Three HIIT Workouts to Boost Your Mood Instantly

Because we could all use a way to blow off steam at the end of the day.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Stuck in a rut or just feeling out of sorts? Listen up-you are just one workout away from a better mood. We have the secret sauce to helping you get away from the doom and gloom and feel a little more positive as you go about your day. 

We’re taking HIIT workouts and why they act as a serious mood booster (and fat burner too.) You will supercharge your fitness routine with some regular HIIT and lower stress at the same time.

We are spilling the beans on our top three all-time favorite HIIT workouts you’re going to want to add to your workout routine as often as you can.

New to HIIT? These workouts are perf for beginners too.

The Top 3 Mood-Boosting & Stress-Relief HIIT Workouts

#1 Tabata Toner

Breann Mitchell will help you get in tip-top shape after this 13 minute high-intensity Tabata toner workout. All you need is a mat and less than 15 minutes of your time to start your day in a little bit of a better mood. 

#2 Met Fit HIIT

Have a little time to spare, want to de-stress and tone all at the same time? Bree Braner will help you take HIIT to a new level with a combo of functional training and explosive dynamic moves for a 30 minute total body toning. This workout is sure to help you feel a little less tense and walk away that much stronger. 

#3 Cardio Chisel Camp

Jeanette Jenkins will help you get chiseled and the endorphins flowing with this 25-minute cardio HIIT workout.

Grab some dumbbells and put everything you have into 25 minutes of HIIT for the ultimate stress buster. 

Change Your Mood, Improve Your Health With HIIT Workouts

Don’t let a bad mood ruin your day. Turn things around with HIIT workouts because sometimes all we need is to sweat it out. 
If you find yourself feeling tense or just need an outlet to burn off some steam from the stress of the day, get your HIIT fitness training on.

You will walk away with a little more pep in your step and you can give yourself the self-care you deserve.