The Top 2024 Wellness Trends

The year of strength training for longevity, bite-sized servings of self-care, culinary convenience, sleep care, and more.

By: Lexy Parsons

With a steady rise in health-conscious consumers, wellness has become more important than ever. More and more Americans consider their health a top priority, with individuals becoming increasingly mindful of their physical health, mental health, and emotional well-being. From nutrition and exercise, to sleep health and mindfulness, to longevity and anti-aging, consumers are actively seeking ways to improve all aspects of their wellness journey. And thanks to the rise in social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, holistic and healthy lifestyles are becoming mainstream and accessible. We’re seeing viral health trends, an emphasis on self-care, and the importance of prioritizing our well-being. The best part? It appears wellness trends are only continuing to grow. So what’s in store for 2024? We’ve got all you need to know. Ahead, the top anticipated 2024 wellness trends that will help guide you toward your healthiest year yet.

The Top 12 Health & Wellness Trends for 2024

#1 Culinary Convenience: Easy-Prep Recipes & Cooking Hacks

Healthy cooking hacks as a 2024 wellness trend.

When it comes to cooking, we’re seeing a growing interest in convenience. According to the 2024 Consumer Curiosity Report, easy 30-minute meals and cooking tips are a top request among health-conscious consumers in the year ahead. This includes not only quick and easy recipes, but also how to save time and money in (and out of) the kitchen with meal prep hacks, shortcuts, and ready-to-eat options that are both tasty and healthy. This trend is driven by the influence of social media platforms, particularly TikTok, where food hacks and quick recipes are widely shared (and easily made viral). Expect to see TikTok hacks on how to prep and prolong veggies, innovative kitchen tools, healthy meal kits that allow for easy-prep dinners, and nutrient-dense meals that can be enjoyed on the go.

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#2 Plant-Based Simplified

Image of plant-based milk, demonstrating plant-based eating as a 2024 wellness trend.

Plant-based eating has been a top health and wellness trend for several years in a row, and it’s here to stay! While 2023 was all about clean ingredients and labels, a growing desire for whole-food plant-based protein options, and sustainable sourcing, the 2024 trend is expected to center around simplicity. According to the Whole Foods Market’s 2024 Trends Prediction, “putting the plant back in plant-based” is the next big thing, which is great news. This means shorter, more veggie-forward ingredient labels that (finally!) leave behind gums, fillers, and sneaky ingredients. Some anticipated items include new dairy-free milk products made with just nuts or seeds, veggie burgers that are actually made with veggies, and new plant-based protein products made from ingredients like mushrooms and legumes.

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#3 Self-Care Through “Little Treats” 

Drinking a cup of coffee, demonstrating small acts of self-care as a 2024 wellness trend.

Little Treat Culture” is a trend that was popularized on TikTok, and it’s one of the wellness trends we’re taking into 2024! Rooted in the idea of finding joy in small, affordable indulgences (for the price of $10 or less), this trend has gained significant traction, especially among younger generations like Gen-Z and Millenials. Brands are even jumping on board to support this 2024 wellness trend by introducing single-serving products that offer instant gratification without breaking the bank!

Here are some products to look out for, according to the 2024 Whole Foods trends:

#4 Embracing Low-Intensity Exercise

Man doing yoga, illustrating low-impact workouts as a 2024 wellness trend.

In recent years we’ve started to see interest in balancing those high-intensity exercises with low-impact, easy-on-the-joints workouts. That’s not to say HIIT exercise is bad — it offers many benefits and can be a great choice for some! This shift toward low-impact exercise is rather to underscore the notion that more is not always better. We saw this in 2023 with the trend of walking for fitness (and mental health) and will continue to see this wellness trend well into 2024 with an emphasis on exercises such as yoga and Pilates!

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#5 Strength Training for Longevity

Woman lifting weights, demonstrating strength training for longevity as a 2024 wellness trend.

According to the 2024 MindBody Wellness Predictions Report, more than 60% of consumers incorporate weight or strength training into their weekly workout regime, a trend that will likely expand well into 2024. While previous years emphasized the benefits of strength training for weight loss, lean muscle mass, and improved metabolism, the focus in 2024 is anticipated to shift toward recognizing strength training as a crucial factor for longevity. This upcoming fitness trend is driven by a growing desire among individuals to exercise not only for fitness gains, but also to promote a long and healthy life. This signifies a huge shift in mindset, moving from traditional aesthetic fitness goals to a more holistic and proactive approach to overall well-being. 

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#6 Foods With Benefits: Gut Health, Cognitive Health & Immune Health

Bowl of yogurt, showcasing gut-boosting foods as a 2024 wellness trend.

