Exercise Like This to Instantly Boost Your Mood

You’re just one sweat sesh away from a better mood.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Let’s face it—we all could use help in the mood-boosting department from time to time (some days more than others.) Life gets crazy, we get stressed, and our overall mood suffers. The good news? We have the info you’ll want on the best mood-boosting exercises to instantly get you out of that bad mood funk. 

Want to know exactly how to exercise to instantly boost your mood? 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Feeling Stressed? Here Are The Top 3 Mood-Boosting Exercises to do ASAP 

If you’re feeling stressed and irritable, we want you to know exactly what type of exercise to do to really fill your cup and get the best bang for your buck. There’s no sense in doing any old workout if you don’t walk away in a better mood, right?

So, if you need an instant mood boost, you’re going to want to do one of these three mood-boosting exercises asap. Not only will you walk away feeling that much more positive, but you’ll be working towards your fitness goals at the same time (heck, yes!) 

#1 Bust Stress & Boost Mood With a Yoga Flow Workout

Feeling stressed? Grab your yoga mat, and make yoga your new BFF and favorite mood-boosting exercise to get your mind and body centered. 

Yoga is such an amazing form of exercise that really helps you relax and also helps stretch out those tired and sore muscles at the same time. 

Studies have even found that yoga may help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. So, if you’re feeling tense, get your yoga flow on, and pick your favorite yoga workout on the FitOn app for a free, guided workout to help boost your mood and help you feel your best. 

Hack: Try getting into a regular yoga routine. The more you keep up with it, the more you can really maximize those benefits! Aim for at least a few times per week, and if you can manage a quick yoga flow each morning, you may be surprised at what it can do for your mood and health. 

#2 Brain Fog Have You Down? Grab Your Weights

If you feel like you just can’t focus and are feeling totally overwhelmed, pause and grab some weights. A study found that lifting weights may, in fact, improve cognitive function. 

So, while you’re lifting those dumbbells and working on those sexy bis and tris, you may also walk away feeling a bit more focused and not so cranky as you power through the rest of your day. 

#3 Feeling Frustrated? Get Your Cardio Fix In 

We can’t talk about mood-boosting exercises without talking about cardio. Cardio junkies can totally relate to that runners high they get after a good run or cardio sesh. All the endorphins that are released after a sweat-dripping workout is enough for anyone to want to commit to a more regular cardio workout routine. 

If you find yourself needing to clear your head and improve your mood, consider some cardio. Even a HIIT or Tabata workout is a great way to combat stress, and you’ll likely feel ten times better after your workout. 

Not overly excited about the idea of cardio, but want to see what it can do for you? Try this walking to running plan that may just make a cardio junkie out of you! 

The Number One Hack to Keep Your Mood High 

Now that you know about the best mood-boosting exercises, there’s something else you can do to help prevent yourself from getting totally frazzled in the first place. It all comes down to exercise timing. 

Starting your day with a good sweat sesh is an amazing way to support a better overall mood to help you kick butt all day long. Why? Because exercise helps your brain make more endorphins, which are those feel-good neurotransmitters that come on strong after a good workout. 

So, it only makes sense that getting a workout in before starting your day is a surefire way to keep your mood high even as you face your daily chaotic schedule. 

Don’t have time for a long AM workout? No sweat—a quick HIIT FitOn workout will be plenty to get your mind and body ready for a productive and positive day. 

Oh, and need some motivation to actually get your booty up and ready to get your workout in? Check out these 5 hacks to motivate yourself to get that morning sweat sesh in. 

Boost Your Mood, Boost Your Health 

One of the greatest things about adding fitness into your day-to-day life is that not only will it likely boost your mood, but exercising on the reg may just happen to boost your health as well. 

Next time you’re feeling stressed, frustrated, or just downright irritable, take just 20-30 minutes to take care of you and get a good sweat in. 

Use one of these mood-boosting exercises to go from feeling blah to boss, because you’re just one workout away from a better mood.