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The 20 Best Immune-Boosting Snacks You Can Buy at the Store

Gut-healthy, protein-packed, and perfect for busy days!

By: Lexy Parsons

Recent research has shed light on the significant impact our diets have on our health, particularly when it comes to our immune system. As more people focus on bolstering their immune health, the relationship between what we eat and our body’s ability to fend off illnesses is taking center stage. And while many people focus on immune-boosting meals, let’s not forget about immune-boosting snacks! Aside from being quick, convenient, and delicious, snacks (when chosen mindfully) can be a simple way to support your immune health with ease. The best part? If you’re looking to save time and energy, there are so many store-bought options to choose from!

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The Healthiest Store-Bought Snacks to Support Immune Health

From beverages and soups to smoothies, oat cups, and crackers, there are so many immune-boosting store-bought foods to choose from. For shopping made simple, here are the top immune-supporting snacks based on the following categories:

  • Beverages, Soups, and Smoothies
  • Sweet & Savory Snacks
  • Protein-Rich Snacks
  • Gut-Healthy Snacks

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Immune-Boosting Beverages, Soups & Smoothies

OLIPOP Orange Squeeze Prebiotic Soda

Think: the health benefits of fresh pressed orange juice with the sweet and refreshing taste of soda — all in one gut-healthy prebiotic-rich beverage! With 9 grams of prebiotic fiber, a blend of botanicals, and all-natural ingredients, you’ll reduce inflammation, stabilize blood sugar, benefit digestive health, and support your immune system all in one.

Harmless Harvest Radiant Greens Coconut Smoothie

This hydrating blend is full of naturally occurring electrolytes from coconut water, MCTs from coconut meat, vitamin C from pineapple and mango, and a nourishing blend of organic superfood greens — including spinach, moringa, kale, barley grass, and spirulina. Free from added sugars or sneaky ingredients, help give your immune system a boost with this creamy tropical drink.

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Bonafide Provisions Organic Lemon, Mint & Ginger Bone Broth

Boosted with immune-nourishing ingredients like lemon, ginger, and lion’s mane mushroom, this single-serve bone broth drink will have you sipping your way to good health. Known for its rich nutrient profile, bone broth provides essential amino acids, collagen, and minerals that support a healthy immune system.

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Bare Bones Instant Bone Broth Powder

Looking for something more compact? These powdered bone broth sticks (that come in two flavors: Ramen and Lemon Ginger) are great to keep on hand for simple immune support. Not only do they contain 10g collagen protein, 0g sugar, and 50 calories per serving, but they’re also easily made into a ready-to-drink soup or beverage with the simple addition of hot water.

Once Upon a Farm Immunity Blend

Store-bought immune snacks that your kiddos will love, too! Made from cold-pressed fruits and veggies (to provide you with as many nutrients as possible), find these conveniently packed pouches in the fridge aisle — since there are no added stabilizers or sugars. Plus, the immune variety comes in three flavors: Organic Mango Banana Spirulina, Organic Pineapple Banana Dragon Fruit, and Organic Apple, Cherry, and Elderberry.

KOR Shots Organic Elderberry Defense Shot

While not a snack, these immune shots are a great grab-and-go option if you’re looking to boost your defenses! One single shot contains 100% of your daily needs of zinc, not to mention the other immune-supporting ingredients like ginger, pineapple juice, and elderberry.

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Rebbl Coconut Golden Turmeric Milk


Made with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon, this golden milk latte can help combat inflammation and fight oxidative stress with every delicious sip. Plus, the naturally occurring MCTs help bolster the immune response while keeping you satiated and satisfied.  

Protein-Rich Snacks for Immune Support

Purely Elizabeth Blueberry Walnut Collagen Oat Cups

The combination of antioxidants from blueberries and omega-3 fatty acids from walnuts, provide your body with essential nutrients to aid immune health. Plus, the added collagen protein can support a healthy gut, which is closely linked to a well-functioning immune system.

Wild Planet Ready-To-Eat Wild Tuna White Bean Salad

For a more substantial snack, this ready-to-eat tuna and white bean salad is a great store-bought option. Not only is tuna full of lean protein (which is crucial for building and repairing immune cells), but it’s also full of fiber-rich beans, which help to support a diverse gut microbiome.

