5 Reasons HIIT Lovers Should Do Yoga on The Reg

Real talk-life is all about balance, including your fitness routine.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Life is all about balance. From creating a work and home life balance to finding balance in your diet, balance in your workout routine is no different. So, HIIT lovers, this one’s for you. We’re talking about why combining yoga with HIIT could do wonders for your current fitness routine. 

5 Reasons Why Combining Yoga With HIIT Could Boost Your Results

#1 Boost Weight Loss Success

Who would have thought that yoga combined with HIIT could actually help boost your weight loss success? While you will slash calories with regular HIIT workouts, yoga is a great way to bust stress (hint, this is important for weight loss.) Reducing your stress is super duper important for hormone balance, and with better hormone balance, you may just find it’s easier to shed those last stubborn pounds. So, roll that yoga mat out a few times per week to get centered, focus on your breath, and get your stress levels in check. We promise it will do your mind and your body some good. 

#2 Combat More Stress

HIIT is ah-mazing for stress reduction. There’s nothing better than a workout sesh to help boost mood, and get out all the tension from the day. Now, combining yoga with HIIT…that’s an even better idea. You get those feel-good endorphins going after a good HIIT workout, but you can calm your mind and breathe in relaxation during a yoga practice. Do both to reap the many benefits yoga and HIIT hold for stress reduction. 

#3 You May Learn to Use Your Breath During Workouts

Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth. While this may seem like such a basic task while doing yoga, it’s actually a central part of centering yourself and making the most of your yoga routine. When you really focus on your breath, and learn how to breathe deeply during exercise, it may boost your fitness endurance during higher intensity training. 

#4 Combining Yoga with HIIT Helps Optimize Your Stretching Routine

After a good HIIT workout, your body could use a good cool down and stretch. By combining yoga with HIIT, you can get the best of both worlds. Slash calories, burn fat, combat stress, and stretch. It can’t get much better than that. And, if you don’t have time for some yoga right after your HIIT workout, don’t sweat it. Just get some yoga in the following day to stretch out those tired muscles. 

#5 You Get a Total Body Workout

Work on building strength and flexibility with yoga while building muscle and taking your cardiovascular health to the next level with HIIT. By combining both, you tackle all of these things. 

Start Combining Yoga With HIIT For Better Fitness Results 

If you’re a big HIIT lover and don’t necessarily love the slower pace yoga brings to the table, try to find ways to incorporate just a little. By showing your mind and body some love with a more relaxed yoga workout a few times per week, you could really do wonders for your health. Not to mention the fact that combining yoga with HIIT is the ideal way to really supercharge your fitness results. From targeting all areas of your body to learning how to better use your breath during exercise, yoga plus HIIT goes together like PB&J.