Is Your Daily Sugar Intake Scary?

Take the trick out of trick or treat with these seven sugar hacks.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

It’s that time of year again where there’s sugar, sugar, everywhere. And for many of us, Halloween marks the start of the scary sugar season. Don’t let this time of year be the death of your healthy eating diet. We’re taking the trick out of trick or treat by helping you easily reduce your sugar intake with seven simple hacks.

Ready to start slashing your sugar intake? Let’s talk sugar. 

7 Ways to Easily Reduce Your Sugar Intake Starting on Halloween

Ok, so real talk-we get that there are hidden sources of sugar everywhere (like we mean everywhere), so it’s not realistic to think we are going to ban every source of sugar from our diet. But, with limiting our daily sugar intake, and cutting some sugar corners, you can get your total sugar intake down. Yes, even during the most sugary time of the year (aka the holiday season that tends to start right about now). 

Here are our top 7 ways to reduce your daily sugar intake that you can start implementing right now. Oh, and no deprivation required!

#1 Opt For Low Sugar Candy

Reducing your sugar intake during this time of year doesn’t mean you have to completely ditch the candy. But, with low sugar candy options, it’s easier than ever to keep that sugar intake as low as possible. Try low sugar candy like Smart Sweets, or Skinny Dipped Almonds for a less sugary treat. 

#2 Give Away Healthy Halloween Candy Swaps

If you’re handing out Halloween candy this year, chances are you’ll dip into that candy bowl at some point on Halloween night (let’s face it, we all do it!) So, for your own sake, and to hand out something a little less sugar-loaded, try giving away healthy Halloween candy swaps. Annie’s brand makes some yummy bunny fruit snacks, granola bars, or bunny grahams that make delicious and welcome treats for little trick or treaters.

And, if you still want to hand out candy, but want to keep things a little healthier, opt for things like Justin’s Nut Butter Cups, Smart Sweets, Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels, or Yum Earth candies

#3 Stick to the Kid Portions

This goes for the candy (or candy alternatives) you hand out at Halloween as well as any Halloween treat you find yourself snacking on. If you find yourself with a serious Halloween sugar craving, have your indulgence, but stick to the kiddo portions. You can find little kid packs of Halloween candy at most grocery stores. Whole Foods also offers healthier low sugar candy options like the ones above in kid portion-sized bags. So, you can get your sugar fix, while still reducing your sugar intake by sticking to a much smaller serving size (now that’s a Halloween win!) 

#4 Slowly Decrease How Much Sugar You Add to Your Morning Cup of Coffee

If running to the coffee maker first thing in the morning is the very first thing you do, you aren’t alone. And, if pouring in some cream and sugar is your go-to way of fixing the perfect morning cup, we get it. Cream + sugar equals a match made in perfect coffee heaven. And, we’re not here to tell you to do away with it all. We are here to show you how you can reduce your sugar intake by cutting the amount of sugar you add to your coffee down just a tad. 

So, if you are used to adding two heaping tablespoons of sugar to your morning cup of coffee, start by decreasing it to one tablespoon. Keep reducing little by little until you are only using about a teaspoon to sweeten that very important morning cup of coffee. 

#5 Stop Eating Sweetened Yogurts

Another easy way to reduce your sugar intake that you can do all year long is to stop eating sweetened yogurt. A cup of sweetened yogurt could tack on up to 17 grams of added sugar! That’s almost as much as a candy bar. So, reduce your sugar intake by swapping sweetened yogurts with full-fat unsweetened Greek yogurt and sweeten it yourself with a drizzle of raw honey and a handful of fresh berries. Not only will it be far less sugar-packed, but it will add in some fat and protein to serve as a healthy and balanced breakfast or a nutritious snack. 

#6 Ditch the Juice/Bottled Beverages

You can easily reduce your sugar intake by just saying no to juice or other bottled sweetened beverages. Not only are these super high in sugar, but they tack on unnecessary calories. If you are craving something with a little more flavor than water, add your own freshly squeezed fruit juice to sweeten things up. 

#7 Try a Natural Low Carb Sweetener

With the keto craze still holding strong, there are plenty of low carb, low-calorie sweeteners to choose from. Now, we’re not talking artificial sweeteners (because yuck). We’re talking things like Swerve, Monk fruit, and Stevia. These are all great low carb options that won’t pack in extra sugar and can make ideal sugar alternatives as you make the transition away from added sugar.  

Don’t Get Scared By Sugar 

While this time of year is the year that even our diet gets a little scared about how much sugar we’re munching on, you don’t have to let this be the year where you get totally off track. By all means, enjoy the start of the holiday season by enjoying Halloween, but reduce your sugar intake with these easy swaps. They work because you won’t be depriving yourself, but you’ll still be making healthier choices.