Healthy Eating

How to Organize Your Kitchen to Eat Healthier

Psst: you’re only seven hacks away from making healthier food choices.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen and create a space for healthy eating success, you’re in the right place. We’re sharing seven kitchen organization hacks that will help you stick to your healthy eating goals while making it easy to make healthy food choices. 

Read on as we first dive into why an organized kitchen is a secret weapon for healthy eating. 

The Importance of Keeping Your Kitchen Organized 

Having your kitchen organized is more important than just having things look aesthetically pleasing. Having lots of things out of place and feeling overwhelmed with clutter can lead to stress and unnecessary anxiety. 

Plus, if you don’t have the kitchen tools you need handy, there’s a good chance you won’t use them — these could mean that instead of blending up a healthy protein shake post-workout, you grab whatever may be sitting around, which may not be your top choice. 

Having an unorganized kitchen with snacks sitting around everywhere may also lead to overeating without you even thinking much about it — this is called mindless eating, and it’s something we’re all totally guilty of. 

But, with the seven kitchen organization hacks we’re about to share, you can stop mindless eating in its tracks and set your kitchen up for healthy eating success. And, the good news is that science proves that cleanliness and organization actually can make a huge difference in our overall health. Studies have found that a clean home results in being healthier. 

So, let’s get to it and get our kitchen organized for ultimate healthy eating success. 

7 Kitchen Organization Hacks for Healthy Eating Success

#1 Have a Fruit Bowl Out 

Mindless snacking is often a big cause of overeating, but when you intentionally choose snacks that are good for you and set them out within reach, it’ll be easier to opt for the healthy choice that’s sitting right in front of you. 

Try stocking your fruit bowl with apples, bananas, pears, and whatever else you like to make healthy snacking easier and delicious. 

#2 Healthy Snack Bowl 

In addition to the fruit bowl, you may also want to consider having a healthy snack bowl out. Add things like pre-portioned bags of nuts, homemade trail mix, healthy granola bars (like Lara or Epic Bars), and almond flour crackers. 

Grab one of the snacks and pair it with one of your fruit bowl picks, and you just totally dominated snacktime! 

#3 Smoothie Packs 

Having some pre-packaged smoothie bags ready to go in the freezer is one of our fav kitchen organization hacks that not only makes breakfast easier, but you can use these smoothie packs as a post-workout snack as well. 

Simply portion out whatever you usually add to your smoothie. 

Some of our fav smoothie add-ins include:

  • Sliced bananas
  • Blueberries
  • Kale
  • Spinach 

Add all your ingredients to a resealable freezer-safe bag and keep in the freezer to just open and pour into your blender as a super easy way to refuel in a pinch. 

#4 Set up a Blender & Healthy Beverage Corner 

Speaking of smoothies, you may also want to consider dedicating a corner of your kitchen counter or island to set up a small blender and healthy beverage area. 

Keep your blender, any measuring spoons or cups you need, and your protein powder nearby. You can also use this space to keep your favorite herbal teas to brew and enjoy to help keep cravings at bay throughout the day. 

#5 Batch Prep Healthy Protein Picks

On your designated meal prep day, try batch cooking a handful of healthy protein options to keep in the fridge. Having these stored in glass containers, and labeled in the fridge will make it super easy to mix and match with healthy carbs and fats to create well-balanced meals, and things like hard-boiled eggs will serve as easy protein-rich snacks you can grab on the go. 

Some of our favorite healthy protein options include:

  • Cubed chicken breast cooked in balsamic vinegar 
  • Wild-caught salmon 
  • Hard-boiled eggs 
  • Quinoa
  • Lentils 

#6 Labels Will Be Your New BFF 

Want an organized kitchen for healthy eating success? Invest in some labels! They will be your new BFF when it comes to helping you stay organized and label when foods were made, what’s in those mason jars, and they will make it so much easier to organize your pantry or even your spice shelf. 

#7 Out of Sight Out of Mind 

This goes without saying, but having those sugary snacks or candy bars out of sight is only going to make it easier to stay on track with your health goals. While the occasional sweet treat isn’t always a bad thing, you def don’t want candy or sweet treats within super easy reach at all times. 

It will make it too easy to give in to cravings, so just keep them out of your pantry and make sweets an occasional treat for date night or a night out with friends. 

Optimize That Kitchen Space & Get Closer to Crushing Those Goals 

For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of our home — it’s where we cook to nourish both ourselves and our families. But, with an unorganized kitchen comes unnecessary stress around cooking and food choices. 

So, optimize your kitchen space by using these seven kitchen organization hacks and see what an organized space can do for helping you get closer to crushing your goals.