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Green Tea: 5 Ways to Add it to Your Beauty Routine + Why You Should

We’re sharing all the green tea goodness about why green tea can seriously boost your beauty routine.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Green tea has been a super trendy beverage for quite a few years now. From iced lattes in the summer months to a mug of matcha in the colder weather, sipping on some is pretty much always a good idea. But, what may really blow your mind is that it does more than just support fat burning and energy levels. It also holds some pretty darn impressive beauty benefits. Pretty cool, huh

So, you may be wondering how exactly this works. If you aren’t drinking the tea, how are you getting it into your beauty routine?

We are spilling all green tea goodness with you and breaking down how it may be your new secret weapon when it comes to boosting your beauty routine.

Green Tea Beauty Benefits

Green tea is pretty much the bomb when it comes to helping support skin health. It’s basically like food for our skin, and here’s why.

  • Rich in Anti-inflammatory Properties: The powerful anti-inflammatory properties in green tea makes it great for reducing swelling, redness, and irritated skin.
  • Helps Reduce Puffy Dark Bags Under the Eyes: You know those dark circles we literally ALL have? Well, as it turns out, the caffeine in green tea may help shrink the blood vessels around the eyes. This can help reduce those puffy dark circles. So, sleep-deprived moms can say goodbye to those dark circles that tend to come along with motherhood!
  • Rich in Antioxidants: One of the most impressive benefits of green tea is its antioxidant content. In particular, the antioxidant EGCG that may help combat early signs of skin aging. It may even provide some protective benefits for the skin (yes, please!)

How to Add Green Tea to Your Beauty Routine

Ok, so we know that green tea is pretty legit when it comes to supporting skin health and boosting our beauty routine. But how do you go about adding it into your daily skincare routine?

In addition to drinking it regularly, here are five other ways to add it to your beauty routine.

#1 Make a face mask: Make a DIY face mask using the contents of a green tea bag and a little bit of honey. Let this sit on your face for about five minutes and then rinse and moisturize with coconut oil.

#2 Reduce Puffy Dark Circles: To help reduce those puffy sleep-deprived eyes, chill two green tea bags in the fridge for about a half hour. Place them on your eyes (while closed!) and sit back and relax while the anti-inflammatory properties go to work!

#3 Make a Pore-cleaning Toner: Make a DIY toner using ¼ cup freshly brewed (and chilled) green tea mixed with ¼ cup filtered water. Apply with a soft cotton round and then rinse.

#4 Make an Exfoliating Rub: Green tea can also be added to a DIY exfoliator made with sugar and coconut oil. It can add some extra anti-inflammatory benefits to help give your skin a nice boost.

#5 Make a Shiny Hair Rinse: It’s not just great for skin health, it can also help promote shiny hair. Try rinsing your hair with freshly brewed and chilled green tea before using your regular shampoo and conditioner.

The Final Word

So, here’s your invitation to pamper yourself. Add some green tea to your beauty routine to instantly turn your daily skin care routine into a spa-like experience. Not only will it help improve your skin health, but it may even help you relax and unwind at the end of a long day.