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Put These Lifestyle Hacks on Repeat for Optimal Skin Care

Our tips to get that radiant, glowing, healthy skin.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

I’m pretty sure we’re up for just about any lifestyle tip that will help restore that youthful looking glow we are all after; are we right? The thing about skin health is that there’s way more to using the most expensive skin care cream you can get your hands on to give you that radiant glow. A lot of it actually has to do with the foods you eat. What you eat can either boost the health and appearance of your skin, or leave your skin dry, irritated, and inflamed. Plus, get this. Stress and sleep also play a role in what our skin looks like.

So, if you want in on some serious skin care secrets, read on.

5 Lifestyle Hacks for Optimal Skin Care

#1 Give Your Diet a Refresh by Eating These Skin-Boosting Foods

As we mentioned, diet plays a huge role when it comes to skin care & health, and the good news is that you are in charge of what you feed your body. As the saying goes, you are what you eat, and what you eat is indeed going to show up on your skin.

Here are three skin-boosting foods to add to your diet ASAP!

Green Veggies

We all know just how important veggies are to an overall healthy body, but they can also be especially helpful for skin health. Dark leafy greens are rich in antioxidants and alkalinizing properties to keep your skin looking radiant all year long. Add a handful of greens to your favorite smoothie, and enjoy a side salad with arugula and kale with dinner or lunch as often as possible. Want to supercharge your skin-boosting salad? Sprinkle on some hemp seeds and drizzle on the extra virgin olive oil.

Hydrating Foods

Hydrating foods like cucumber, cantaloupe, and watermelon can all help hydrate our skin and prevent dryness. Try enjoying some sliced cucumber with hummus, and some fresh cut fruit with a handful of nuts or seeds.

Healthy Fats

Don’t be afraid to add fat to your diet! Fats play an essential role in overall health, and the skin relies on healthy fats for that youthful looking glow for a couple of reasons. For one, omega-3 fatty acids found in things like wild-caught salmon, chia, and flaxseeds have been thought to help support skin health and improve the appearance of skin. Healthy fats can also be super helpful if you feel like your skin gets super dry in the winter months. Try adding things like wild-caught fatty fish, avocados, coconut oil, chia, flax, and hemp seeds to your diet.

So, drop everything you’re doing and run to your kitchen, or the closest Whole Foods, and stock up on these skin-boosting foods. Not only will your skin health benefit, but your overall health will as well.

#2 Get Your Beauty Sleep

Getting enough sleep can improve the appearance of general skin care, by reducing those dark circles under the eyes we have all had at one point or another. For some of us, it almost seems like we’ve been walking around with these bags for as long as we can remember. However, you would be surprised at what a solid night sleep and a healthy diet can do to improve those dark circles in a short period of time.

#3 Be Picky When it Comes to Your Skin Care Products

Not all skincare products are the same, and some can be downright irritating and damaging to our skin. If you had to choose something to be picky about, what you put on your skin is something to think twice about.

An excellent resource for checking out the safety of your skincare products is, so go and check out the safety of the products you generally use. Here are some of the common things you will want to avoid when it comes to skincare products.

  • Parabens
  • SLS
  • Aluminum
  • Lead (yikes!)
  • Triclosan
  • Formaldehyde (yuck!)
  • Fragrance

Be extremely picky, and do your research. If you think you have found a product that works for you and your skin type, check it out on EWG before you buy it.  

#4 Boost Gut Health

What in the world does gut health have to do with the appearance of our skin? The short answer is that gut health is literally connected to every other aspect of our health, including the health and look of our skin. In fact, those who suffer from eczema commonly flare-up when they consume something they are sensitive to. The bacteria in the gut may also play a role here as any imbalance in gut bacteria can throw your whole body out of whack.

So, to help support gut health, try eliminating sugar, processed and artificial foods, artificial coloring and flavoring, and other inflammatory foods you may react to such as gluten and dairy.

Instead, fuel your body with tons of gut-boosting foods such as:

  • Bone broth
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kombucha
  • Full-fat unsweetened coconut milk yogurt

#5 Combat Stress

Stress is a silent killer and can make us look and feel tired and worn out. It can also cause premature aging (we’re looking at you wrinkles and fine lines) and can lead to total body inflammation. To help reduce stress, try practicing some form of stress reduction each day. This can be in the form of a daily walk, a 20-minute FitOn workout, or a 10-minute meditation to wind down your day. Don’t let stress age you! Take stress head-on, and implement the steps needed to get your stress levels in check.

The Key Takeaway Points for Glowing Skin

If you’re ready to get glowing and youthful looking skin at any age, take health into your own hands by incorporating skin-boosting anti-inflammatory foods into your diet, supporting gut health, and reducing stress. And, while you’re at it, get into bed earlier, and make self-care a priority. The better you take care of you, the better your skin will look and feel, and guess what? The appearance of your skin is a reflection of what’s going on internally, so by taking the steps to support gut health, you are also supporting total wellness, so keep at it. The reward of glowing and radiant skin is well worth it.