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Our Top 7 Favorite Post Workout Snacks (+3 Recipes)

Heads up—not all post workouts snacks are created equal.


Let’s talk post workout snacks. Snacking after a workout is a hot topic for a reason. And, between all the mixed messages we get about what we should or when we should be snacking, we want to set the record straight. 

Plus, we’re breaking down why post workout snacks matter, and exactly what these snacks should look like. We want you to know exactly how to refuel those tired muscles and recharge after a fatiguing workout. 

Why Post Workout Snacks Are a Big Deal 

So, what’s the deal with post workout snacks? If you’re super confused about whether or not we should be snacking post workout or not, you’re not alone. This all comes down to the fact that snacks have been viewed in a negative light for some time. And, while we can all agree that refueling after a workout is important, it’s the what we refuel with that’s confusing. 

There’s mixed messages about what’s “healthy” and what’s not. And, while it seems like protein shakes are the standard snack choice, they aren’t always the best choice. These shakes are often full of artificial ingredients, added sugar, and allergens (like dairy and soy). So, they definitely aren’t all healthy nor tolerated by all. 

However, post workout snacking can be super beneficial if done right. The right foods after a good sweat can do the following: 

  • Supports muscle regrowth and muscle repair. 
  • Replenish glycogen stores, which are used by our muscles for fuel during a workout. 
  • Boost overall recovery by giving your body what it needs to replenish after a good workout.
  • Combat post-workout fatigue. 
  • Helps balance blood sugar levels. 

Post Workout Snacking Hacks 

One of the most important things to understand is that we have to be refueling our bodies with foods that are easy to digest to allow our body to use these nutrients right away. 

Enjoying a post workout snack ASAP is also key as your body is better able to rebuild protein and glycogen after a workout.

Ideally, grab a wholesome post-workout snack or meal within 45 minutes after your workout.   

Our Top 7 Favorite Post Workout Snack Options

#1 Coconut Milk Yogurt + Fruit 

This snack offers a little bit of everything—healthy fats, protein, and complex carbs. It’s the balance the body needs to repair after a workout. So, try choosing some lower sugar fruits like berries, and top your coconut milk yogurt with some hemp seeds for some added plant-based protein. 

Dig in and enjoy this much-deserved snack after a kick-butt workout. 

#2 Banana Slices with + Almond Butter & Hemp Seeds

Here’s an easy snack option that can be made in less than 5 minutes. Just slice up a banana and add some almond butter and a sprinkle of hemp seeds. 

You’ll get the fat, protein, and carbs, and some added potassium and magnesium from the bananas to help prevent post workout muscle cramping (win!) 

#3 Nut Butter Crackers + Fruit 

Craving something a bit carb-heavy? Try some almond flour crackers with your favorite nut butter and a side of fresh fruit. It’s a great balanced snack and super easy to make. And, if you wanted some added protein, try adding some flax, chia, or hemp seeds for a plant-based protein boost! 

#4 Clean Protein Shakes 

Remember, not all post workout shakes are created equal, and this totally applies to protein shakes. Protein shakes are one of the most common grab and go snacks after a good workout, but they aren’t always that healthy. 

Many powders contain artificial ingredients (like sweeteners and fillers). Many are also dairy-based, which isn’t going to be the best choice for someone who doesn’t tolerate dairy well. 

So, instead of reaching for that standard protein powder, try making a clean protein shake instead! 

Toss a handful of wholesome ingredients into your blender like berries, spinach, coconut milk yogurt, almond butter, and blend it all up with your go-to dairy-free milk. 

Want to add some extra protein? Add a scoop of collagen protein and a sprinkle of flax and hemp seeds.

#5 Avocado Toast 

A delicious and highly nutritious post workout snack, avocado toast is always a good idea! Make it as healthy as possible with some gluten-free toast and add a fried egg and some spinach to take this healthy snack to the next level. 

#6 Oatmeal + Nuts & Fruit 

Oatmeal is one of those foods that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, and post sweat sesh is a great time. You can even use instant oats to cook on the stove with some almond milk and make it in under 2-3 minutes. Add a scoop of collagen protein and top with some nut butter and fresh fruit. 

You now have a balanced post workout snack that is not only delicious but super versatile. Try out other healthy toppings (like shredded coconut and cacao nibs) to see what variation you like best. 

#7 Hummus + Sliced Veggies 

Protein plus fiber. It’s the perfect pair, and hummus happens to contain quite a bit of each. Your body needs protein to help support muscle growth and repair, and the fiber can help keep blood sugar levels in check. 

Pair some hummus with some bell peppers and celery as a nutritious post workout snack that can be enjoyed any time of the day. 

Workout Like a Pro, Snack Like a Pro 

Chances are, you already got the workout part down, right? If you’re showing up and pressing play on your workouts each day, you totally have it in the bag. So, why not snack like a pro too?

This week, challenge yourself to refuel your body with three of these post workout snack options. You’ll quickly see how a wholesome snack after a good workout can really make a big difference in how you feel, and a huge tool to use to take your fitness success to the next level.