5 Genius Hacks to Stay Motivated Until The End of Your Workouts

Discover ways to push through that HIIT workout until the very end.

By: Nicole Teitler

Have you ever needed that extra push towards the end of your workout? We’ve all been there, running out of steam, especially at the end of those HIIT or higher intensity workouts. When it comes to crossing the finish line sometimes, all it takes is a little extra push. We’re sharing five workout motivation tips to help you stay in it until the very end of your workout. 

5 Workout Motivation Tips to Help You Stay in the Game 

#1 Create A Playlist

Our top workout motivation tip is a foolproof method to keep your energy up longer: create a killer playlist. Studies show that music has a few powerful effects on our bodies, including increasing energy and enhancing cognitive performance. 

When you listen to music, your mind connects to the melody. Add in some classical music to your yoga practice or increase the beats per minute with something more upbeat during your next high-intensity interval training. Sometimes, when we focus on the music over the workout itself, we have more fun and are more inclined to stick to it to the very end. 

FitOn PRO’s music streaming is a great option to take your workout and playlist, anywhere, anytime, even offline.

#2 Prepare A Snack

Another workout motivation tip is to have a post-workout snack ready to grab in order to refuel your body. To keep your energy going, prepare a satisfying snack that will replenish your body. 

Here are some delicious options: 

  • A bowl of Greek yogurt with berries 
  • A fruit smoothie with almond milk and a scoop of JS Health X FitOn Protein Powder 
  • Veggie omelet or two hard-boiled eggs 
  • Turkey sandwich on gluten-free toast

You might not be hungry immediately after your workout. But by the time you’re done showering and feeling refreshed, your body will begin to crave nourishment. Instead of grabbing whatever is lying around, it will feel rewarding to eat something that’s good for you. 

Making a snack before your workout will save you time and, if it’s really good, act as the extra push to power through that workout. 

#3 Designate Space

An inspired space will keep your head in the game. In either creating or arriving at a workout space that feels inviting, that exercise will feel more like a welcomed goal than a challenge to overcome. 

It’s a simple, workout motivation tip that also allows you to get creative. Here are some ideas to make an inspiring workout space, no matter how much extra space you have. 

  • Add house plants 
  • Be near a window for natural light
  • Have a vision board nearby
  • Keep out distractions, such as TV or pets
  • Make it colorful to boost your mood

When you designate a space of your own, your workout will feel like a rewarding experience, one you look forward to every minute you’re in it.

#4 Take One Minute Breaks

It’s tempting, and oftentimes even needed, to take the occasional break within our fitness routine. Depending on your fitness goals, proper rest time can range anywhere from 20 seconds to 5 minutes. Ideally, during your workout, you’ll want to maximize your time while also pushing through to the very end.

Another workout motivation tip is to keep your rest periods under a single minute. The shorter your exercise is, the less time you should take between sets. But don’t stop completely; you’ll want to keep your body in motion. 

Instead, try:

  • Stretching your body from side to side
  • Walking or jogging lightly in place
  • Taking deeper inhales and exhales on a five-count

You want to engage your core and key muscles without going into rest mode completely.

#5 Remember Why You Started

Begin your workout with an intention. Are you doing this to see results? Are you trying to release some stress? Maybe you just want to get moving after sitting for too long. Whatever it is, when you start to lose steam, remind yourself why you started to begin with. This is your time, and with a steady mindset, you can accomplish anything.

Use These Workout Motivation Tips to Keep Crushing Your Goals

Workout motivation varies from individual to individual, which is why the above five tips are great starting points. You can tailor your playlist to your mood; switch up your snack with your cravings; redesign your workout space; change up your rest periods; you can even set new daily intentions. Find what works to ignite that motivation in you!