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6 Simple Things to Do Before 9 AM For Healthier Choices All Day

Making healthy choices just got a whole lot easier.

By: Emma Lunsford

Daily habits make achieving our goals A LOT easier. In an ideal world, we would wake up every day motivated to crush our goals — but we’re only human! So when we start to lose steam, having daily habits in place can help get us to the finish line. Rather than remembering and forcing ourselves to take action, we can let our brain’s power and predictability do most of the legwork — all we have to do is get the momentum going. So, why not start first thing by adding simple healthy habits to your morning routine?  Just repeat the habit you want to create until your brain seals it into your routine. Suddenly, you’ll start following through without even thinking about it! 

The Power of a Morning Routine 

Your morning routine has the power to change your entire day. But why? Because following through with your habits straight away, without giving your mind a chance to talk you out of it, allows you to generate positive momentum from the get-go.

Once we start our day on a healthy foot, it’s a lot easier to keep making healthier choices. Plus, morning routines can offer a sense of stability, helping to lower stress levels in the process. 

Our nervous system feels safe when we know what to expect, and if we keep offering it the same morning experience, it can relax into knowing what’s going to happen right when we wake up. In other words, it helps you wake up and not feel like you have to move at a million miles an hour. You can stay slow and steady. 

6 Simple Morning Habits to Do Before 9 AM

#1 Drink a Glass of Water

Hydration, hydration, hydration! One of the easiest (yet most effective) daily morning habits. In addition to replenishing your water stores, hydrating first thing in the morning could help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals

If it helps, fill up a water bottle the night before and set it on your nightstand. That way, you have your glass of water as soon as your feet hit the floor. Drinking first thing also helps set the intention of a hydrated day right away. You’re more likely to keep remembering to drink! 

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#2 Start With Some Movement

Your muscles might be a little stiff after being stuck in various sleeping positions. So get your blood pumping by starting your morning routine with some movement! Increasing blood flow helps rev up your energy levels first thing. And, a little morning movement can help reduce stress and tension throughout the day, making you more likely to make positive decisions (such as reaching for healthier foods)! 

Your movement can include anything from a light, 5-minute stretch all the way to a full-blown workout. If you haven’t joined the FitOn community yet, sign up for free and get access to unlimited free workouts, including stretches to kickstart your morning! 

#3 Meditate

Set aside quiet time to clear your mind. If you have trouble concentrating, try adding meditation to your morning routine. Meditation is easiest to do upon waking before all of your thoughts come rolling in. And, it’s the perfect way to connect with your emotions, reduce stress, and feel refreshed — making you more motivated to work out, cook a healthy meal, or do some extra planning!

#4 Journal Your Intentions for the Day

Do a quick run-through of your daily schedule. What could you add to make today even better? Maybe you ask for help on a deadline when you start to feel overwhelmed or schedule in some much-deserved self-care time. Whatever it is — make sure you set your intentions, write down your goals, and generate some positive momentum. You got this!

#5 Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

Breakfast is literally about breaking the nightly fast. Eating a nutritious, filling meal right off the bat helps promote healthy food choices throughout the day while keeping you energized to power through productive decisions at work. (And maybe even clean the house!?) 

For the best morning fuel, go for foods full of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Give these no-cook breakfast ideas a try! 

#6 Do Something You Enjoy

We spend so much time doing things for others while keeping up with our long list of life responsibilities. If we don’t prioritize self-care and fill up our own cups, it gets really hard to keep giving. Make it easier on yourself by setting aside even just 5 minutes to do something you enjoy in the morning — before you do anything for anyone else. Maybe it’s reading a book, mindfully sipping your coffee, or going for a nature walk. Whatever it is — do it for you!

Allow Yourself to Have Morning Routine Flexibility

“Routine” and “flexibility” might sound a bit like opposites, but keep in mind: the point of a morning routine is to reduce stress and encourage healthy choices. If a habit is no longer serving you, it’s okay to let it go! As you change, your routine will continue to grow and develop. Don’t be afraid to mix things up every once in a while!