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13 Weight-Loss-Friendly Foods to Reach For When You’re Craving Sugar

Tasty enough to be dessert, and healthy enough to be breakfast or a snack!

By: Lexy Parsons

Even if you prefer savory over sweet, we all have those sugar cravings from time to time. Whether it’s after a meal, during a celebration or get-together, around that time of the month, or simply out of the blue, sugar cravings can come on when you least expect them. And while enjoying yourself in moderation usually isn’t problematic, indulging too often can derail your health and fitness progress — especially if weight loss is your goal. However, the good news is that there are plenty of delicious and nutritious alternatives to sugary treats that can help satisfy your cravings without sabotaging your progress!

Ahead, the best weight-loss-friendly foods to combat sugar cravings without guilt. Made with whole foods, full of nutrients, and dare we say, even tastier than your not-so-healthy guilty pleasures.

These 13 Healthy Foods Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth 

#1 Berries with Whipped Coconut Cream

Fresh berries are not only packed with inflammation-busting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, but they’re also low in calories and high in fiber. Paired with creamy coconut whip, this dairy-free dessert is a healthy choice when you’re craving something sweet, as it helps to promote feelings of fullness and aid in digestion.

Simply fill a bowl with fresh mixed berries (including strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries) and top it with a dollop of whipped coconut cream. For added flavor and texture, include toppings of choice, such as cacao nibs, chopped nuts, or a drizzle of nut butter.

#2 Medjool Dates Stuffed with Nut Butter

If you’re new to this sweet treat, you’ll want to save this recipe idea — nut butter-stuffed dates are one of the most indulgent-tasting healthy desserts! Despite tasting like caramel, Medjool dates are a natural sugar source full of fiber. 

To make this weight-loss-friendly dessert, start by filling pitted Medjool dates with your favorite creamy nut butter of choice (such as almond, peanut, or cashew butter). Then, the options are endless. Enjoy as is, add extra toppings like chops nuts, or coconut flakes, or freeze the stuffed dates for something more indulgent.

#3 Greek Yogurt & Berry Parfait

Low in sugar and full of protein and antioxidants, making a berry-filled Greek yogurt parfait is a sweet way to curb cravings and keep you feeling sustained throughout the day. The best part? It can be prepped ahead of time for easy snacking!

Layer unsweetened Greek yogurt with a layer of frozen berries, such as frozen wild blueberries or fresh raspberries and strawberries. Then, for the final layer, sprinkle with cinnamon, a drizzle of raw honey, or a handful of paleo granola.

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#4 Frozen Grapes

Speaking of simple snacking, it doesn’t get much easier than frozen grapes. While a seemingly basic dessert, frozen grapes are full of so much flavor — some would even say they taste like a natural sorbet! Simply freeze green grapes for something more tart, or opt for a red or purple variety for something more sweet. They’re refreshing, low in calories, and perfect when you’re looking for a treat that’s simple and satisfying.

#5 Peanut Butter Apple Nachos

While apples & PB is already a classic combo, with a few extra toppings, you can elevate it into a tasty weight loss-friendly dessert. Rich in pectin fiber, apples are full of prebiotic benefits that help to aid digestion and support gut health. When paired with unsweetened nut butter, like in these dessert nachos, it can help balance blood sugar and increase satiety. When you’re craving sugar, add a sprinkle of dairy-free chocolate chips, a handful of granola, and any other toppings of choice.

#6 Vanilla Cinnamon Chia Seed Pudding

When it comes to staying on track with your weight loss goals, planning ahead is your best friend. This easy-prep chia pudding is tasty enough to be a dessert and healthy enough to be a snack or breakfast. Prep a big batch at the beginning of the week so you’re prepared whenever your sweet tooth strikes!

Here’s how to make it:


  • 1 cup oat milk or dairy-free milk of choice
  • 3 tbsp chia seeds
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ¼ cup Greek or coconut yogurt, optional 
  • 1-2 tsp raw honey or maple syrup, optional 
  • 1 handful mixed berries, to serve 

Step #1: Combine the chia seeds, dairy-free milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and optional sweetener in a sealable jar, stirring well to combine. Option to add Greek yogurt or any mix-ins. 

