The Science on How to Offset The Effects of Too Much Sitting

WFH life have you sitting more than ever before? Good news, even short bursts of movement comes with serious benefits.

By: Emily Freeman

When walking from your bed to your dining room table is still considered your work commute and going to a meeting is as simple as throwing on a hoodie and dialing into Zoom, you’re probably also feeling the effects of sitting for the majority of your day. Whether it’s low back pain or lethargy, being sedentary for eight plus hours per day is, well, not so great for your health. Full-time desk worker bees, do not fret! We get it — sometimes sitting for long periods of time is inevitable. Luckily, a 2019 study shows that you only need 30-minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise to combat the sitting you do throughout the day.  

6 Ways to Get Up and Move For 30-Minutes to Combat Sitting

Finding time to get up and move is super simple when you know how to sneak little moments of exercise to combat sitting. With a little creativity and enthusiasm, even the busiest desk workers will start to look forward to sneaking these mini-workouts into a packed day. 

#1 Take a Brisk Walk Around the Block 

A mindless way to get in your steps and heart rate up is to get outside for a 10 to 30-minute walk, jog, skip, whatever sounds good. You’ll get your blood moving, and getting outside for some fresh air, and Vitamin D takes your exercise break to a whole other level. 

#2 Dance It Out to Your Favorite Playlist 

Is there a better way to work up a sweat and clear your mind than to let loose in your living room? We can’t think of one. You can either go freestyle and let the music move you or press play on one of FitOn’s dance workouts, perfect for all levels. 

#3 Drop and Give Us 10 (or 20) Burpees 

Have a couple minutes between meetings or need a brain dump? Do some Burpees, or any of your favorite exercises, until fatigue. To add an extra challenge, set your timer to go off every hour and do 10 reps of the exercise every time it goes off. It’s a low commitment way to really rack up those exercise minutes. 

#4 Do Squats While You Brush Your Teeth 

Sitting for long periods can wreak havoc on your lower body strength, and no one wants to say goodbye to sculpted legs and a perky booty. Well, you brush your teeth for two minutes… right? Right?? Get in some lower body toning and give your heart rate a boost and do squats or lunges while you shine those pearly whites morning and night!

#5 Make Friends With Your Highest Countertop

Just because you’re at your computer doesn’t mean you have to be sitting. Create a makeshift standing desk by placing your desktop on a higher countertop. Every other hour or so, switch from sitting to standing. It may not be exercise, but it will still combat the musculoskeletal imbalances sitting all day can cause, like tight hip flexors and shoulders.  

#6 Release Tension Head-to-Toe With a Quick Stretch Routine

Sitting for long periods of time can cause muscle tightness that can put you at a higher risk for injury or chronic pain. It’s also mentally draining. Show your muscles and mind some love and take a stretch break focusing on the muscles most affected by poor posture like your hips, hamstrings, shoulders, chest, and neck. 

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A Little Goes a Long Way… Seriously 

The length of a rerun of The Hills, that’s all it takes. All you have to do is get up and move for 30-minutes a day, or even 10-minutes three times per day! However, you want to break it up — you got this! 

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