7 Fun Ways to Burn Extra Calories While Holiday Shopping

If you’ve been dying to get out and do some holiday shopping, we’re giving you one more reason to go…

By: Rebecca Jacobs

If you’ve been dying to get out and do some holiday shopping, we’re giving you one more reason to go face the holiday madness. We’re spilling the beans on how you can actually burn some extra cals as you cross those gifts off of your holiday shopping list this year. Ready to make the most of holiday shopping and make it a little easier to bear the crowds? Read on to learn how to burn calories while shopping. 

Here’s How to Burn Calories While Shopping (no sweating required) 

#1 Fuel Up With A Bulletproof Coffee Before You Face The Holiday Madness

Kickstart your metabolism to burn calories while shopping even before you face the holiday crowds. Sipping on some bulletproof coffee with MCT oil before you head out may actually help you burn more calories. Why? Because MCT oil may help stimulate your metabolism, plus give you a boost of energy (you’ll need it when chasing down all those holiday deals!) 

To make a classic bulletproof coffee, simply add one cup of brewed coffee, one teaspoon of MCT oil, and one tablespoon of grass-fed butter or ghee to a blender. Blend and pour into your favorite coffee mug. Sip before you head out to the stores to supercharge your metabolism before shopping. 

#2 Take the Stairs

Ok, we get it, this little trick isn’t exactly anything new, but taking the stairs whenever you can is actually a really easy way to burn calories while shopping. And, if you wear a step tracker as you shop, you would be surprised at how many extra steps you get it just by climbing the stairs to the second level of the mall vs. taking the elevator or escalator. 

So, try to take the stairs early on in your shopping spree to kick your step count up a notch. You’ll want to get those stairs and steps in before you have too many bags to carry! 

#3 Walk the Mall

If you’re stopping at the mall, burn some calories while shopping by walking the entire mall instead of driving from place to place. This is a great way to not only get those extra steps in, but you may also find some holiday snags by passing by some stores you may have normally cruised right by. 

#4 Carry Those Bags

While it may not seem like you’re burning any calories carrying all those bags, it actually takes some muscle strength to hold your bags as you shop. And, if you’re feeling it, you can even do some bicep curls with those shopping bags in between stores. Yes, you may get some strange looks, but who cares? You’ll be working on those bi’s and crossing gifts off of your Christmas list all at the same time—you go, girl! 

#5 Work Those Abs While You Wait in Line

No, we’re not suggesting you drop down and do crunches in the middle of a half-hour long holiday shopping line. But, while standing in line, you can work on your abs without anyone even knowing. Simply stand up tall, pull your belly button towards your back, and stabilize your core. Hold for 10 seconds, and then release. Repeat until you  get to the register, and voila, you just did some ab work while shopping. 

#6 Squat it Out

Why not take a few minutes to try on some new outfits for you? And, while you’re at it, get some squats in as you try on clothes in the dressing room. And, if you’re really feeling up to it, do some lunges and calf raises—the best part? You’re in the dressing room, so you don’t have to worry about fellow shoppers looking at you like you’re cray. 

#7 Do Calf Raises in Line

Here’s another discrete muscle toning exercise you can do as you stand in the checkout line. Calf raises are easy to do, and you can even do them while holding some shopping bags for added resistance. Do as many as you can until it’s your turn to checkout! 

Shop Til You Drop (and burn calories too) 

There you have it, seven hacks to burn calories while shopping and seven good reasons to actually get out of the house to do your shopping this year. Everything is so digital now and days that holiday shopping is almost completely done online (thanks Amazon). While online shopping is super convenient, there’s also something magical about going out and actually hand-selecting those holiday gifts for friends and family during the holiday season. Plus, who doesn’t want to see all the beautiful holiday decor in stores all while burning some cals? 

So, go get your holiday shopping fix in this week, and get a good workout in at the same time. You’ll feel super accomplished when you return from braving the holiday madness!