5 Easy Ways to Intensify Any Workout

Make the most of every single sweat sesh.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Stuck in a fitness rut and not seeing the results you want? It may be time to intensify your workouts. From engaging that core to perfecting your form, we got you covered to make sure that you are making the most of every single sweat sesh. 

5 Ways to Intensify Your Workouts That Actually Work 

#1 Tighten Your Core 

Our core is everything when it comes to stability and strength, so it only makes sense that if we want to intensify workouts just a bit more, we tighten up that core.

A tight core is key for lower back support, better posture, and preventing injury. So, really think about your core when you’re doing that squat, lunge, or really any move. A tighter core is one of the secret weapons you need for ultimate fitness success. 

#2 Drop Low 

Drop it, drop it low (in a squat that is). It’s one thing to do your squats, it’s another thing to do them right. If you feel like you need to intensify your workouts and really work on those legs and glutes, try to squat just a little lower. Each time you drop into that squat, push yourself just a little bit further—it may be exactly what you need to tone those legs and tighten that booty. 

#3 Pick up Those Weights 

Not quite feeling those bicep curls? Try picking up some heavier weights (while always listening to your body, of course). It’s important to make sure that you are continuously challenging yourself, as success doesn’t come when you stay in your comfort zone. 

So, if you’re feeling like you need to amp things up a bit, go from the three pounders to the five pound weights. It may make all the difference in how you intensify your workouts. 

#4 Speed Things Up

Once you really get the hang of a certain workout, try speeding things up a bit—pick up the pace with those high knees or mountain climbers to boost your cardio a little more and torch some extra cals. Remember that in order to continue to see fitness results, you need to continuously challenge yourself. 

#5 Focus on Perfecting Your Form 

As we talked about with the squat, form is everything. You can do as many squats and lunges as your heart desires, but if your form isn’t great,  you aren’t going to get the results you want. 

The key to most moves is to focus on your form, don’t rush through it, and engage as many muscles as you can. For example, squeeze that booty when you go down into that squat and tighten your core when you’re doing your bicep curls. The more you engage your muscles, the better your results. 

Need some squat pointers? Here’s a guide on how to perfect that squat. 

Take Your Fitness Results to the Next Level 

Getting out of our comfort zone is a key part of really pushing ourselves and seeing the results we want. So, if you feel like you need to push yourself a bit more, or you’re stuck in a fitness plateau, boost your workouts with these tips to intensify your workouts. It may just be the missing link to taking your fitness results to the next level.