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Here’s How Busy Moms Maximize Self-Care Even on The Most Chaotic Days

Because you momma, are important.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Being a mom is absolutely amazing. There’s truly nothing better, but just because it’s amazing, doesn’t mean momming ain’t hard. Can we get an amen? From the sleepless nights with a newborn baby to the toddler tantrums, and all the pick-up and drop-offs that come with older kids busy schedules. Being a mom can be absolutely exhausting, and we can quickly forget to take care of ourselves, which is why all moms need some self-care. 

While it’s natural for us moms to put our kiddos needs before ours, it’s essential to remember that we are important too! Prioritizing self-care is only going to help you show up even more for your kids, and be a better version of you. 

But, if you are wondering how in the world you are going to fit any sort of self-care into your already jam-packed mom schedule, we hear you. We get just how busy being a mom is, and how most days you just wish there were a few extra hours to do what you need to get done. But, we’re letting you in on some of the top secrets of busy mommas and how even the busiest women maximize self-care. 

We promise self-care doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You can maximize self-care while also doing what you need to do for the kids. 

Ready to take better care of you, momma? Here’s how you can take care of you even amongst the chaos of the busy days. 

Four Ways Mommas Can Maximize Self-Care Even on the Most Chaotic Days

#1 Find Your Inner Kid

If you are a momma to young little ones and feel like you have lost your inner kid with everything you have on your to-do list each day,  you are not alone! It’s easy to forget to just let loose and have fun, but allowing ourselves to just be a kid with our kids is a great way to reduce stress

Turn on some music, get your kids involved, and have a dance party. Not only will this help release some feel-good endorphins, but your kids will love it too. It’s a win, win, and a great way to lower those stress levels when you feel the tension of your busy day rising. 

#2 Find Your Calm During Nap Time

I think most moms can relate that we could all use a nap in the middle of the day, right? Maximize your self-care by finding your calm during the little ones nap times. Whether you grab a quick snooze yourself, or pour yourself a cup of tea and just breathe, just find your zen for that precious nap time.

#3 Have a Power Hour (or half-hour) Before the House Wakes up 

Another ideal way to really prioritize self-care and make sure that you are taking care of both your mind and your body is to have a dedicated power hour in the morning. Hey, even if it’s just 30 minutes, getting up before everyone else in the house to do a quick HIIT FitOn workout, grab a shower, and have a cup of coffee is pure bliss. 

You would be shocked at how much more centered you feel throughout the rest of your day with getting just a little bit of time to yourself in the morning. 

#4 Just Breathe Momma

When your kids are having a fit, or you look at your to-do list and suddenly feel totally overwhelmed and anxious, stop and take a breath. Deep breathing is such a valuable self-care tool that most of us forget we can use anywhere and at any time. 

Kids acting up while you’re sitting in traffic? Just breathe! Schedule not going according to plan, and you’re feeling frazzled? Breathe! Deeping breathing is such a wonderful form of self-care and one that doesn’t cost you a thing. 

Max Out on Your Daily Mom Self-Care  

Listen up, momma. Make self-care a priority. We are giving you that nudge all mommas need letting you know that self-care is not selfish. Self-care is actually essential, and we are all about maximizing any amount of self-care you can fit into your day. So, ready to make self-care a priority? We are totally here backing you up!