FitOn’s Summer Wellness Guide

Head into summer feeling light, fresh, and healthy with these tips!

By: Lexy Parsons

The weather is hot, days are long, and spirits are high — summer is here! Now is the time to embrace the feel-good energy of the season for your healthiest summer yet. Whether you’re traveling, beaching it up, or keeping it low-key, we’ve got the best tips and tricks to keep you fit and healthy all season long. From outdoor workouts and mindful movements to no-bake recipes and seasonal summer swaps, find everything you need to support your well-being and beat the summer heat.

Motivation to Move Through Summer

#1 Take It Outdoors 

Fresh air, sunshine, and nature can do wonders for your health. It’s like soul medicine, with the addition of science-backed benefits for your mental and physical well-being! 

Find a community outdoor yoga class, stream your favorite FitOn workout outside, or grab a friend and hit the pavement for an outdoor run or walk. And aside from traditional workouts, there are plenty of ways to get moving without feeling like you’re working out. Go on a hike, take your dog to a nearby lake or beach, or be a tourist in your own city and spend the day walking or biking around a new neighborhood. It’s the perfect opportunity to try something new — maybe you give rollerblading a try, go paddleboarding, or play beach volleyball. There are so many ways to get moving and grooving in the summer season!

Plus, sweating it out in nature is a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D. Just remember to hydrate!

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#2 Roll Out Your Mat 

The benefits of yoga are endless — it keeps stress low, builds lean muscle mass, lengthens the body, supports weight loss goals, and can even enhance sleep! Enough said — we’re adding this therapeutic flow to our summer wellness routine! 

Whether you have 5 minutes or 60, perform yoga inside or outside, or head to a studio or your living room, you can benefit from this mind-body modality.

Want to deepen your grounding practice? Practice outdoors! Aside from the aforementioned benefits of outdoor workouts, you can absorb all of the grounding energy from the earth by taking your yoga practice outdoors. If you haven’t tried it, connecting the soles of your feet to the earth and absorbing all of summer’s vibrant energy can be a transformative experience. 

Here are some of our favorite FitOn yoga flows:

Keep Your Diet Light & Fresh 

#1 Shop Locally and Seasonally 

Warmer weather has us dreaming of fresh, seasonal veggies and juicy summer fruit. Support your local farmers this summer by heading to the farmers market! You’ll find the freshest produce that is seasonal and full of nutrients. No farmer’s market near you? No worries! Simply reach for seasonal produce — here are some of our favorites. 

Fruits: Watermelon, mango, tomatoes, cherries, berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries), apricots, figs, cantaloupe, avocado

Veggies & Herbs: Zucchini, cucumber, carrots, peas, corn, basil, broccoli, parsley, collard greens

ICYMI, the EWG recently released the 2022 Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen. To avoid pesticides and toxins, it’s especially important to reach for organic berries and leafy greens! That said, produce with thick skin (like avocado and watermelon) have low amounts of pesticides. So, if you’re trying to save some money and shop conventional, those are low-risk options! For a complete list, find out all you need to know here.

#2 No-Bake Recipes 

Use those fresh market finds to whip up delicious treats and meals — no baking required! When temps are rising, it can be tempting to steer clear of the kitchen and avoid excess heat. Here are some recipe ideas that require zero cooking and make a delicious addition to any summer wellness menu!

Smoothie Bowls: From dessert-like bowls to protein-rich post-workout meals, smoothie bowls are a tasty option any time of the day. 

Here are some smoothie bowl combos to inspire your blend: 

  • Banana + PB + Cacao + Chia Seeds + Almond Milk
  • Spinach + Banana + Cherries + Protein Powder + Hemp Seeds + Oat milk
  • Pineapple + Mango + Coconut Water + Kale + Spinach + Ginger
  • Strawberry + Blueberries + Frozen Acai + Almond Milk + Almond Butter

Simple Summer Salads: Whip up a nutrient-packed bowl using fresh veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, and red onion. You can even spice it up with fruit, like mango or pineapple, or toss in some protein like grilled shrimp or tofu! 

Fresh Rice Paper Rolls Made With Seasonal Veggies: One of our favorite meal-prep recipes that’s light, tasty, and easy to customize! Try this FitOn PRO Rainbow Rice Paper Roll recipe! 

On The Go Snacks: Whip up protein-packed energy bites that require zero baking and minimal prep time! Energy bites like these FitOn PRO Almond Butter Bliss Balls will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you satiated. 

#3 Summer Sips

On the topic of light and refreshing, we can’t forget to mention yummy drinks to include this season! Whether you’re keeping it low-key at home or you’re heading to a trendy rooftop for a night out, we broke down what you need to know about alcohol and weight loss here

Hint: you can totally enjoy yourself while hitting your summer fitness goals — it’s all about moderation! 

Considering a sober summer? Mocktails for the win! Alcohol-free beverages are trending, and there are plenty of brands supporting this lifestyle choice with store-bought mixers and mocktails. 

Try this tasty Watermelon Mint Cooler. It’s easy to prep, and can be enjoyed as a mocktail or cocktail! To transform it into a boozy beverage, simply add a shot of your favorite liquor.


