Healthy Eating

7 Practical Tips For Healthy Eating During Self Isolation

Plus the foods you’ll actually want to be stocking up on.

By: Emmy Green

If healthy eating is a priority of yours — which we know it is — there’s no need to let all healthy eating habits go just because of a quarantine or period of self-isolation.

There are lots of uncertainties and question marks during this time, and plenty to worry about. Though things are changing and sacrifices are required in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, you don’t need to worry about having to give up your healthy eating.

In fact, it’s important (now more than ever) to stay true to your healthy eating choices to keep yourself feeling good and keep your immunity high during this time.

And there’s certainly no need to stock up for months and months or turn to comforting, but unhealthy food options like donuts or chips during self-isolation. 

If you’re wondering where to start with eating healthy despite life being a little atypical these days, here are some basic tips to lean on.

7 Healthy Eating Habits During Self Isolation 

#1 Stick to A Routine

Though you may be working from home, not going out, and experiencing big changes in almost every aspect of life, maintaining some routine when it comes to your healthy eating is key. 

Before you find yourself mindlessly snacking or noshing on treats all day, keep yourself healthy (and prevent plowing through all of your rations week 1!) by having a routine.

This could look like making and sticking to a menu for the week, prepping meals ahead of time, or planning your meals the day before using a food tracker. Not only will this keep you eating well, it’ll prevent food waste which is key when we’re going grocery shopping less frequently.

#2 Embrace the Opportunity to Cook New Meals

For many, grabbing take out or eating at restaurants is a daily thing, but with self-isolation, that’s all changing. If you’re not already comfortable in the kitchen, use this time to brush up on your cooking skills!

 Your food will last much longer, and you’ll be eating far more healthy options than if you’re trying to survive off frozen prepared foods for the coming weeks. 

Start simple and learn to cook dishes you know you enjoy. Stick to easy options like pasta, one-pot simple vegetable curries, pizza with premade crust, or tacos.  Look for recipes online that catch your eye and use a few simple ingredients that you can easily find at any grocery store on your next run.

Or, check out these healthy comfort food recipes that are easy to make and full of nutritious ingredients. 

#3 Choose Healthy Grains

Always a staple in any healthy diet, grains are an excellent choice to keep plenty on hand during quarantine. Options like oats, rice, millet, and quinoa stay good for months and months in the pantry or even longer if you freeze them. 

These healthy grains will keep you feeling full for much longer between meals and provide satiating fiber and healthy carbs that won’t spike blood sugar levels.

#4 Stock up on Legumes

Legumes are a healthy, cheap and shelf-stable option to keep on hand whether you choose frozen, dried, or canned options, if you are lucky enough to find some in store.

Some of our favorite options that are packed with protein include: 

  • Chickpeas
  • Black beans
  • White beans
  • Pinto beans
  • Edamame
  • Lentils 

#5 Grab Plenty of Fresh and Frozen Produce 

With less frequent grocery store runs, you may not have your normal access to fresh produce. Stock up the best you can, but also keep a healthy supply of frozen fruits and veggies like greens, berries, bananas for smoothies, and cruciferous veggies so you can keep eating your usual amount of produce. 

If you need to turn to canned veggies, it’s certainly better than nothing!

#6 Stock up on Healthy Fats

Foods high in healthy fats like peanut butter, avocados, and nuts are delicious, add lots of yummy flavor. Plus, a little goes a long way, since they’re calorically dense. Keep plenty on hand since they’ll also last a while and can be used in meals or snacks to keep you full and satisfied.

#7 Still Keep Comforting Staples like Coffee, Tea, and Yes, Even Chocolate on Hand

A few comforting foods here and there are important to keep around, too. Things like coffee and tea or sweet treats are often things we grab out of the house, but now that we’re home, you can keep a few healthy options around. 

Things like unsweetened dark chocolate, pitted dates with almond butter, and frozen bananas blended up into banana “nice cream” are all great options to satisfy a sweet tooth craving.  

These comforting favorites can also be purchased from major online retailers, so no need to stand in line at the grocery store.

Keep Up With Those Healthy Eating Habits Even During This Stressful Time! 

Keep these healthy tips in mind. There’s no reason why this time of self-isolation has to derail our healthy eating habits!