6 Quick Toning Exercises You Can Do Between Commercial Breaks

The type of binge-watching you’ll feel good about.

By: Emily Freeman

You get home from a productive day at work. But now you’re left with a dilemma — do you go home, throw on some comfy clothes, and zone out to the Bachelor? Or, do you tie up your sneaks and get in the workout you promised yourself you’d do? Well, what if you didn’t have to choose — what if you could do both!? The secret? Exercise between commercial breaks!

Yes, your guilty pleasure TV-time and workout can be one in the same when you take advantage of the advertisements. Instead of scrolling through your phone, grab a mat and challenge yourself to do these toning exercises between your favorite shows! Read on to learn how to best optimize your time with the best exercises to do between commercial breaks.

The Benefits of Quick Commercial Break Exercises 

#1 You Save Time

If you’re already planning on watching a show, the time between commercials will happen regardless. Your workout ultimately takes no extra time out of your day! Plus, there’s no commute to or from the gym or time spent waiting for machines.

#2 It Adds a Layer of Fun

Let’s face it, walking on the treadmill can be boring. So, bring some excitement to your fitness routine and try to add in some exercise between commercial breaks — you split up your workout into short bursts while also boosting serotonin during your favorite Netflix drama! This means your brain gets an extra dose of feel-good hormones, which in turn, will make your sweat session feel like fun, not work. 

#3 Fuels Your Motivation 

Turn your commercial break workouts into a challenge! Maybe you’re trying to get in as many reps as possible or hit a specific heart rate zone. Setting a goal for your commercial break workouts gives you the motivation to push yourself and see results faster.

#4 Your Health Will Thank You 

A sedentary lifestyle can put you at greater risk for cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. By getting in just 30-minutes of activity three days per week, you can combat the consequences of too much sitting. Use your commercial break workouts to count toward this exercise goal! 

#5 It’s an Easy Way to Squeeze in Some Toning Exercises 

No matter what your fitness goals, exercising during the commercial break is the perfect way to tone your body. Aim to target every muscle group at least twice per week, and as a bonus, get your heart pumping in the process. Full-body workouts increase your heart rate, which not only helps to build muscle but also works to shed fat! No matter how busy you are, a full-body workout is always a good idea! 

#6 Your Joints Will Feel Better 

If you have a desk job, you may notice your knees, hips, lower back, and maybe even your elbows and shoulders start to feel tight. Your joints need movement to stay lubricated and pain-free. By breaking up your couch time with short bursts of movement between commercial breaks, your joints get some of the exercise they need to stay healthy. 

Ready to incorporate some exercise between commercial breaks? Here are the best short-interval burners for a quick sweat sesh.

6 Quick Workouts That Will Help You Tone While You Watch TV 

Ahead, the best exercises to do between commercial breaks! Complete as many reps as possible in 30 seconds of each exercise. You may not get through all of them during one set of ads, so just pick up where you left off on the next commercial break. 

#1 Burpees

Step #1: Start in a standing position, feet hip-distance apart. 

Step #2: Bend your knees and place your hands on either side of your feet. 

Step #3: Jump your feet back, so you’re in a straight arm plank. 

Step #4: Keeping your hips in line with your back, neck straight, and abs pulled in, do a push-up.  

Step #5: Jump your feet back between your hands.

Step #6: Explode back through standing and jump up into the air with your arms overhead. 

This is one rep. 

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#2 Squats

Step #1: Start with feet slightly wider than hip-distance and toes turned slightly outward. 

Step #2: Option to hold a dumbbell or water jug in each hand, if you have them to add resistance and some more toning. You can also use a barbell or put on a backpack filled with books or water jugs.

Step #3: Pull your belly button into your spine and keep your shoulders away from your ears and back straight as you bend your knees to at least 90 degrees. 

Step #4: Drive through your heels and squeeze your glutes as you come back to standing.

This is one rep. 

#3 High Knees

Step #1: Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and then lift your right leg up to your chest.

Step #2: Switch legs and continue to alternate legs, moving at a quick pace.

This is one rep.

#4 Push-ups (or modified push-ups)

Step #1: Start in a straight arm plank position with your wrists under your shoulders, fingertips facing forward, and hips in line with your back.

Step #2: Keeping your abs engaged and neck in line with your back (no dipping!), bend your elbows to 90-degree angles. 

Step #3: Press through your chest and straighten your arms back up to your starting position. 

This is one rep. 

#5 Mountain Climbers 

Step #1: Start in a straight arm plank position. 

Step #2: Keeping your hips in line with your back, pull your right knee into your chest. 

Step #3: Come back through center and repeat on the left.

This is one rep. 

#6 Walking Lunges

Step #1: Start with feet hip-distance, parallel. 

Step #2: Option to hold a dumbbell or water jug in each hand, if you have them to add resistance and some more toning. You can also use a barbell or put on a backpack filled with books or water jugs.

Step #3: Pull your belly button into your spine as you step your right foot a couple feet in front of you.

Step #4: Keeping your front knee tracking over your front toes and back knee straight down towards the ground, bend your knees into 90-degree angles.

Step #5: Drive through your front heel and squeeze your glutes as you step your left foot up to meet the right. 

Step #6: Repeat on the other side. 

This is one rep. 

Mute the Commercials and Turn Up the Results!

To make things even more fun, add a little music to your commercial breaks. Turn the TV on mute and blast your favorite tunes. Working out with music has been proven to motivate you to push yourself a little harder. The result? Faster results you can see and feel! Let’s go! 

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