  • ½ cup pure watermelon juice, unsweetened
  • 1-2 tbsp lime juice, freshly squeezed
  • ½ – 1 cup sparkling or seltzer water (or kombucha of choice)
  • Crushed ice
  • Fresh mint, to taste 


Step #1: Mix watermelon juice and lime in a glass filled with crushed ice. Top with sparkling water and stir until well mixed. Option to add additional sweetener or shot of tequila.

Step #2: Garnish with fresh lime and mint. Enjoy!

#4 Indulge in (Healthy) Sweet Treats

If you’re like us, you’re probably dreaming about late-night trips to the ice cream shop or summer strawberry shortcake made with freshly picked berries. Yep, our summer sweet tooth is fully activated! Luckily there are simple swaps to satisfy your cravings while maintaining your summer wellness goals.

Swap Ice Cream For Banana Nice Cream.

This dairy-free frozen dessert can be whipped up in minutes and easily customized for any flavor preference. Make a plain vanilla base, then customize it with your favorite flavors! Add cacao for a chocolatey antioxidant boost, peanut butter for a decadent dose of plant-based protein, or strawberries for a low-sugar tropical twist.

Swap Sugar-filled Candy For Nature’s Candy Fruit! 

When you’re looking for something sweet to munch on, try freezing grapes! They are the perfect combination of sweet and sour and will keep you cool during hot summer nights. 

Some other options? Try making a big fruit salad at the beginning of the week (full of berries, pineapple, and your favorite seasonal fruits) and keep it in the fridge. When your sweet tooth hits, you’ll be prepared with a nutritious alternative!

Swap Berries & Heavy Whipped Cream For a DIY Yogurt and Berry Bowl. Keep this fan-favorite dessert low-sugar and calorie-friendly by making a DIY yogurt bowl. Fill it with coconut or greek yogurt and add toppings like fresh berries, granola, and cacao nibs!

Swap Sugar-filled Shortcake for Paleo Baked Goods: Thanks to brands like Simple Mills, it’s easy to whip up your favorite summer treats with a healthy twist. Use their Almond Flour Vanilla Cake Mix to whip up a paleo-friendly treat! 

For a healthy strawberry shortcake, all you have to do is follow the boxed instructions to make the cupcakes and top it off with dairy-free whipped cream and fresh berries. Yum!

Self Care & Connection  

#1 Set Healthy Boundaries & Prioritize “You” 

Summer weather means BBQs, beach days, and a jam-packed social calendar. But, that doesn’t mean you need to attend every party or outing! News flash — it’s ok to say no! That’s why mental and emotional health is a top priority on our summer wellness guide. And sometimes, that means saying no to plans so you can carve out time for yourself. 

It’s necessary to set healthy boundaries. This may look like limiting your social media time or trading a night out for a (self-care-filled) night in. 

Need some summer wellness ideas on how to disconnect to reconnect? Try winding down the day with an Epsom salt bath, diffusing cooling or energizing essential oils (like peppermint, citrus, and lemongrass), or creating your own outdoor garden.

Another one of our favorite ways to support our mental health? Meditation. If you don’t know where to start, let us talk you through it! 

Here are some FitOn guided meditations to try:

#2 Drink Your Self Care (Hydrate!)

Did you know mild dehydration can occur with a mere 1-2% loss of fluid? On top of staying active, it’s easy to lose water with summer heat and more time spent in nature. 

Staying hydrated can benefit your physical, emotional, and mental health! Plus, it could even support your summer health and weight loss goals by boosting your metabolism! Keep a reusable water bottle with you (like our cute and convenient FitOn bottle) as a reminder to replenish your water stores throughout the day. 

Bored of plain old water? Try these fun hydration hacks!

Spice up The Flavor Without The Added Sugar: Add frozen berries (like wild blueberries or raspberries) to your water with a squeeze of lemon and handful of mint. 

Eat Water Rich Foods: Did you know cucumbers and watermelon contain more than 90% water? Eat your way to hydration with water-rich foods! Try adding lettuce, zucchini, strawberries, melon, and tomatoes to your diet. 

Sip on Chilled Soups and Yummy Smoothies: Blend nourishing broths and veggies into your soups, or add a splash of electrolyte-filled coconut water to your smoothies to enhance the hydration.

#3 Travel Light & Healthy 

Ready to Explore? Pack your bag with summer wellness in mind. Here are some tips for how to stay healthy and active while on the go! 

Take SPF Wherever You Go: If you’re spending time in nature, protect your skin! But, what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body! Keep your SPF clean & green by opting for non-toxic brands like Coola or Cocokind.

Pack a Reusable Water Bottle and Fill it Often: In addition to summer heat, travel can dehydrate you! Drink up with a sustainable and BPA-free water bottle like our 17 oz. Hydrate Me bottle!

Bring Workout Clothes, Even if You’re on Vacation: Packing sneakers and athletic wear may motivate you to get moving — it could be something as simple as a beach walk or stroll to the market!

Pack Healthy Snacks: If you’re traveling in the car, bring a cooler full of healthy meal prepped options like Overnight Chia Pudding. If you’re flying, bring some nuts or make your own energy bites to stay satiated and avoid splurging on airport food. 

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Summer Wellness Made Easy 

We’ve made it easy for you to stay healthy all summer long! Whether you’re having a low-key summer or you plan to spend the season connecting with friends and family, savor these sweet summer tips and tricks to look and feel your best.