Run a Mile By Next Week With This Walking to Running Plan

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By: Rebecca Jacobs

Heads up. If you’re looking to build and maintain cardio fitness levels, we have a walking to running plan that will have you running a mile nonstop in just one week. 

We’re taking you through a one-week treadmill plan that will have you running that mile without feeling winded in no time. 

So, if you’re in, grab your bottle of water and hop on the treadmill for day one. 

Your One Week Walking to Running Plan 

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Day #1: Brisk 20 Minute Walk With a 1% Incline on the Treadmill

Start the first day of this one week walking to running plan by hopping on the treadmill for 20 minutes, setting your incline to 1%. We can’t underestimate the power of walking. Walking can help us burn calories, build cardio endurance, and just help us clear our heads. So, it’s a great way to start out the week. 

Day #2 Run, Walk: 

For the second day of your walking to running plan, kick things up a notch by jogging at a 0% incline for two minutes, followed by two minutes of brisk walking at a 1% incline. Do this until you reach one mile, and then cool down with a 10-minute brisk walk with no incline. 

Note-A good light jogging pace is generally anywhere between 5-6 mph, and a brisk walking pace can be anywhere from 4-5 mph. But, always listen to your body. It’s all about YOU, no one’s judging, so you do you. 

Day #3: Let’s Turn Things up a Notch

Sweating yet? If yesterday was a little tough for you, but you powered through, today you’ll feel even stronger! Today, let’s turn things up a notch by running for four minutes at a 0% incline, followed by brisk walking at a 1% incline for two minutes. Repeat this until you reach one mile, and then cool things down with a 10-minute brisk walk, no incline required. 

Day #4: Half Mile Light Jog

You’re have pushed through half of your one week walking to running plan! How are you feeling? If you feel like you have already made some massive strides, get ready to feel even more accomplished. Make it your goal to jog half a mile. You can set the pace to what feels comfortable to you, and for today, keep that incline at 0%. Today, the focus in on getting that half a mile jog in without stopping. Once you reach that half-mile mark, cool it down with a 10-minute brisk walk. 

Day #5: ¾ Mile Jog

Ready to get even closer to that one-mile mark? Let’s really push ourselves and jog ¾ of a mile at a 0% incline without stopping. Again, set that pace to what’s comfortable for you. Setting the pace to 5-6 mph is generally a light job or comfortable running speed, but you do you, girl. Once you hit the ¾ mile mark, reduce that pace, and turn your incline up to 2% to finish out with an incline walk for ten minutes. 

Day #6: Incline Jog

One day away from that one-week mark! Woohoo! Today, really challenge yourself by setting the incline to 2% and set the pace to a light jog (again 5-6 mph is generally comfortable.) Jog at a 2% incline until you reach the half-mile mark. Go back to a 0% incline, and jog for another ¼ mile. Finish that mile out with a brisk walk on a 1% incline. Phew! Tough, right? This may be the most sweat dripping day yet, but it is conditioning you for the big one-mile day tomorrow, so push forward. You got this! 

Day #7: It’s One Mile Day 

You made it! You are officially at day seven of your walking to running plan, and all your hard work is going to help you push through that mile today. Hope on the treadmill, blast your fav playlist, and set your pace to 5-6 mph, or whatever light jogging pace has worked for you so far. Skip the incline today, and just focus on that one-mile mark. Run for one mile straight, and when you finish, cool down with a five-minute brisk walk, and tell yourself just how amazing you are.

Give Us a Week, and We’ll Make Ya a Runner 

Congratulations, you are now officially a runner! It doesn’t matter how far you can run, it’s about the fact that you have made some serious progress in just one week. That is totally amazing. 

Now that you’ve accomplished this massive goal, you can add a little core workout to the mix. So, hop on the treadmill and get your mile jog in, and then get to these seven at-home core exercises to strengthen, tone, and take your fitness success to a whole new level. 

Oh, and if you have a new found love for running, don’t forget to pair that cardio fix with some active recovery such as Pilates or yoga. Combining the two will only help support your body and supercharge your results.