5 Ways to Stop Mental Overload During Stressful Times

We give you five easy, approachable ways to prevent mental overload during stressful times.

By: Kate Imogen

Living with stress can pretty easily lead to mental overload — leaving you feeling totally overwhelmed. These are stressful times, so we’ve provided a handful of helpful ways you can keep your brain clear, calm, and healthy. Here are our top five favorite tips to prevent mental overload. 

Do These 5 Things to Prevent Mental Overload 

Get a little calm in your life.

#1 Think Like Marie Kondo and Get Tidy 

Science tells us that clutter can make us feel overwhelmed, so keep your surroundings as serene as possible to maximize calm. You know the rule: if it doesn’t spark joy (or it’s not directly necessary for, you know, living life), then get rid of it. 

#2 Put Down The Phone 

If you check your phone and read a stress-inducing message, email, or headline, you get a spike in your cortisol levels. We know they’re addictive, but putting your phone down may actually help prevent that mental overload we all deal with from time to time — science even suggests that it may help us live longer! 

#3 Go For a Walk

Going for a brisk stroll, even for 30 minutes, may improve your self-esteem, mood, sleep quality, and sense of calm — bonus points for getting in some fresh air and being near trees

#4 Take in Some Nature 

Take a break and check out something green. Studies suggest that even looking at a grassy rooftop for 40 seconds may restore your attention and increase your ability to concentrate. 

#5 Meditate, Meditate, Meditate 

Meditation is proven to help reduce stress and mental overload. If you’re nervous about getting started, here are some of our best tips to get you going. 

Take Time For Yourself Every Day to Avoid Mental Overload 

If you want to be able to concentrate, stay productive, and protect your mental health, you need to take time out of your day to reset. That could mean taking a walk at lunchtime, meditating first thing, or leaving your phone outside the bedroom at night.