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Feeling Bloated? Do These 3 Exercises Daily for Serious Relief

Combat gas and bloating with these 3 low-impact workouts we all could benefit from.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

There’s no denying the fact that bloating is downright uncomfortable. It can make our clothes feel tight, our belly’s feel puffy, and it can be a real Debbie downer when it comes to our overall energy levels and productivity for the day. 

Plus, walking around super bloated all day is no way to live and can significantly impact the overall quality of life- nobody’s got time for that.

What Causes Bloating?

Here are some of the most common culprits. 

  • Consuming too much food in one sitting. 
  • Food sensitivities- if you are consuming certain foods that don’t agree with you (dairy is a big one,) then you may experience digestive upset, and yes, this includes bloating. 
  • Drinking too many carbonated bevvysIf you’re a big club soda fan, and you find yourself bloated more often than not, you may have to lay off the fizzy drinks for a while. All those bubbles can make you feel puffy and uncomfortable. 
  • Hormones! Yup, blame it on the hormones ladies. During certain times of the month, you may be more bloated than usual. You are more likely to notice it around that time of the month (fantastic, right?) The good news is that exercise may help alleviate some of that bloat. 
  • Stress – Stress can lead to pretty much any and all unwanted symptoms. Here’s just one more reason to try to get that stress in check. Your mind and body depend on it. 

Note: If your bloating is severe and impacts your day to day life, it’s important to speak with your doctor to rule out any other more serious underlying causes.

Reduce Bloating With Exercise

We know bloating stinks, and it’s not a feeling than anyone wants to deal with, but what can you do about it? In addition to cutting back on how many cans of La Croix (or any other fizzy beverages) you drink each week, reducing stress, and taking a look at your diet, exercise is also key.

While exercise isn’t a “cure” for bloating, getting your body moving is always a good idea. It may just help alleviate some of that uncomfortable full feeling you get when you’re super bloated. 

Exercise may help reduce bloating by moving some of that built-up gas through your digestive tract. Less gas equals less bloating. 

Exercises that help strengthen the abdominal muscles are also super beneficial, and walking is also a great bloat buster. Walking can help move food through the stomach more quickly, which can be helpful after a big meal. 

So, while you may want to do nothing but lay down and chill after a large meal that’s left you feeling full and bloated, get up and walk! It may actually help you feel better faster than if you were sitting and binge-watching your favorite Netflix show for hours. 

Reduce Bloating with These 3 Exercises 

So, we know that moving the body can help get the gas moving along, but which exercises are best? In addition to walking, here are some great exercises for bloating that can help strengthen your core, stretch the body, and reduce stress — aka the three essential pillars to help combat bloating.

#1 Yoga

Yoga is amazing for bloating, and there are even certain poses like the spinal twist, and bridge pose that can really help reduce that uncomfortable puffy feeling. Ready to get your yoga on? Press play on a FitOn at-home yoga workout. All you need to do is roll out your yoga mat, put on some comfy clothes, and ease bloat one yoga pose at a time. 

#2 Pilates

Pilates is also another ideal way to stretch and strengthen the body and ease some of that gassy and bloated feeling. Not only is Pilates great for strengthening the abdominal muscles, but it can also be a great stress reducer, another key part of reducing that stubborn bloat. 

#3 Stretching

When you’re feeling so uncomfortable, and like you couldn’t possibly workout, try stretching! Stretching the body can help promote relaxation, and can really help open everything up. Your body may be super tense when you are feeling bloated. Try loosening up the body and reducing some built-up gas and boosting circulation for better digestion by doing some simple stretches. Lay flat on your yoga mat and bring your knees to your chest. You can also drop your knees to one side of your body with your arms out to your sides for a nice twist. Repeat this on the other side. Take your time stretching it out, and let the bloat melt away! 

Ready to bring for stretching into your wellness routine? Here are some of our favorites.

Move Daily 

If bloating has you down, get your body moving, and preferably daily. Daily movement is going to help keep things flowing, combat gas built-up, and support abdominal strength. Try adding yoga, Pilates, stretching, or all three into your fitness routine to help combat bloat. Say goodbye to those leggings that have been your BFF. With daily movement, reduced stress, and a healthy diet, it may just be the trifecta you need to combat bloating once and for all.