How to Modify Your Workouts For Your Fitness Level

Because even modified workouts give you fitness gains.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Are you just starting your fitness journey, but feeling a little reluctant to hit play on that fitness video from fear of the unknown? This is a roadblock that holds many ladies back from just jumping into the fitness game. It’s also the fear of not nailing perfection when it comes to every single move. But, here’s the thing. We’re here to tell you that you absolutely can modify your workouts and still see results. We’re also here to tell you to drop that belief that it has to be all or nothing—that you have to do the perfect plank or nail that pushup from day one. This all comes with time, persistence, and practice. 

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let fear stand in your way from starting  your fitness journey, or trying something new. We’re here to support you every step of the way, and show you how you can modify your workouts for your fitness level. 

Here’s How to Modify Your Workouts to Fit Your Fitness Level 

#1 Reduce the Impact 

This one’s important for anyone who may have joint or knee pain, or if you just aren’t quite ready for higher intensity moves (think jump squats, hops, and anything where you have to bounce around.) Skip these for now, and modify your workouts by simply taking the impact out of the exercise. So, instead of doing a jump squat, just do a regular old squat—yes, modifying  your workout is really that easy. 

#2 Focus on Stability 

Feeling a little shaky and like you need a little extra stability? No problem. Modify your workouts by literally adding in extra stability. Try adding in things to help you feel a bit more stable and skip things like stability balls that may also have you feeling even more unstable. Think about using steady surfaces instead like the back of a chair for balance. 

#3 Slow Things Down 

There’s no speed police when it comes to your workout journey. You get to decide which pace works for you. So, if you need to modify your workouts and feel like the speed is just a bit too fast, s-l-o-w down. Instead of running, try a light jog, or a power walk. Do 15 jumping jacks at a slower pace than 20 quick ones, or slow those mountain climbers down to a pace that still challenges you, but doesn’t totally exhaust you. When you slow down, you are also able to work on better form, so it’s a win, win. 

#4 Lower Your Reps

While we’re on the topic of slowing things down, it’s also important to talk about reducing how many reps you do if you are looking to modify your workouts. No one is telling you that you have to do all 20 burpees, or hold that plank for the full one minute. If it’s feeling way too hard for you, it’s ok to modify and work your way up. 

#5 What if You Need More of a Challenge?

Ok, so let’s talk about how to modify your workouts to actually make them more challenging. What if you’ve really been putting in the blood, sweat, and tears, and you’re feeling like you need to fire things up a bit? Turns out, you can modify to make things a little harder. 

How? Add a few more reps, pick a heavier weight, repeat the circuit two more times. Sometimes just doing more (as in doing more reps in one go), or adding in a heavier weight will do the trick. Many FitOn trainers will also give you different variations for each move. So, stick to the most challenging option if you feel like you need to kick things up a notch. 

Started From the Bottom Now We’re Here 

If you’re working your way up to reach your fitness goals, don’t worry about modifying your workouts. We all have to start somewhere, and just the fact that you are moving your body and exercising is a massive success. 

So, start where you’re at now and modify where needed. Soon enough, you’ll be nailing that perfect form, doing all the reps, and reaching for the heavier weight. But for now, modify those workouts and feel proud of that fact that you girl, are moving in the direction of reaching your fitness goals one workout at a time.