10 Amazing Self Care Tips You Have Never Tried

Self-care should never be optional.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Self-care — it’s one of those things we often view as being a luxury — like getting our nails done or having a nice dinner out with friends. But, here’s the thing. While these things are, of course, wonderful acts of self-care, it doesn’t always have to be luxurious, or even super expensive. We’re sharing 10 self-care tips that you may have never tried before that are easy to implement and make it easier than ever to take care of you.   

10 Self Care Tips to Start Using Right Now

#1 Cook More At Home 

Ok, so maybe you don’t love to cook and think it would be SO much easier to just grab some food on the way home from work. But, cooking at home is one of those self-care tips that goes beyond that instant gratification of doing something for you. 

The more you cook from home, the healthier your diet. And, with a healthy, clean eating diet comes greater health, which is truly the greatest act of self-care.

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#2 Have a Date Night With Yourself 

Ditch the idea that date night can’t mean a solo night with yourself. Binge watch a Netflix series you’ve been meaning to catch up on or watch a good movie. Carving out some QT for you, while doing something fun is a great way to practice some serious self-care. 

#3 Have a Staycation 

So you don’t have enough time off available for a vacation, but why not try a staycation? This is a self-care tip we all can implement, even if you just schedule in some time to stay home on one weekend day this month. 

Instead of running out and doing ALL the THINGS, stay home and schedule in some self-care by whipping up your favorite home-cooked meal, watching your favorite movies, and even catch up on some reading. Do what makes you feel good. 

Trust us, you’ll feel rejuvenated, and it doesn’t have to cost you a thing! 

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#4 Get Organized 

There’s nothing quite like the gratifying feeling of getting everything in your house organized. So, if that pile of mail that’s been sitting on your dining room table has been calling your name for weeks, or you’ve been meaning to sort through clothes that have been taking up space in your closet, here’s your invitation to get organized. 

Scheduling in a few hours to reduce clutter will not only help you feel accomplished, but you will likely feel way less stressed, and ready to keep tackling projects that have been on your to-do for a while. 

#5 Ask Yourself How YOU Are Each Morning

We often find ourselves asking everyone around us how they are, but when is the last time you looked at yourself and asked how YOU were? While it may sound strange, getting in touch with how you’re feeling each and every morning is a self-care tip that can turn into the healthy habit of becoming more in tune with what you need to feel your best. 

Once you start acknowledging how you truly are feeling, you can then ask yourself what you need. Feeling stressed? Can you take five and do a quick meditation? Feeling totally fatigued? Try getting to bed earlier tonight. 

This self-care tip can quickly turn into one of the best ways to make self-care a ripple effect you are able to implement all day long. 

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#6 Learn The Power of Saying No

Are you a yes kinda gal or guy? Many of us are! And while it’s nice to want to satisfy everyone else’s needs, it can become completely draining really (like really) fast. Learning how to say no is such a powerful self-care tool. 

Every time you are faced with a situation where you want to say no, but you feel like you have to say yes, take just two minutes to think about it…trust us that email response can wait.  

The bottom line is that if it isn’t a heck yes, it’s a no. Try to follow this rule as often as you can to start learning how the power of saying no allows you to say yes to your needs far more often. 

#7 Try A Cooking Class 

Try signing up for a cooking class — there are plenty of virtual options available too! Not only is this a super fun way to socialize and get out and about, but you’ll learn more about cooking from home, which you now know is another great self-care tip we all could be using. 

#8 Change The Way You Think About Your Goals 

While fitness and healthy eating are two awesome ways to practice self-care, it can become easy to get sucked into thinking that everything has to be perfect. Start to think about your goals differently and realize that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. 

Celebrate the little victories, because those matter too! 

#9 Walk During Your Lunch Break 

On your lunch break, or whenever you have some free time during the day, get out for a walk! Walking is such a great form of exercise, but it’s also amazing for helping us clear our minds and just breathe in some fresh air while soaking up some sunshine. 

Use this self-care tip daily (if possible)— it can make a huge difference in your overall health. 

#10 Stop Obsessing Over Calories 

Instead of focusing on exactly how many calories you are eating, start to think about what you are eating. The what matters just as much as the how much.  Oh, and eating whole and nutrient-dense foods is a great way to practice self-care. So, try making one meal a day full of wholesome nutrient-dense foods. Once you have one meal down, move to the next. There’s truly no better way to show yourself love than to eat clean. 

Self-Care is Not Selfish — It’s The Key to Helping You Become Your Best Self 

There you have it. Ten self-care tips that you may have never even thought about. Use these to take your health and happiness to the next level, because with daily self-care, you may just find that you feel better than you ever have before.