Self Care

Bloated? Try This Simple 15-Minute Wellness Routine

Try this to start your day or make it part of your daily wind-down routine.

By: Dominique Michelle Astorino

Bloating is uncomfortable and can even impact your self-image — which is wild because bloating is extremely common and nothing to be embarrassed by (but we get it, it’s hard when your body is ‘off’). If you’ve got chronic bloating issues, you’ll definitely want to visit a doctor (primary care or gastroenterologist), but if it’s an occasional nuisance and you’re looking for some simple tips for when bloating strikes, then look no further!

We’re sharing a quick 15-minute bloating wellness routine that also happens to make a great addition to any current wellness practice you have in place. 

Use it to start your day or add it to your wind-down routine — find what works for you! 

A Minute By Minute Wellness Routine + Research-Backed Tips For Bloating

There are dozens of preventative tips and remedies for bloating, but we’re going to give you an expert-backed fifteen-minute regimen you can turn to when your stomach feels like it’s going to burst. 

Step 1: Drink a Warm Glass of Lemon Water (1 minute)

One of the easiest tips for bloating is to get things back in motion with some hydration. The warmer temperature may ease bloating as it helps with digestion, and the acid from the lemon could help break down food and thus may help reduce bloat.

Step 2: Take a Quick Walk (5 minutes)

Get moving! A brisk walk around the block, your yard, or office may help kickstart your digestive process as well as up your circulation. Plus, some research has noted that mild activity may help with occasional bloating, not to mention the fact that exercise has been shown to help boost energy and improve sleep! 

So, get your body moving with a brisk walk, and don’t forget to breathe! Take five minutes to breathe deeply during your walk to really get your body going. 

Fun fact: In Italian culture, a walk after a meal to help digestion is quite common, and it’s called passeggiata

Step 3: Do Some Yoga Twists (5 minutes)

Perhaps you’ve heard this trick before or have just felt the need to move a little bit when bloating strikes — turns out, there’s some research to back this up. Some research has found that yoga may help those with certain digestive complaints as well as with feelings of anxiety and fatigue. 

So, try some gentle spinal twists; yoga doesn’t just calm your mind . . . it may help calm your stomach as well! Need a good place to start? Learn from the best in the Yoga category of the FitOn app.

Step 4: Pick Your Poison: Papaya Pineapple Smoothie or Ginger Tea (4 minutes)

You can go one of two routes here — an enzyme-packed fruit smoothie, or a warm and soothing tea. Depending on your mood, how you’re feeling, and your dietary preferences, either of these could help quell your digestive woes. 

A frosty blend of pineapple and papaya is packed with digestive enzymes that some research suggests may help support digestion

Check out these three smoothie recipes here for inspiration. 

If it’s a little chilly for a smoothie (or you’re just too stuffed), opt for a tummy tea (we’re not talking about the tea from Instagram ads!). Ginger and lemon is a great blend, though some have fennel, licorice root, turmeric, and more. We love ginger as it’s a tried-and-true digestive aid. 

Don’t Forget: Listen To Your Body

While there are so many tips for bloating, there are just as many ways to cause bloating. Listen to your body — are you bloated from stress? A dietary sensitivity? Too much sugar? Not enough water? Guzzling tons of carbonated beverages? 

Take inventory. You can keep a bloating journal if you’re feeling extra, or just take a mental note. How are you feeling, what did you eat, how’s your hydration, etc., etc. Not only will this help you take some steps to potentially prevent and manage future bloat, but it’ll allow you to tune more into your body and its needs, which is a win all around.