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Why We All Need A Morning Yoga Ritual to Reduce Stress & Boost Mood

Wake up with yoga to center your mind for a successful day.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

If your mornings seem more like a rat race than a time to get centered for the day, it may be time to add some more yoga into your life. Having a daily morning yoga ritual for stress reduction is the perfect way to start your day. And, a little yoga first thing in the morning is the ideal way to boost your mood before the hectic day even begins (sign us up!) So, if you’re looking for a new way to boost your morning and set yourself up for a stress free (or at least, low-stress day) we have some ideas.

Here’s why we all should consider adding a morning yoga ritual into our morning routine to help combat stress and get centered. 

Why We All Should Wake up With Yoga


In addition to the fact that yoga is one of the best relaxing ways to rise and shine, here are four other reasons we all should wake up with yoga. 

#1 Stretch the Body

Feeling a little tense, or have a kink in your neck from sleeping funny? Getting up and getting your morning yoga ritual in helps stretch the body out. Stretch to reduce aches and pains, feel your best, and help prevent injury when you hit your workouts hard after work. 

#2 Center Your Mind

So, maybe you didn’t sleep very well or woke up feeling tense and stressed for the day ahead. Stop everything for a 15-minute yoga ritual to just breathe, and center your mind. This may be an invaluable tool to help you feel calm and relaxed before you step out the door. 

#3 You Can Focus on Your Breath

While you take the time to center yourself by getting a little yoga ritual into your morning routine, you can really focus on your breath. Breathe in all the good vibes, and breathe out all the bad. Start your day with a boost of positivity, and remind yourself to just breathe when you feel yourself getting little frazzled during the day. 

#4 Set Your Intentions For the Day

Last but certainly not least is how you can get two for one when it comes to your morning yoga ritual. When you start your yoga practice, take a few moments to set your intention for your practice. This intention can also be an intention you have for the day. Remember this as you go about your day-to-day tasks. Keeping your intentions for the day front and center can help you stay grounded even among the craziness of the day. 

Building Your Own Morning Flow Yoga Ritual For Stress Reduction 

When it comes to building your own morning flow yoga ritual for stress reduction and a positive mood, there really aren’t any rules. Just wake up slowly, grab your yoga mat, and do what feels good! 

If diffusing some essential oils feels good to you, them get those oils going, girl. If getting a pot of tea going while you get a yoga stretch in and do some meditation, then get at it. Just do what feels best, and start your own morning yoga ritual. 

And if you need a little guidance, and want to join in on a class right from the comfort of your home, try a FitOn yoga workout. FitOn’s yoga classes are taught by amazing trainers like Jacquelyn Umof, and Vytas to help you build your own unique morning yoga ritual.