5 Burpee Alternatives That Will Scorch Calories

No burpee, no problem.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Burpee haters unite. If you just can’t get down with the burpee, we get it. Burpees are hard, and they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. So, if you just can’t get yourself to drop and do burpees every time you press play on your favorite FitOn HIIT workout, we got you. Here are five burpee alternatives that will help you burn fat and crush calories at the same time. 

Hint-these five workouts are also perfect to combine to create a quick power workout when you have a spare 20 minutes. Do all five for a fast and effective fat-burning cardio sesh. 

#1 Mountain Climbers:

Say hello to your new cardio and strength building BFF. Mountain climbers are a perfect burpee alternative as they serve as a little cardio, but with a little strength built-in as well. You can fire up those abs, arms, and legs all at the same time. Start in a plank position, tighten those abs, and bring your right knee right up in front, under your chest. Repeat on the left side. Do 20 on each side and say hello to scorched calories and burning abs. 

#2 Jump Squat:

Jump squats are a killer way to tone both the glutes and legs and can burn some serious cals. Plus, they’re pretty simple (but not easy!) Slowly bend into a squat, jump up and rotate 180 degrees while lowering back down into your squat. Repeat, now going the other direction. Feel the burn yet? Repeat this 15 times. 

#3 Walking Lunge:

Ah, the walking lunge. It takes the lunge to the next level with a little added challenge. This burpee alternative can help you burn some fat by adding a little cardio to your fav way to strengthen your legs. Start with a basic lunge, but as you switch legs, step forward in a walking motion. Keep alternating sides, turning around as needed depending on the space you have. Do this for five minutes, and we promise you’ll really start to feel the burn! 

#4 Jump Rope:

Grab that jump rope girl, and get jumping. This makes for the perfect burpee alternative for those who don’t like burpees but still want to burn some serious fat. Nothing gets more basic than a simple jump rope, and it can be such a great cardio workout when you’re looking for a quick way to burn calories. Jumping rope for just 10 minutes could help you burn some major calories. A 150 pound person would burn over 100 calories with jumping rope for only 10 minutes! So, jump until your heart is content. It will serve as a great calorie burner. 

#5 Walkouts:

If you’re ready to turn things up a notch, drop and do a few walkouts. While these may seem a little too familiar (aka they may look like a burpee), it’s the bomb for toning and tightening those abs. Start by standing up tall, and slowly bend down, walking your hands all the way out until you’re in a plank position. Slowly walk your hands back and do it again. Repeat for 15 reps. You’ll quickly start to feel your core start to shake. That’s a good sign that your core muscles are firing up and working! 

No Burpee, No Problem

If you’re not a fan of the burpee, no biggie. While it can be a great exercise to throw into your workout, there are plenty of fat-burning burpee alternatives that can kick your booty into shape, burn some calories, strengthen, and tone. Combine these five fat-burning burpee alternatives, repeat each workout twice, and you have yourself a 20-minute cardio and fat burning workout. Do this workout on the go, or whenever you have time to squeeze it in.  

And, guess what? Other than a simple jump rope, these burpee alternatives require no heavy equipment (yup, zilch), just your bodyweight, a positive attitude, and some determination to power through a kick-butt workout.