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Drink More Water with These 5 Hydration Hacks

Because we all could work on our #watergoals


We all know that drinking enough water is important, right?

If you’re up for a water challenge, we’re sharing five hacks to drink more water that may actually make a big difference in how well you hydrate. 

Plus, these are hacks that won’t require any extra time from you. You can just easily add them into what you are already doing to drink that H2O each day. The only difference here is that they may help you drink just a little more each day. 

Sounds good? Let’s get sippin. 

5 Hacks to Drink More Water That Actually Work 

#1 Invest in a Labeled Water Bottle:

If you’re a visual person, you’ll be all over this. There are tons of cute water bottle that you can grab from places like Etsy, Target, or even Amazon that are labeled. There will be lines breaking down how much to drink each hour, and when it’s time to refill. 

More of a DIY gal? Invest in a big 64-ounce H2O bottle, and draw five lines across the bottle. On one side, write down the following time (8 am, 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, 12 pm). On the following side of the line, write down these times (2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm). This will help remind you to drink a little each hour until you reach your goal of at least eight glasses of water per day! 

#2 Add a Splash of Flavor:

As you’re filling your water bottle up for the day, add a splash of flavor. And, we’re not talking about artificial sugar flavors here. We’re talking things like freshly squeezed fruit juice. If plain old water just doesn’t encourage you to sip enough throughout the day, try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, or even some sliced strawberries. That little flavor boost may make all the difference in how much you drink each day. 

#3 Start Your Day With a Glass of Water:

Rolling out of bed and grabbing a glass of water will help give you a leg up on your hydration for the day. This is a great habit to get into as it helps to rehydrate your body after an all-night fast, and it can help give your metabolism a little boost.

Before you pour that morning cup of coffee and sit down for breakfast, hydrate with some good old H2O first. 

#4 Get Creative With Ice Cubes:

Here’s another one of our fav hacks to drink more water. If you just need a little more flavor to entice you to drink more water, get creative with your ice cubes. You can make fruit-infused ice cubes with freshly squeezed fruit juice, or slice up some berries and add them to your ice cube tray before popping it in the freezer. This little hack may the one that helps you drink an extra glass of water or two per day. 

#5 Set Hydration Goals:

If you’re very goal-oriented, setting some water goals may help you get to where you hydration needs to be each day. Set a goal, like drinking eight glasses per day, and make a note each time you drink a glass. At the end of the day, see where your numbers are. If you reached your goal, you will feel super accomplished, and want to do the same tomorrow. Sometimes all we need is some goal setting to get ourselves motivated. There’s no better feeling than crushing goals and feeling accomplished. 

Let’s all Work on Our #Watergoals 

We all have goals, and water goals should be something we all work on. Hydration is key for overall health. If you find yourself skimping on your water intake on the reg, it’s time to use these hacks to drink more water. 

They’re easy to implement, require little to no time, and will make reaching your water goals easy. So, what are you waiting for? Start crushing your water goals now by grabbing your water bottle, and get sipping. 

We’re raising our water glasses to you and rooting you on as you crush your daily water goals one glass of water at a time.