Self Care

5 Evening Self-Care Hacks to Improve Weight Loss

Self-care may be the ticket to better weight loss success.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Your evening self-care routine may be a key part of helping you lose weight. Here are five self-care weight loss hacks you need to know about. 

Heads up ladies-taking care of you should never be optional. Having a self-care evening routine could be a huge part of helping support better health, not to mention improved weight loss success. And, we’re all about having a powerful morning AND evening routine, because a healthy dose of self-care is def not optional. We’re sharing our top self-care weight loss hacks you’re going to want in on. 

Include these hacks into your evening routine to supercharge your weight loss success and feel your absolute best every darn day. Because you, lady, are that important! 

5 Evening Self-care Weight Loss Hacks You Can Use Every Single Night 

#1 Don’t Eat Too Late

While this one may sound obvious, not eating too late is such a key part of establishing a healthy self-care routine to support weight loss. Try to focus on getting  your dinner in early on in the evening, aiming for around 6 or 7 pm. This will give your body plenty of time to digest your dinner before you hit the hay at night. The better your food is digested, the more your body will really be able to just focus on restorative sleep, and with better sleep quality, comes better weight loss success. Your metabolism will be happier the next day, you’ll be able to just say no to those pesky sugar cravings that pop up, and your hormones will be better balanced. Now, that’s a recipe for firing up the weight loss process. So, make eating earlier in the evening one of your top self-care weight loss hacks. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.  

#2 Be Mindful of What You Do Eat

Another thing to keep in mind is not to eat things at night that you know are going to totally set you off the next day. You know, those sugary midnight snacks (ice cream, cookies, brownies, we’re looking at you). These all may cause you to be extra wired and tired, and cause some serious tossing and turning at night. Your midnight snack may cause you to wake up feeling groggy with a sugar hangover. And, with poor sleep, comes poor food choices the next day. The bottom line-don’t eat anything that you know doesn’t make you feel your absolute best, and stay away from anything that’s heavily refined, processed, or contains tons of added sugar. 

#3 Skip the Nightcap

We know, we know. If winding down with a glass of wine in hand is one of your go-to ways to relax while binge-watching the Bachelor, we get it. It’s tempting to pour that glass after a crazy day, but skipping the nightcap may be more beneficial than you think. This is one of those self-care for weight loss hacks that you can actually turn around into a much healthier habit. By avoiding the evening glass of wine (or cocktail), you skip the added sugar and unnecessary calories, and you may find you get a much more restful nights sleep.

What happens when you drink too much booze at night is that your body will focus more on metabolizing the alcohol vs. getting a solid night’s rest. And, remember that not getting enough sleep can definitely hinder your weight loss success. 

So, skip the alcohol and try sipping on a mug of herbal tea instead. It will do much more good for your body, and may actually help you feel a little more zen as you get ready to go to bed. Try chamomile or sleepytime tea. 

#4 Relax With an Evening Stretching Routine

Not only do you help support your overall physical health, but an evening stretching routine is the perf way to calm a racing mind as you relax and get ready to hit the hay. Try our evening stretching routine, which includes stretches to help loosen up tight neck muscles from sitting at a desk all day, child’s pose to just relax and let all the tension go, and butterfly pose to open up those tight hip muscles. While it may seem like you aren’t doing much at all when it comes to weight loss with these gentle stretches, stretching can help support flexibility, and thus help support a more effective workout routine. 

#5 Take a Lavender Epsom Salt Bath

End your day with a relaxing Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt baths are not only great for soothing those tired muscles you’ve been using for all of your workouts, but they are also great for drawing toxins out of your body. This is why this tip makes its way onto our list of evening self-care hacks for weight loss, because the lower your toxic load, the better chance you have to successfully lose weight. Why? Because toxins tend to hang out in fat cells. Draw those yucky toxins out, and you may just find yourself losing weight much easier than before. 

Here’s how to make an Epsom salt bath that makes the perfect addition to your evening routine for weight loss. 

  1. Add 2 cups of Epsom salt to a warm bath. Tip! Sprinkle in the Epsom salt while you have the water running to help the salt dissolve. 
  1. Add a few drops of therapeutic grade lavender essential oil (Young Living, DoTerra, and Plant Therapy are great options). 
  1. Relax in your Epsom salt bath for 15-20 mins. 
  1. For some added self-care, use coconut oil as an all-natural moisturizer to moisturize after your bath! 

Use These Self-Care Weight Loss Hacks to Take Your Weight Loss Success to the Next Level 

If you are looking for some new ways to really amp up your weight loss success, consider adding these hacks into your evening routine. Not only may they help you lose weight, but they are great for helping relax the mind and body so that you can get a better night’s sleep. Sweet deal, right? 

Remember to keep your meals healthy and eat earlier (if you can). Then, start your evening routine. Get that pot of chamomile tea going, grab your yoga mat and do a gentle stretch, and finish your evening with a lavender Epsom salt bath. It’s the self-care for weight loss trifecta that may help you see the results you have been working your butt off for.