The Surprising Ways Positivity Improves Your Health

Plus 7 ways to add more positivity to your day.

By: Emma Lunsford

Let’s look at the grand scheme of things. We’re all here for a limited time, so why not enjoy it as much as possible? Why not devote more time to things that help us feel good? This is a key part of positivity: knowing you deserve to be happy. But let’s take it a step further. The health benefits of positivity extend far beyond sunshine and rainbows. 

How Positivity Improves Your Health 

At this point, we can probably all agree that the mind-body connection is real. Your thoughts and feelings directly influence your bodily functions, such as when you’re anxious, and your heart rate increases, or when you’re depressed and your immune system is less responsive. With this in mind, it makes total sense how positivity can actually boost your immune system and promote more wellbeing. 

A positive mind is more relaxed and at ease, making you more resilient to stress. You’re also more likely to motivate yourself to make healthy choices, only furthering those good feels and self-healing decisions, like exercising and eating vegetables. A negative mindset, however, tends to promote judgment and despair, causing more stress, anxiety, and feeling out of control.

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7 Simple Ways to Add More Positivity Into Your Day 

Whether you tend to see the glass half full or empty, everyone can benefit from feeling even just a little bit happier. Use the power of positivity with these seven tips! 

#1 Add Gratitude to Your Morning Routine

Gratitude is hands down one of the best health hacks of all time. It’s so easy to focus on what we don’t have, especially now in a world of crazy abundance. Instead, directing more attention to what you do have can have profound effects: appreciation. Appreciation is a natural mood booster. Take a moment to add five minutes of appreciating the people and things you have in your life in the morning. The key? Really allow yourself to feel grateful.

Want more of a guided practice? This gratitude meditation is a great place to start.  

#2 Have Something to Look Forward To

There’s a huge spike in positivity when you feel like you have something amazing to live for. This is why having a fulfilling job makes all the difference. You feel like you’re a part of something incredible — there’s always something to look forward to! Now, if you don’t have access to this kind of fulfillment, that’s okay. Start small by having something to look forward to every week. It could be a massage, a night out with friends, a day off from work — you name it! 

#3 Pay It Forward

Humans are naturally social creatures, so it makes sense why helping others hikes up our mood. To really reap the benefits, pay it forward without expecting something in return. For instance, in the coffee shop line, buy someone else’s drink. Help someone carry their groceries or donate to a charity. It will help both you and someone else feel better. 

#4 Spend Less Time on Social Media

Social media tends to encourage comparison, which only fosters negativity. By spending less time scrolling and more time reconnecting with yourself, you can increase your mood and feel better about yourself, in general. Drop your screen time by 30 minutes each day and see what happens! 

You can replace your social media time with meditation, reading, hobbies you love, etc. If you need to, put your phone in another room altogether, so you’re not tempted to check it. 

#5 Accept Your Emotions

It’s important to note that positivity doesn’t mean “always being happy.” As humans, that’s virtually impossible. And trying to force positivity usually has the opposite effect: frustration. So start small if you have to. 

The first step? Acknowledging how you really feel in the moment. Accept your emotions, even if they’re uncomfortable. Resisting only creates more negativity and stress. The more you relax into your feelings, the more you can let go. And eventually, you’ll be able to look at the bright side with ease. 

Give this difficult emotions meditation a try the next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed. 

#6 Fully Celebrate Your Wins

The health benefits of positivity work best when you completely allow yourself to feel good, regardless of what “could” be better — for instance, celebrating your wins, no matter how small! Rather than dwelling on where you’re not yet, be proud of yourself for where you are now. You’ve come so far! And you deserve to feel awesome for it. 

#7 Move Your Body Often

It’s no secret exercise boosts those positive endorphins. So when you find yourself down and out, try a little movement! If you haven’t joined our community yet, sign up for free and get access to unlimited free workouts, including workouts for every fitness level. 

The Power Of Positivity: Go Easy On Yourself

How positivity improves your health in a nutshell: mindset. The better mindset you have about something, the better your body responds, too. It’s absolutely possible to improve your positive mindset over time. Just make sure to go easy on yourself. If you catch yourself in a negative spiral, try not to force happy feelings. Rather talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend. Focus on what you can control, and positivity will naturally make its way to you. You got this!