Brami Beans Mediterranean Medley Italian Snacking Lupini Beans

Higher in plant protein and fiber than soybeans, chickpeas, and almonds, these nutrient-dense snacking beans deserve a spot on your menu. Not only do they provide essential nutrients like amino acids and minerals, but they also contain a unique advantage — unlike other legumes and beans, lupini beans are virtually free from starch. Thanks to their rich levels of fiber, they contain 0 grams of net carbs. Plus, the fiber in lupini beans acts as a prebiotic, providing food for the beneficial bacteria in the gut, which helps support a healthy microbiome.

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Sweet & Savory Snacks Immunity Snacks

Navitas Organics Cacao Goji Superfood Power Snacks

Made with eight superfoods (including chia seeds, cacao powder, and goji berries) and 20% DV vitamin C per two-bite serving! Not to mention, a blend of seeds rich in immune-boosting zinc and potassium, such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds. With just 80 calories per serving, these snacks are perfect when you’re looking for a sweet treat without guilt.

Mulberry, Cacao & Spirulina Elemental Superfood Seedbar

Between raw honey, cacao nibs, spirulina, mulberries, and a blend of nuts and seeds (including almonds, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds), these refrigerated superfood bars are one of the best grab-and-go nutrient-dense snacks. As a good source of protein, fiber, and omega 3’s & 6’s fatty acids, they’ll provide you with a range of immune-supporting nutrients while keeping you satiated and satisfied.

Rhythm Superfoods Crunchy Broccoli Bites

Jam-packed with vitamin C and fiber, these crunchy broccoli bites are cooked under low heat to ensure they maintain all their nutrients. With ½ pound of broccoli per bag, skip the chips and munch away on these good-for-you greens.

GimMe Organic Roasted Seaweed Sheets

As an excellent source of vitamin B12 and iodine, these sea greens contain essential nutrients for thyroid function, which plays a crucial role in regulating the immune response. Plus, they contain just 25 calories per serving and are keto, paleo, and plant-based-friendly!

Perfect Balance Raw Trail Mix

Almonds, cashews, goji berries, mulberries, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds, are among some of the immune-boosting nutrients found in this raw trail mix. Thanks to the nuts and seeds, you’ll get plenty of essential vitamins like vitamin E and zinc. Plus, antioxidant-rich berries like mulberries and goji berries help protect against oxidative stress.

Living Intentions Cacao Crunch Superfood Cereal

Rich in antioxidants, including polyphenols and flavonoids, cacao is a star ingredient in this blend that can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, helping to support overall immune health. Plus, it’s packed with immune-supporting superfoods like astragalus, as well as sprouted grains, nuts, and seeds that provide prebiotic fiber.

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Gut Healthy Snacks for Immunity

Coconut Cult Probiotic Yogurt

While this probiotic-rich coconut yogurt yields a higher price tag, you only need a spoonful to get the gut-healthy benefits! Every serving size contains 50 billion highly active probiotics, without the added sugars or sneaky ingredients. Plus, it’s made from a coconut base, making it dairy-free! Enjoy a heaping spoonful with some fresh fruit or a handful of nuts and seeds for a quick on-the-go snack.

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Good Culture Organic Cottage Cheese Cups

Pasture-raised, 19 grams (!!!) of protein per serving, and just 120 calories. Not only is this trendy cottage cheese snack perfectly portioned for on-the-go eating, but it’s also bursting with live and active cultures to support gut health (and, in turn, immune health). 

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Siggi’s Swedish Drinkable Yogurt

10 billion probiotics per serving, free from artificial sugars, deliciously creamy, and bottled for convenience. Enjoy as is, pour it over granola or trail mix, add it into your smoothie, or pair it with fresh berries or fruit to support a healthy gut microbiome! And if you’d rather eat your yogurt, Siggi’s has tons of single-serve yogurt options to choose from (including dairy-free options)!

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Pulp Pantry Grain-Free Veggie Tortilla Chips


These upcycled chips are not only grain-free, gluten-free, and sustainable, but they’re also made with leftover fiber from cold-pressed fruits and veggies. They’ll support a healthy gut, provide you with nutrients from some of the healthiest foods, and satisfy all your snacking cravings!

Snack Your Way to a Strong Immune System

With a little mindfulness, shopping for store-bought snacks can be a simple and delicious way to support your immune system. From probiotic-rich yogurt, to protein-packed nuts and seeds, to gut-healthy foods full of fiber and nutrients, you can provide your body with all the essentials for a healthy body and strong immune system. Whether in your fridge, desk drawer, or gym bag, keep these snacks stashed for quick and convenient nourishment on busy days!