The 5 Hacks You Need to Motivate Yourself to Get That Morning Sweat Sesh in

Even if you aren’t a morning person, these hacks will guarantee you exercise before the busy day begins.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Always wanted to be a morning person, but just can’t seem to gather that motivation to get yourself out of bed even earlier each day? We’re breaking down how you can change your fitness habits and create a new morning fitness routine to not only supercharge your fitness results, but you’re health as well. 

And heads up—night owls will even want in on this. Getting a sweat in first thing in the AM can become a healthy habit that you simply can’t do without once you get into the swing of things.  

Here are five hacks to completely transform your morning fitness habits, making sure that morning sweat sesh happens every darn day. 

5 Hacks to Transform Your Morning Fitness Habits 

#1 Set Yourself Up For Success the Night Before

A little planning can go a long way in transforming your morning fitness habits, making it even easier to get that morning sweat sesh in. The night before, set your clothes out, so it’s easy to just throw on your cute leggings and press play on your fav workout. 

Not only will this hack save you some time, but it can also kick your booty into high gear, motivating you to stick to your morning fitness routine. 

#2 Do Something Productive As Soon As You Get Up 

While this may not seem like it’s directly related to your fitness habits, jumping out of bed, and doing something productive like making your bed can really help set the tone for the day. 

If you jump out of bed with the mentality of getting sh*t done, then you’ll be more likely to keep getting your sweat sesh in even before your busy day begins. 

#3 Use Your Phone Alarm to Your Advantage

fifteen minutes before you actually plan to workout, set an alarm on your phone. Make this separate from the alarm you use to wake up, making it a very specific workout reminder. 

This will act as some extra motivation to get everything ready for your workout and may give you that little push you need to show up and actually get it done. 

Hint—you can actually use your FitOn app to set reminders to workout. It’s the perfect way to give yourself that nudge, while also offering dozens of workouts to choose from. 

#4 Do a Little Planning

A little planning can go a huge way in making sure you really get that workout in and can be a total gamechanger when it comes to taking your fitness habits to the next level. 

Start by planning which workout you want to do the night before, and use your FitOn app to favorite the workouts you love most. 

#5 Set Goals & Rewards 

Setting up a reward system for yourself is a valuable and powerful tool in changing your fitness habits and becoming a morning fitness person (even if mornings just aren’t your thang.) 

Stary by setting one goal. Maybe your initial goal would look something like waking up and working out for two weeks straight. Once you reach that goal, treat yourself, girl! 

The more goals you crush, the more you’ll reward yourself, and the easier it will be to stick to your new morning fitness habits. It’s a win, win situation. You’ll be improving your health by exercising on the reg and adding a heavy dose of self-care into your morning every single day. 

Oh, and let’s not forget about all the benefits of reaching your health and fitness goals. Research has found that reaching these goals can help decrease the risk of disease, improve mental health, and boost stamina. So, keep making fitness goals, and crush them. Your health will definitely thank you for it. 

Become That Morning Person You’ve Always Wanted to Be 

Whether you dread mornings or just want to take your morning routine to the next level, adding some fitness into your morning is ah-mazing for your mental and physical health. 

Not only will it guarantee that you’ll actually exercise and get it out of the way, but research has found that exercising in the morning has been linked to better food choices, better focus, and even more energy. Heck yes! These are all things we could benefit from! 

The bottom line? Get that sweat sesh in bright and early. You’ll thank yourself later when all you want to do at the end of your busy day is curl up on the couch with a glass of red, and lounge out.