Why We Think You Should Sprinkle Hemp Seeds on Everything You Can

Hemp is tight, hemp is tight.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Hemp is having quite the moment in the health and wellness scene. From hemp CBD oil to hemp seed protein, hemp milk, and regular old hemp seeds, it’s hard to deny how popular these small but mighty seeds have become, and we’re a big fan of them around here.

Want to know why we think you should sprinkle them on everything you can? Read on to learn exactly why these tiny seeds pack in a powerful nutritional boost to your diet.

Why We Think Hemp Seeds are the Bomb

In addition to adding a delicious and nutty flavored crunch to your recipes, hemp seeds are loaded with nutritional value.

Here are some of the benefits of hemp seeds and why they make a delicious addition to a healthy diet.

  • A great source of fiber to keep your digestive system moving right along.
  • The ideal source of plant-based essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) to help keep inflammation at bay.
  • A great source of healthy fat.
  • These little seeds are a nutrient powerhouse packing in lots of vitamins and minerals. In just two tablespoons of hemp seeds, you will get plenty of potassium, vitamin A, and even iron.
  • A great source of plant-based protein-you’ll get about five grams of protein in a two-tablespoon serving size, so vegans-keep sprinkling hemp seeds on everything you can. They will help you reach your daily protein goals with little to no effort.
  • Generally very well tolerated and hypoallergenic, so those who are sensitive to other nuts and seeds may do well with them. Plus, they are also excellent for digestive health. Win, win!

Creative Ways to Get Hemp Seeds into Your Diet

So, how do you even eat hemp seeds? One of the many great things about these small but mighty seeds is that they can easily be added to your diet hence why we think you should sprinkle these little guys on just about everything you can.

Plus, their mild flavor and crunchy texture adds a nice boost to many of your recipes, so keep on sprinkling.

Here are some creative ways to get these superfood seeds into your diet.

  • Sprinkled over a bowl of oatmeal
  • Sprinkled over a bowl of coconut milk yogurt
  • Added to smoothies
  • Sprinkled over homemade coconut or almond flour pancakes
  • Added to homemade muffin or gluten-free cookie recipes
  • Enjoyed with chia pudding
  • Sprinkled over avocado or almond butter toast
  • Tossed over a stir-fry

The Bottom Line

Hemp seeds are pretty much amazing. They are the ideal source of plant-based protein and will pack in a healthy dose of essential fatty acids to keep your skin radiant, your mind sharp, and your inflammation at bay. So, what’s not to love? Go out and grab a bag of these mighty seeds and add them to everything you can.