, and jog in place for 30 seconds. Repeat once or twice, and be on your way, doing everything else on your holiday to-do list. 

#3 Have a Layover? Make the Most of it

Here’s another hack to make the most of some of the most dreaded parts of traveling. Instead of looking at your lengthy layover as a drag, get your body moving as you wait for your next flight. Take a brisk walk through the airport, making it a goal to walk for at least 15 minutes. This is an easy and even stress-reducing way to exercise during the holidays before your holiday vacay even starts. 

Plus, moving your body between flights is never a bad idea to get the blood flowing before you board your next flight. 

#4 Timing is Key 

The holidays are busy—there’s often no getting around family holiday traditions, work events, and long travel days. But, with a little planning and taking a look at your schedule, you can pencil in times you can exercise during the holidays. 

Have 15 minutes before the day starts to get out for a walk? Do it! Have an hour in between family dinner and holiday shopping to get some exercise in? Get a quick HIIT workout in. You will feel so much better moving your body and doing something to combat all the stress that comes with the holiday madness

#5 Burn Calories While You Shop

Have some serious holiday shopping to do? Why not burn some calories while crossing all those gifts off of your holiday shopping list? By simply taking the stairs at the mall vs. the elevator, walking the whole length of the mall, and doing some calf raises while standing in line, you can get some extra steps in and scorch some cals at the same time. Check out more ways to burn calories while shopping here. 

Don’t Stress Over Perfection This Holiday Season

If you have fitness goals that happen to get a little off track throughout the holiday season, don’t stress it. The holidays can get hectic, and you don’t have to be perfect. However, staying on top of your fitness as much as you can and finding sneaky ways to exercise during the holidays will not only help you stay on track, but it may even help reduce some of the stress that often comes with this time of year.

So, get a sweat in where you can and feel great about any exercise that you do! You’re killin it and will feel even better about rolling into your 2020 fitness goals.