4 Fun Ways You Can Get Fit With Your Partner

Come out of quarantine being everyone’s favorite #fitcouple.

By: Emily Freeman

When you’re stuck *cough,* we mean lucky enough to be sheltered with your babe, it can be hard to stick to a workout routine. You set all intentions of working out on your own, and then before you know it, one of you has convinced the other to binge-watch Ozark instead of exercising. 

Working out with your other half has benefits beyond looking good for summer like: 

  • Boosts happy vibes between the two of you
  • Builds your emotional bond 
  • Creates a shared activity to do together 
  • Motivates you to work harder in your workouts 
  • Helps strengthen your communication 
  • Sparks libido and physical attraction to each other

Here’s How to Get Started With Your At-Home Couples Fitness Routine 

Ready to get in shape with all the fun ways to exercise with your partner? Here are three hacks to get you started off on the right foot. 

#1 Make a Shared Workout Calendar To Hold Each Other Accountable

If you’re having trouble sticking to a workout routine, come up with a workout schedule together and put it in a shared calendar. You’ll have fun deciding what type of workouts to do, how to structure them, deciding the best time of day to work up a sweat, and feeling like you’re staying on track together. 

You can also both download the FitOn app to get accountability reminders. Don’t forget to add your significant other as a friend so you can cheer each other on!

#2 Plan Workouts For Each Other… No Backing Out!

So maybe you have different styles of workouts. One of you loves intense strength workouts while the other is a Barre-aficionado. Make a promise to try each of your workout styles, but no judging or complaining allowed! 

Who knows, you may end up finding a new workout you absolutely love. Stay open! 

#3 Plan a Special Date Night to Celebrate Your Dedication

You’ve made a shared workout calendar, stuck to your workouts, feel great, look awesome, and your relationship is stronger than it’s ever been (even while being stuck at home). 

Now’s the time to basque your accomplishments! When you start your workout program, decide on a special celebration, you’ll treat yourselves to every two weeks you’ve stayed committed to your new workout regimen. 

It’s a little extra motivation to stay on your A-game and gives you an excuse to do something exciting together. 

We’re sharing four fun ways to exercise with your partner while getting in serious shape and building your bond during quarantine and beyond. 

4 Fun Ways to Exercise With Your Partner At Home 

#1 Amp Up The Intensity With Partner Workouts 

Add a little challenge to your workouts while also building trust with your significant other by modifying traditional strength moves into partner exercises. You’ll have to rely on each other to sync up your timing, so you’ll also definitely get a few laughs out of your first couple of tries. 

You can start with some simple squats where you both hold two resistance bands facing each other to add some resistance. Don’t have any equipment? There are plenty of bodyweight partner exercises like push-ups where you clap opposite hands together at the top of each one or sit-up passes are always fun where you pass a medicine ball (weight, wine bottle, or whatever you got) between the two of you at the top of your sit up. 

#2 Create Some Friendly Competition With AMRAP 

Knowing you have someone you care about working out beside you can increase your motivation to push for that extra rep or grab a heavier set of dumbbells. But why not take it a step further to make things a little more playful? 

It can be hard to create more even competition when you’re working out with someone who may have different fitness levels. AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) workouts help solve this problem. Rather than competing to lift a certain amount of weight, you’re competing to get in as many reps as possible in a certain timeframe. 

Want help programming your workout? Try out any of these HIIT workouts that use AMRAP to help you push past your comfort zone. 

13-Minute Tabata Toner with Breann Mitchell 

Using the traditional Tabata method, this intense workout focuses on short bursts of 20-seconds of AMRAP with challenging exercises like broad jump to shuffles and jumping jacks to tucks.

15-Minute 20/20 HIIT Express with Danielle Pascente

Get super sweaty and feel totally accomplished with quick all-out effort intervals of effective exercises like squat jacks, lateral plank walk to froggers, and skaters. 

Don’t forget to give each other some loving high-fives and sweaty hugs at the end!

#3 Get Zen Together With Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are great ways to find a deeper relationship with yourself, and they can do the same for your relationship. These practices help you both become more present, mindful, and relaxed, which will benefit all aspects of your relationship. 

And you don’t need to do crazy acrobatic partner Yoga to get these benefits. Try these Yoga workouts for feeling more connected to each other. 

20-Minute Feel Better Yoga with Sydney Benner

When you’re in a funk or need to let go of the day, come into the present moment in this Yoga flow so you can enjoy each other’s company. 

Want to create an even stronger connection? Sit facing each other on the ground, legs crossed, and hold hands (you can place them on your legs so you can relax) and press play on a FitOn guided meditation.  

#4 Spice It Up With Dancing 

You don’t have to be a good dancer to have a blast doing it. Plus, what’s more attractive than seeing your partner let loose and not care what he/she looks like on the dance floor? 

You can simply put on your favorite boogie playlist, set up some mood lighting, maybe pour a drink, and let the music be your guide. Or you can follow along with a FitOn dance workout together for something more structured but just as sexy. 

#FitCouples Who Sweat Together Stay Together! 

Especially during a time where you’re together in one place for weeks on end, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re putting effort into your relationship. 

Working out together can deepen your connection in ways you never thought possible. Plus, you’ll both get in amazing shape while doing it!