5 Tips That Will Make Working from Home More Bearable

And a bit more productive too.

By: Emmy Schneider-Green

One of the many ways the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives is that many of us are now working at home. If you’re one of the people fortunate enough to be able to work from the safety of your own home, you’re probably feeling equal parts grateful and…a little crazy. 

We get it. 

The overnight transition from your normal office routine to suddenly spending all your working hours where you also sleep, workout, and watch Netflix can throw anyone for a loop.

If you’re struggling with this transition, you’re far from alone. These five tips should help make your new WFH routine feel a lot more productive, bearable, and dare we say it, maybe even fun.

5 Tips For Working at Home 

#1 Take Breaks Often

Plain and simple, the human brain needs breaks. 

In fact, science shows us that our brains function best when we focus on a task for a max of about 50 minutes, followed by a total break before moving to the next thing on our to-do lists. 

It may be tempting to sit on your couch and power through a whole day now that there’s no such thing as clocking in or out, lunch hours, or a boss in the same office. However, you’ll be more productive and way less burnt out if you set timers for yourself to stand up, take a break, eat your lunch away from your work, or check in with a coworker.

#2 Slip Into Your Favorite Comfy Outfits

One perk of WFH life we can really get behind — A relaxed dress code! 

While there’s definitely something to be said for changing out of your pajamas each day, even if there’s no one but your cat to see you, why not keep it comfy while you have the chance? We’re crushing over coordinated sweat sets, leggings with loose Ts, and slippers all day. 

Embrace the chance to be comfy! It’s times like these that athleisure was made for.

#3 Jam Out to a Playlist or Podcast

With no coworkers around and literally even less traffic on the streets outside, life can seem eerily quiet these days. Perk up your work from home days and elevate your mood with some upbeat tunes, relaxing classical, or a podcast episode to make the time that much more enjoyable.

#4 Liven Up Your Desk Space

Even if your so-called “desk” is your couch or your balcony, a little décor can go a long way in how we feel about “going to work” each day. Even if it’s by repurposing what you already have in your house, perk up your working from home space with some plants, framed photos, inspiring quotes, or whatever sparks joy for you.

Bonus tip: try not to do work in the same area you relax or sleep (if you can help it!) Keeping the separation goes a long way in helping you mentally differentiate between work and leisure times.

#5 Stay Mobile and Get Outside (If Possible) 

Serious question —is anyone not feeling restless and stir-crazy right now? One thing that can break up the cabin fever is taking your work calls outside if you can, taking calls while walking (just keep a safe distance from others), or if you can’t do either, even just standing up to work can help! You can order inexpensive standing desks online or get creative with what you have and DIY one with stacked crates on top of a desk (hey, no judgement!) 

Simply getting mobile, and if possible, adding in some vitamin D, whether it’s by going outside or just letting the natural light in, can go a long way in breaking up the long days.

Make The Most of Working at Home 

We hope these tips help you make the very most of your new work from home routine! We’re all in these new, uncharted times together, and we can all take small steps to make the most of this trying time.