Self Care

Burnt Out? Recharge With This Staycation That Feels Like a Legit Getaway

Your at-home wellness retreat awaits.

By: Dominique Michelle Astorino

If you’ve been feeling burnt out and itching to just get out of town and take a break from it all, we feel ya. Many of us have been dealing with added stressors this year, and while, yes, a staycation might sound cheesy or clichéd — we can all use a little positivity and relief right now, cheesy or not. And since we can’t really travel . . . let’s find the silver lining here! A staycation may be exactly what you need to recharge. 

Unplugging and disconnecting might give your brain some time to reset and assess how you’re feeling in different areas of your life, including work. Think of it as a “hard reboot” on your phone, or like you’re Marie Kondo-ing your mind. You know the first step with cleaning and organizing: clear out the clutter — empty the cabinets and closets. By taking a breather from work and obligations, you can get the clarity you need to reassess and reassemble.

But First, Let’s Address This Feeling of Burnout 

Did you know that burnout is now viewed as an “occupational phenomenon” by The World Health Organization? And even prior to the chaos and added stress that has come with 2020, millions of people around the world were already feeling burnt out.  

Think: exhaustion, fatigue, lack of focus or mental clarity, inability to do your job well. And while this specific “occupational phenomenon” of burnout is specifically related to work, if you’re just feeling totally drained from other stressors in life beyond your demanding job, let’s just take a moment to acknowledge that — so many of us are feeling the added stress lately. 

Now that we’ve addressed this feeling — what can we do about it? First things first, you’ll want to talk to your health care provider to get on a personalized track. But outside of your medical plan, even within the travel confines of 2020, there’s still one thing you can take into your own hands: a staycation.

DIY Staycation at Home

While it might not be a white sand beach, you can still turn your home into an oasis. Here are some suggestions for getting your holiday on, chez vous.

#1 Envision Your Dream Day

If you had no plans, no obligations, and everything was going to be A-Okay if you turned your email off for a week or two, what would you do? When would you wake up? What’s the first thing you’d want to try? 

Dream up this day, and write it down — make your “no-plans plans” and make a promise to yourself to treat this like a real vacation. This is your time, and it’s vital for your mental health. 

#2 Take the Tech Break

Yes, that means no emails! Turn your notifications off — if you tend to be tempted to check your emails during your unplugged time (don’t worry, we’ve 100-percent been there), delete the email app from your phone, and desktop. Take at least a day off your phone, and set some tech-free hours where your phone goes in a drawer. It’s time to unplug!

#3 Create Your At-Home Wellness Retreat

There are a number of things you can do at home to treat your body right. If you were at a wellness retreat on a beach or in the forest, what would your itinerary look like? What would you be doing? Can you try any of those things at home? 

Here are some ideas to include in your staycation:


Set some essential oils up in a diffuser for aromatherapy, so you’re constantly breathing in a lovely fresh scent. Maybe you can match the scent to your favorite place (think: cedar and pine for a mountain vacation, or plumeria for an island vibe).

Set the Tone

Put on some 528 Hz (called Solfeggio hertz) music to calm your nervous system (or, flip it, and put on your vacation playlist).

Say OM

Start off your day with yoga and meditation — we’ve got you covered for that one! This body-breath-mind connection is a great way to just re-center. 


Maybe it’s time for an at-home massage or some acupressure? You can try some self-massage using massage therapy balls, or get yourself an acupressure mat for some DIY, needle-free acupuncture. At the very least, try some good stretches!

Spa Time

Give yourself a facial with your favorite skin products, and get into a warm bath with a book and essential oils, and a mug of tea. Don’t forget the Epsom salts.

Eat Well

What’s a staycation without some of your favorite nourishing foods? Order a meal service for the week or get some delivery from your favorite restaurant! You deserve to treat yourself and nourish your body — Enjoy it!

Unplugged Activities

Whether it’s spending hours on a jigsaw puzzle, cooking a meal, coloring or making art, or reading a hardcover book — there are SO many things you can do that don’t involve staring at a screen. If you’re feeling burnt out, the last thing you want is to be on your computer or phone (plus, there’s that email temptation…) so get away from the devices and back into your body and mind. Garden, take your dog for a walk, go to your local park, breathe deeply — enjoy this time in “the real world.”

The World (Or . . . Your House, At Least) Is Your Oyster

There are so many activities or no-plans plans you can pack into your staycation, but maybe you just want to sip a Mai Tai on your porch — more power to you. 

The point of this is to completely disconnect from work and obligations; remember… that’s the thing that caused the burnout! Whether you turn your living room into the Caribbean, exercise and do a juice cleanse, or binge Netflix and do absolutely nothing for a week straight, just make sure you’re prioritizing your mental health. Enjoy!