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The Newbie’s Guide To Essential Oils And The 10 Must-Have Oils For Your Starter Kit

Confused about where to start with essential oils? We have you covered.

By: Ashley Brewer

If you’ve been thinking about trying essential oils but have no idea where to start–we totally get it. With so many brands and scents and benefits, how on earth are you supposed to know which oils are meant for what reason?

Essential oils are practically everywhere these days–social media, health-related magazines, and viral fads. But if you’re looking to try them out for yourself, don’t just go off buying the first raved-about essential oil you saw scroll past your feed. It’s best to know a thing or two about what they are and how to introduce them into your day-to-day lifestyle.

What exactly are essential oils?

Basically, essential oils are compounds that have been extracted from a plant. These oils, obtained through distillation or cold-pressing, contain the plant’s incredible scent and flavor. You might also know this as a plant or flower’s ‘essence.’ Once those chemicals have been extracted, they’re mixed with a ‘carrier’ oil and sold to us as essential oils. If you ever see essential oils that have been obtained through a chemical process–put your money away, they’re not real.

Each essential oil provides amazing benefits to our mental, physical, and emotional health. They can boost our mood and even have medicinal qualities. Oils can also be mixed with one another to provide combined benefits. Essential oils are awesome when it comes to cleansing and beauty rituals too.

How do you use them?

There are three ways that you can use essential oils–breathing it, placing it on your skin, or eating/ingesting it. The easiest and most common method is inhalation. It’s as easy as holding the bottle of essential oil to your nose for a whiff or using a diffuser.

Essential oils can also be applied onto your skin. Be careful though–you never want to apply undiluted oils onto your skin. You always want to dilute them either with water, coconut oil, or lotion.

If using essential oils in your cooking or ingesting them in any way, you’ll want to make sure that the brand you’re using is all-natural. You can read more in-depth about ingesting essential oils here. There are lots of factors you’ll need to consider if you’re going to consume essential oils orally (potency, quality, etc.).

Now that you know the basics–here’s where to start

With so many options for essential oil types, how do you know which ones to use? We’ve done a bit of research for you and found 10 oils that would be perfect for your ‘starter kit.’ You’ll use them all the time.

#1 Tea tree oil – Tea tree is incredible when it comes to cleansing–perfect for using as an astringent or a cleaner. Add it to body washes, cleaning sprays, and diffusers for a crisp, spicy, and herbal aroma.

#2 Lavender oil – Lavender has the most amazing and clean floral scent. This gorgeous flower’s aroma helps promote relaxation–rub it into your feet with some lotion before bed, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

#3 Peppermint oil – This popular herb smells bright, crisp, and super invigorating. Boost your mood by giving this oil a sniff or apply it topically to cool your skin. It makes an excellent scalp rub too–just mix it with some coconut oil or conditioner and give yourself a scalp massage.

#4 Lemon oil – Doesn’t the smell of lemon just make you joyful? Not only does the smell perk you up, but lemon essential oil also provides benefits to your hair and skin. Mix with water and add to your nightly face-cleansing routine or add some to your conditioner.

#5 Frankincense oil – Frankincense has a wonderful earthy scent and has been used for centuries. It’s often used in meditation or prayer practices because of its ‘grounding’ effects. Topically, it’s been known to help smooth wrinkles when added to night cream.

#6 Orange oil – Here’s another citrus oil that just sparks happiness when you smell it. It’s sweet, bright, and a perfect essential oil to inhale at the beginning of your day. It’s also wonderful if combined with grapefruit or cinnamon oils.

#7 Cinnamon oil – Warm, spicy, and oh-so-comforting. Cinnamon oil is such a lovely treat. It can help with blood circulation, boost your awareness, and freshen breath. Diffuse this oil for a calming effect while still maintaining alertness.

#8 Rosemary oil – Perk up your mental state and improve your concentration with the gorgeous scent of rosemary oil. Uplift and energize a dull space by diffusing this oil in the room. It’s also a great oil for room misting sprays.

#9 Eucalyptus oil – With a slight medicinal smell mixed with the calming scent of the forest, eucalyptus helps clear nasal passages and helps heal minor skin irritations. Clear your stuffy nose by breathing in hot steam. Just add a few drops to steaming water and enjoy the scent.

#10 Thieves oil – Thieves is actually a combination of oils that create one magnificent and powerful oil. It pairs clove, cinnamon bark, lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and radiata oils which are perfect for making a room smell warm and inviting. It’s also a popular oil for boosting the immune system.

Essential oils are a natural, safe, and inexpensive way to promote your well-being. Just remember to do your research and steer clear of synthetic products. Look for high-quality, pure essential oils, and you’ll reap the highest benefits. Enjoy!