FitOn Trainers Share Their Secret Weapons for Healthy Eating

The best healthy eating tips, straight from our crew.

By: Emmy Schneider-Green

Ever wish you could pick the brains of our trainers here at FitOn and hear their best healthy eating tips, straight from them? Well, we aim to please. So we’ve compiled just that — the top tips from our trainers you know and love that keep their nutrition game on point not just during quarantine, but year-round!

So settle in and listen up to these healthy eating tips from our very own crew, and then go put them into action in your own life!

Healthy Eating Tips From The FitOn Trainers

Danielle: Water, Sleep, and No Skipping!

Danielle has three simple steps, all of which are crucial!

  • “Drink water! Men should have 3.5-4 liters daily, women should get around 3 liters. If you sweat, even more! Get a bright water bottle that will remind you to keep drinking water throughout the day.”
  • “Get sleep! The more sleep you get, the less likely you are to reach for those not as good foods. 7-9 hours a night is the goal.”
  • “Don’t skip meals! Skipping meals will pretty much ensure you will overeat at whatever meal you finally are eating.” (This is where healthy snacks like these come in.)

Luke: Keep it Natural with Your Food Sources

Luke’s #1 rule: “keep your food as close to natural as possible.” He says, what we want to do is stay away from the processed foods. “Basically, if you look at a food and can’t understand the words and numbers on the back of the label, don’t eat it. Keep it clean, fresh, and real!”

Sydney: Have an Easy Go-To Meal

For those nights where you just aren’t feeling creative and are in a rush but need something healthy, have a go-to meal you can make basically without even thinking. For trainer Sydney Benner, that’s her “Sydney Salmon.” Sydney explains how to make it here:

“I adopted this recipe from a dear family friend. I now make it weekly in our home, and it is always a hit. You guys, I can’t recommend this recipe enough, so I am going to share it with you right here. It takes less than 15 minutes between prep and broil, and then you have a healthy, delicious meal to eat so enjoy it and let me know how it goes.”

  1. Turn broiler on high
  2. Wash salmon
  3. Brush with olive oil, front & back 
  4. Brush with gluten-free soy sauce
  5. Garlic powder across the top
  6. Salt & pepper 
  7. Generously cover the top with dried thyme 
  8. Broil on high for 7 minutes
  9. Enjoy! 

Breann: Don’t Change Everything All at Once

Breann points out that “our habits that we do daily really dictate how we look and feel. Instead of overhauling your entire diet and trying to adopt all the healthy eating habits at once, evaluate where you can make small improvements.” It’s more sustainable and way less overwhelming! 

For example, maybe you know you need to drink more water or eat more veggies. She suggests systematically breaking changes down into months. Over time, you’ll have created a whole new set of habits.

Harley: Prioritize Protein and Fiber

Harley spent time with his graduate students researching and distilling down thousands of healthy facts found in research articles to just five guiding principles for a healthy life that are simple to stick to. 

One of these five must-dos he recommends is to focus on protein and fiber 5 x a day, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. These will help keep you full and less likely to reach for snacks full of empty calories, sugar, and other junk that doesn’t fuel you.

Christine: Focus on Plant-Based, Non-Processed Foods.

Don’t workout hard just to “flub it in the kitchen”, says Christine!

Her first tip is to add more protein to every meal you have. If you’re working out a lot, you’re tearing down your muscles. Protein will help to rebuild your muscle and give you higher muscle tone, which raises your metabolism.

Secondly, you want alive, plant-based meals! Don’t even buy the processed meals, and don’t keep them in the fridge/pantry. Feel free to treat yourself, but if you have them in the house, you’re more likely to snack on the bad stuff vs. the good stuff.

Katie: Focus on What You’re Adding, Not Removing

Most people think of removing foods from their diet when they think of eating healthier. Katie says, flip that. As she explains, loading up with veggies first on your plate, then your carbs and your protein is a great way to make serious change.

Feeling Inspired by These Healthy Eating Tips?

When it comes to healthy eating, knowledge is power! Just don’t forget, you know, the doing part, too. Armed with these healthy eating tips, make sure to set up routines and habits that will help you implement these tips even when your motivation is nowhere to be found. By putting these healthy eating tips into action, you can expect huge improvements in your health. Be sure to share this with a friend if you found these tips helpful!