15 Easter Basket Goodies For the Wellness Fanatics in Your Life

Your shopping list for curating a magical adult Easter basket with all things wellness.

By: Dominique Michelle Astorino

Listen — we’ve been through a really crazy year. We know you’ve heard that many a time, but it bears repeating. You’re not losing it, it’s just been rough. And instead of focusing on a rather bleak anniversary, let’s find a reason to take extra care of ourselves, shall we? Enter: a wellness Easter basket for adults. We’re not entirely sure if this is a thing, but it doesn’t matter — it is now!

Whether you’re making one for yourself or a loved one, there’s something really energizing and exciting about a coordinated basket of goodies. You can see possibilities laid out in front of you… like a starter pack for a healthier life. A tactile mood board! And the best part is, you can put it to use immediately and begin or jumpstart a healthy journey. Are you ready? Here’s your shopping list with some of our absolute favorite products and essential items.

Easter Basket Goodies For the Fitness Lovers


JS Health X FitOn Protein Powder ($35) 

Never miss out on muscle-fueling protein. Whether you’re plant-based or just need a little extra boost, you’ll be covered with these delicious mixes of probiotics and vegan protein in Cookies & Cream and Cinnamon Roll flavors. They’re free of whey, soy, and nuts (hooray for being allergy-friendly!) and have no added sugars, helping you to meet your health goals while you indulge in something tasty.

Blogilates Resistance Bands ($17) 

Resistance bands are an essential part of your home workout equipment mix, and these are just too cute to pass up. We love the on-trend spring colors, and the fact that you can stash them anywhere (so they take up virtually no space!). Even the tiniest of living spaces could make room for these. 

Blogilates Yoga Mat ($34) 

If you don’t have a mat, this is your friendly reminder to… get on that. We’re personally quite enamored with our girl Cassey Ho’s Blogilates collection at Target, and this cosmically-printed mat will bring a little Astro magic to your practice (so on-trend). 

Bala Bangles ($40-$65) 

These Bala Bangles come with an aesthetically pleasing design (from the burgeoning designer brand that has exploded on the fitness scene as of late) making home gym equipment a little more like art. Or, un objet d’art, if you’re feeling fancy.

Bala Slider Discs ($15) 

If you’ve been missing a Pilates reformer (or just want to mix up your workouts!) these slider discs are ideal. They’re flat, easy to store, and can be used for so many different exercises to take your routine to the next level (or, as alluded to, simulate a reformer workout!).

Easter Basket Goodies For The Wellness Fanatics 

365 Rose Petal Epsom Salt ($7) 

Give your muscles a soak, with the floral scent of April flowers. This rose petal salt mix from Whole Foods brand 365 smells like you’re traipsing through a garden of mid-spring blooms, while Epsom salts help your muscles relax after a hard workout. 

Raaka Chocolate ($6 and up) 

Who says you can’t enjoy a piece of chocolate on Easter if you’re following a healthy eating plan? These Raaka Chocolate bars are made with high-quality ingredients, making it easy to indulge guilt-free. Select from a variety of flavors, like Banana Foster, Waffle Cone, Green Tea Crunch, Oat Milk, Vanilla Violent, and Rose Cardamom (perfect for spring!). There’s a flavor for every chocolate lover. 

Slip Scrunchies ($20 and up) 

ICYMI, silk is way kinder to your hair than the hair-ties we’ve been using for the past few decades (sorry, 90s and 00s hair). It reduces kinks and frizzing, and won’t get caught in your strands (RIP to the chunks of hair we lost ripping out a hair-tie mid-workout). 

Grow Plant-Based Candle ($34) 

Ahhhh, a fresh springtime scent, using natural plant-based fragrance! This plant-based candle from Grow is sustainable (You can refill the holder! GENIUS!), eco-friendly, made from no synthetic materials, and smells ahhh-mazing. Ideal for your Easter basket, and so health-conscious!

Samaya Meditation Cushion ($119) 

Meditation cushions will truly save your spine, hips, and knees… especially if you’re starting to practice often (!!) and have been sitting on the ground or in an uncomfortable position. What’s more is that having this cushion in your room, or somewhere visible in your living space, will be that visual cue each day to sit down and zen out for a few minutes.

Unique Adult Easter Basket Finds 

Kayo Vital Greens Superfood Powder ($42) 

Get your greens! This “comprehensive nutritional support” from Kayo includes alkalizing greens, fiber, immune boosters, and more to help keep you healthy and strong. Blend up some of this wholesome goodness to get digestive support, an energy boost, healthy skin, and more nutrients than many people eat in a whole day.

Raaka + Plant People Mind Unwind Hot Chocolate ($19) 

In addition to their delicious chocolate, we’re also loving this Mind Unwind Hot Chocolate from Raaka + Plant People. Their collaboration has made for a delicious and healthy way to enjoy hot chocolate. It’s gluten, soy, and cane sugar-free, making it the perfect wellness-inspired Easter basket goodie. 

David’s Tea The Care Kit Sampler ($19) 

Have a tea lover in your life? Add this David’s Tea Care Kit Sampler to a wellness-inspired Easter Basket. The artisans at David’s Tea curated this beautiful collection of some of their top wellness blends that are absolutely delicious. 

The Beauty Chef Adaptogen Inner Beauty Boost ($50) 

Beauty from the inside out, taken literally. This combination of herbs and adaptogens is reminiscent of the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) approach to wellness; this is truly an inside-out approach to skin health, thanks to its focus on gut health. Some people might want champagne in their Easter basket, others want bio-fermented adaptogen drinks to support their wellness. (We want both)

Papier Constellation Wellness Journal ($32) 

We are in love with this beautifully-organized journal from Papier (with — surprise — a constellation print). It lays out space to track your sleep and hydration, meal plan (yes!), set intentions and practice gratitude, plan your self-care, and record your mood. It’s really got it all.

Happy Easter!

We hope you find a reason to celebrate this spring — and to celebrate yourself, your health, and a fresh new beginning. And it’s totally OK to dig into a chocolate bunny while you open up these wellness gifts, too. Enjoy!