Step #2: Set in the fridge overnight, or for at least 6 hours. When ready to serve, top with fresh fruit or toppings of choice such as granola or nut butter.

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#7 Whipped Cottage Cheese

If you tolerate dairy, blending cottage cheese into a creamy whipped dessert is always a good idea. Not only is it jam-packed with protein, but depending on the brand (if it contains live probiotics), it can also be a gut-healthy choice

To make this creamy dessert, simply add cottage cheese to a high-speed blender or food processor along with a drizzle of sweetener like raw honey or maple syrup and a splash of vanilla extract. Once whipped, toss in a handful of fresh or frozen berries or flavor add-ins like cacao powder. Blend again until smooth and creamy, and enjoy without guilt!

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#8 Homemade Trail Mix

Full of fiber, healthy fats, and plant-based protein, nuts, and seeds are some of the best weight loss-friendly foods that help curb sugar cravings. By combining them with ingredients like unsweetened dairy-free chocolate chips, goji berries, and freeze-dried fruits, you can create a healthy homemade trail mix that’s low in sugar, subtly sweet, and full of superfoods. A portable and satisfying snack that hits the spot.

#9 Banana Nice Cream

Blending frozen ripe bananas until creamy is one of the healthiest ways to satisfy your ice cream cravings. Simply add to a high-speed blender or food processor with a splash of your favorite non-dairy milk and other flavor add-ins like nut butter, berries, or protein powder! Whip until creamy and enjoy as a dairy-free sweet treat.

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#10 Baked Apples With Cinnamon

Reminiscent of an apple pie — without the processed sugar, refined flour, and saturated fats! Core an apple, sprinkle it with cinnamon, and bake until soft and warm for a comforting dessert that’s naturally sweet and satisfying. Option to top with Greek yogurt and a drizzle of nut butter for added protein and healthy fats!

#11 Chocolate Avocado Blender Pudding

Full of satiating fiber, healthy fats, and antioxidant-rich cocoa, this easy-prep recipe is a weight loss winner. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels, keep you feeling fuller for longer, and satisfy cravings. Blend it up with a creamy dairy-free base like coconut milk for healthy fats with a rich texture, and add a touch of optional sweetener like raw honey for added sweetness that’s still low in sugar.

#12 Greek Yogurt Bark

This trending dessert is one of the healthiest recipes to reach for when you’re craving a guilt-free treat. It’s easy to customize, can be prepped ahead of time, and is packed with protein thanks to Greek yogurt. If you’re looking to make it dairy-free, choose a Greek-style yogurt like Kite Hill almond milk yogurt, or opt for a plant-based yogurt option that’s equally as creamy but slightly lower in protein, like full-fat coconut yogurt.

Here’s how to make it:

Step #1: Start by mixing plain Greek yogurt with any flavor add-ins of choice, such as vanilla, sweetener, or even protein powder. 

Step #2: Next, pour the mixture onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and add your favorite toppings like sliced berries, chopped nuts, a drizzle of nut butter, or melted dark chocolate.

Step #3: Freeze until firm and break into pieces when you’re ready to enjoy.

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#13 Yogurt Stuffed Sweet Potato

While you may not associate sweet potatoes with dessert, when roasted, sweet potatoes yield a gooey, caramel-like flavor, particularly sweeter varieties, like Japanese sweet potatoes. Paired with creamy Greek yogurt, this dish creates a satisfying and protein-packed dessert option that is both weight loss-friendly and indulgent.

To make this filling dessert, simply bake a sweet potato until caramelized and golden. Once slightly cooled, slice it open and fill it with Greek yogurt and any toppings of choice, such as cinnamon, berries, and a drizzle of nut butter.

Sugar Cravings Satisfied, The Healthy Way!

Whether it’s something simple and easy to prep like chia pudding and baked apples and cinnamon, or something more indulgent (yet healthy) like caramelized sweet potatoes stuffed with creamy Greek yogurt, there are so many weight loss-friendly options to reach for when you’re craving sugar. Not only will these foods satisfy your cravings, but they’ll also fuel your body and support your health and fitness goals. Give these recipe ideas a try the next time you’re craving dessert, and feel free to modify the recipes based on your taste preferences and dietary needs!