5 Squat Form Tweaks You Need to Nail the Perfect Squat

Form is everything. We need proper form in order to really see the fitness results we are after. And, most…

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Form is everything. We need proper form in order to really see the fitness results we are after. And, most of us are probably squatting all wrong without even knowing it. But, no sweat, because we got you covered with these five form tweaks, you need to nail that squat every damn time. And why is form so important? Getting that perfect squat form may be that simple tweak you need to finally build that booty and tone those legs like never before. 

Want in? We’re spilling all the deets on taking your squat form to perfection for major booty gains. 

5 Form Tweaks For the Perfect Squat Form

#1 Chest Up:

Chest up, buttercup. When you squat and come back up, don’t forget to keep that chest up and those shoulders back. Think about keeping your posture tall, and keep those abs tight. This simple tweak can really help you feel that squat burn just a little more. 

#2 Keep Those Abs Tight:

Not only do we want to keep those abs tight to help engage them, but tightening your core can also keep your spine neutral. You want a tight and strong core to protect your back as you get those squats in. The last thing you want is a sore back the next day from maxing out on your squats. 

#3 Reach That Booty Back:

When you drop into a squat, think about aligning your hips so that you can reach that booty back like you are going to sit down in a chair. This simple tweak can help you nail the perfect squat form helping you drop lower into the squat and really target those glutes and legs. Hint-don’t forget to engage the core! 

#4 Watch Your Knees:

When you squat, you want to make sure that your knees are aligned properly. You don’t want them going too far past your toes, or you run the risk of not maximizing all of your lower body muscle groups. Keep your knees in line with your ankles, and try to avoid having them move inward. A little shift in how you’re aligning your knees during your squats can make a huge difference in your squat form to really tone that booty. 

#5 Don’t Forget to Breathe:

While breathing sounds so simple, so many of us hold our breath, especially when our workouts start to get challenging. When you really start to feel the burn, remind yourself to just breathe! Breathing through each squat can really help you maximize your form by breathing into that burn as opposed to resisting it. 

Maximize Your Squats

You want to maximize your squats for the perfect form to really target various muscle groups, not just your glutes. With the right form, you can help tone your abs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. Work on perfecting your squat form with these simple tweaks to help maximize your lower body workouts and get the most of every single squat you do.