With more and more research emphasizing the transformative power of foods, the trend of prioritizing foods for their specific health benefits will be a hot topic in the 2024 wellness world. While satisfying taste and hunger will always be a factor, health-conscious consumers are actively seeking more from their choices with foods that contribute to improvements in various aspects of health. Whether it’s improving gut health, enhancing cognitive function, or fortifying the immune system, the spotlight is shifting towards a more intentional and informed approach to nutrition. From beverages to snacks to desserts, expect to see a surge in store-bought foods with health benefits!

#7 Minimalist Mindset & Mind-Body Beauty

Woman putting on a clean ingredients skincare product, showing clean beauty as a wellness trend for 2024.

The minimalist mindset is set to gain traction in 2024, with a particular emphasis on simplified products and personal care routines, consumer transparency, and mind-body beauty. Whether it’s supplements, skincare, or self-care products, expect to see shorter labels, cleaner ingredients, and more science-backed benefits in the year ahead. We’re also recognizing the importance of what we put in our body, not just what we put on our body! According to 2022 survey data, 92% of individuals believe that taking an inside-out approach to beauty is the best way to meet their goals. We’ll continue to see anti-aging foods like antioxidants and ingestible beauty superfoods like collagen, but will also see a rise in areas like psychodermatology and neurocosmetics.

#8 Conscious Caffeine

Cup of coffee, illustrating clean caffeine as a wellness trend in 2024.

The global coffee market is expected to exceed 50 billion dollars by 2030… Clearly, it’s a wellness trend that’s here to stay! However, what’s popular is always changing thanks to innovative menu items, new store-bought beverages, viral DIY recipes, and influence from current market trends. While cold coffee beverages, olive oil-infused lattes, and protein coffee were some of the top 2023 trends, 2024 is brewing up something different. According to the 2024 Whole Foods trend report, “clean caffeine” is on the rise with boosted beverages made with probiotics, medicinal mushrooms, and other functional ingredients. Plus, thanks to the coffee lovers on TikTok, “Coffeetok” is taking the internet by storm. Expect to see a continued rise in homemade copycat coffee shop recipes and new and innovative DIY drinks!

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#9 Women’s Health 

Group of women after a fitness class, illustrating a focus on women's health as a 2024 wellness trend.

While women’s health has been notoriously overlooked in the past, it’s a 2024 wellness trend we’re watching in the year ahead. With products and awareness surrounding periods, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and even sleep-related issues, we’re addressing the unique health needs of women and seeing support for women’s health across different life stages. Brands are acknowledging and responding to the demand for products that support women’s health, with a rise in snacks for menstrual health, supplements for menopause, and various female care products that are functional and sustainable. Plus, social media is reshaping conversations around women’s well-being with the viral sleepy girl mocktail, recipes for seed cycling, and workouts for hormone balance.

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#10 The Era of Health Tech: Virtual Fitness, Telehealth, & AI 

Image of a virtual health visit, showcasing tele-health as being a continual wellness trend in 2024.

We’re living through a new era — the era of health tech. This includes virtual fitness, remote healthcare services, and AI-driven platforms and applications that are expected to provide a proactive and preventative approach to health. Aside from skyrocketing accessibility to care, this new approach to health allows for personalized wellness experiences and a comprehensive support network, all from the comfort of your own home. As technology continues to advance with wearable technology, AI advancements, and telehealth services, 2024 could bring forth a revolution in healthcare.

#11 Mindfulness Goes Mainstream

Woman practicing meditation, demonstrating mindfulness as a 2024 wellness trend.

With a 107% increase in Google searches for “self-care” in the past five years, there’s a clear need for stress management and mindfulness. From mindfulness meditation and walking meditation, to yoga Nidra, to cyclic sigh breathing, self-care and mental health practices have become common practice in recent years. With many Americans already implementing self-care, expect to see this category continue to grow. This includes mindfulness in the workplace, mindfulness-based workouts, and a rise in technology and apps like FitOn that make it easy to implement.

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#12 A Rise in Restorative Sleep Health

Sleep care as a wellness trend in 2024.

Alongside mindfulness, restorative practices such as sleep and recovery are anticipated to rise in 2024. With 35% of adults getting less sleep than they should, there’s a growing need for sleep care. The good news is that optimizing sleep habits is a major intended focus, with the rise of sleep pods, sleep trackers, and technology, and a new travel trend initiative that emphasizes quality sleep. Not to mention, the growing emphasis on building healthy evening routines and winding down with meditations, like the free FitOn sleep meditations

What to Expect in 2024: The Top Wellness Trends

As we look ahead to 2024, it appears to be all about ease, balance, and mindful living. From plant-forward eating, to low-intensity exercise, to an emphasis on mind-body beauty, we’re approaching health from a holistic viewpoint that is simple and sustainable. The takeaway? Achieving a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated! By keeping these 2024 wellness trends on your radar (and maybe even adopting them into your daily routine), you have all the insight to make the most of the year ahead.