Jumpstart 2024 With The Year’s Most Popular Workouts

Torch calories, rev your metabolism, and build lean muscle!

By: Lexy Parsons

With 2024 fast approaching, now is the perfect time to revitalize your fitness journey and set new goals for the year ahead. No matter if you’re a fitness pro or just getting started, there are endless options to suit your needs. From metabolism-boosting HIIT sessions and strenuous strength workouts, to low-impact yoga flows that alleviate tension and keep you grounded, there’s something for everyone. As the most popular workouts of the year, let these trending exercises inspire your new year regime and help pave the path to a healthier, stronger, and more balanced you. Fun, effective, and perfect for all fitness levels, press play on these popular FitOn workouts and get ready to kickstart your 2024 fitness routine.

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The Most Popular Workouts to Hit Your Fitness Goals & Kickstart Your Workout Routine

#1 Leg Slayer

Roll out your mat and prepare to sculpt and strengthen your legs with Kenta in this lower-body circuit workout. With moves like curtsey squats, good mornings, and glute bridges, you’ll work your whole lower body and posterior chain, including your hamstrings, glutes, and even those hard-to-target areas like your inner thighs. The best part? The whole routine can be performed with your own body weight and is less than 30 minutes long. To level up the workout, grab a pair of dumbbells!

#2 Chill Out Flow

No matter if you’re looking to release built-up muscle tension or simply calm your mind and ground your body, this mindful 20-minute flow with Vytas will help you find solace with each breath and movement. Perfect for all levels, it’s an ideal addition to your self-care routine that can be performed before bed, in the middle of a high-stress day, or first thing in the morning to keep you centered and balanced all day long.

#3 Strong Body

If your goal is to challenge your muscles and build full-body strength, this routine is for you! One of the most popular workouts of the year for a reason, you’ll target both your upper and lower body (and even a touch of core) with a series of powerful exercises that focus on building strength, endurance, and definition. Grab a set of dumbbells (that feel challenging to you) and get ready to feel the burn!

#4 Hype HIIT

Combining HIIT and strength in a circuit-style workout, prepare to push your limits and maximize your results. Targeting every major muscle group, this dynamic burner ensures you get the sculpting benefits of strength as well as the calorie-torching intensity of HIIT. Led by FitOn trainer Danielle Pascente, get ready to elevate your heart rate, build lean muscle, and challenge your body.

#5 Fit Fusion

This efficient and effective full-body workout is based on a combo of strength and cardio. From jumping jacks to deadlifts and squats, you’ll flow through a range of exercises and hit your total body. To ensure you can level up or down during your workout, you’ll want to come prepared with a set of light, medium, and heavy dumbbells. A great way to torch calories and tone when you’re short on time!

#6 Daily Practice

Ready to level up your yoga practice in the new year? This 20-minute flow is just what you’ve been looking for. As one of the most popular workouts of the year, it’s a tried-and-true flow that serves to benefit all fitness levels. Whether you’re an advanced yogi or just getting started, this full-body routine will help you enhance strength and flexibility while promoting a sense of mindfulness and ease.

#7 Low Impact Legs & Glutes 

Engaging in exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlifts not only promotes lower body strength and endurance, but as the largest muscles in the body, targeting legs and glutes helps to torch calories and rev your metabolism. Performed in as little as 20 minutes, this low-impact workout is the perfect at-home strength workout to add to your regime. 

#8 Ultimate Arm Action

If achieving strong, sculpted arms is your 2024 fitness goal, you’ll want to press play on this FitOn upper body strength workout. Not only will it help you achieve those long, lean lines, but by adding bursts of cardio, it will also help you torch calories and rev your metabolism. Set aside 30 minutes, grab a pair of dumbbells, and get ready to transform your upper body physique!

#9 Heavy HIITer

If you’re up for a challenge, we invite you to push your limits with this total-body HIIT and strength workout. Incorporating bouts of high-intensity cardio coupled with full-body dumbbell moves, you’ll send your heart rate through the roof and embrace strength you never knew you had. Known for creating an “afterburn” effect known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), you’ll continue burning calories all day long!

#10 Straight Up Strength

Proving you can build strength without spending hours in the gym, this less than 30-minute workout will help you get strong, sculpted, and shaky. Grab a pair of dumbbells that’s challenging to you and walk away feeling more fit with this fun and challenging flow. FitOn trainer Breann will guide you through modifications as needed — show up wherever you’re at on your fitness journey!

#11 Armed Cardio 

Want to take your cardio workout to the next level? Press play on this armed cardio workout with Kenta, and get ready to scorch some calories and sculpt your arms in this fun combo workout. Grab one set of light dumbbells, and fuse cardio exercises with arm strength work.

#12 Grow Your Glutes 

This workout will focus on how to get the best booty gains. It will consist of mobility prep, bands, and dumbbells to build and sculpt the booty.

#13 Cardio Sweat 

Looking for a high-energy cardio workout that will give you a bang for your buck? Get ready to sweat with this full-body cardio workout that is going to be a burner.

#14 Strength Ladder 

This workout will build your strength endurance with 6 exercises you’ll perform for a decreasing and then increasing amount of time each round. The best way to get stronger is to repeat the same moves until you get better. Guaranteed to push your limits, grab your dumbbells, and take on this total body strength pyramid challenge.

Become Your Strongest Self in 2024 With These Popular FitOn Workouts

Why wait for the New Year? Get started now with these fan-favorite FitOn workouts. From circuit workouts that blend strength and HIIT to slow-flow yoga sessions that are perfect for daily mindfulness, there are so many effective workouts that will help you accomplish your fitness goals and head into 2024 as your healthiest self. Proving you don’t need to spend hours exercising to see results, you can finally feel confident getting started in a way that’s attainable and sustainable