6 Things Your Body May Be Trying to Tell You If You Aren’t Sleeping Well

Sleep tips to turn your whole night around.

By: Emma Lunsford

Compare 7 hours of blissful sleep to 9 hours of waking up every 30 minutes, and you can easily see why sleep quality matters. But, not everyone has the luxury of slipping into a deep dream state and staying there. Sleeping problems exist for so many people for lots of different reasons. So, let’s talk about lack of sleep and what your body might be trying to tell you on how to fix it. 

Not Sleeping Well? This Is What Your Body May Be Trying to Tell You 

The human body is nothing short of amazing. Its self-healing properties are communicating with us all the time, telling us what is and isn’t working for our wellbeing. Here are seven things your body might be trying to tell you to boost your sleep quality. 

#1 You’re Stressed or Anxious

Stress and anxiety seem to occur more and more in our lives these days, making it extra important to work on relaxation techniques. The good news? The more your sleep improves, the less stress your body experiences. So, if you can, do something relaxing in the evening right before bed — like a sleep meditation — to promote a better snooze. This way, it will not only set you up for sleep success in the night, but you’ll feel better for tomorrow, too. Win!

Try to avoid watching anything super stressful before bed, like the news or intense TV. Instead, create a spa-like experience with calming music, dim lighting, a warm bath, and relaxing scents to ease into a deep slumber. 

#2 You Have Low Blood Sugar

When you go to bed with low blood sugar, you’re more likely to wake up throughout the night. But how does low blood sugar happen? It could be from not eating enough or eating too many foods loaded with added sugars and preservatives. So, work on adding more whole foods to your diet, as well as eating a protein-rich snack before bed. 

Some healthy before-bed snack ideas include a handful of almonds, yogurt, chickpeas or celery & hummus, scrambled eggs & avocado, or a handful of sunflower seeds.

#3 You’re Drinking Alcohol Too Close to Bed

Alcohol may help you fall asleep easier and faster, but remember the importance of sleep quality. After consuming alcohol, your body will need to use up a lot of its sleep resources to detoxify your liver, causing you to wake up in the middle of the night. Not a good rest! If you do end up having a fun night out, try to taper off your drinks as you get closer to bedtime. 

#4 You’re Drinking Caffeine Too Late in The Day

3 pm slump? Most tend to reach for their last cup of coffee around this time. And even though it might cure that midday crash, it’s setting you up for poor sleep, only promoting a second afternoon slump the next day. To end the cycle, skip the PM coffee and instead reach for a cup of hot tea or glass of water. 

#5 Your Sleep Schedule Isn’t Consistent Enough

We’re human, which means we run on cycles — just like the rest of the Earth. One of our primary cycles is our circadian rhythm, which regulates sleeping and waking. In other words, it plays a huge part in our energy levels, and it’s at its best in routine. This means the more consistent sleep schedule you have, the more likely you are to have better sleep. We want to work with our bodies’ natural flow for optimum sleep quality. And thankfully, it’s not difficult at all! Simply work on going to sleep around the same time each night and waking up around the same time each morning. Weekends included if you can. 

#6 Your Room Isn’t Supporting Healthy Sleep Habits

Remember tip #1? Creating a spa-like experience is one of the best ways to prevent lack of sleep. It reduces stress and anxiety and creates a comfortable space for your body. Hello, more sleep! Unfortunately, a lot of our environment is filled with stressful distractions, like TV, social media, and email notifications. This means our nervous systems never get a chance to wind down! 

You can prevent this by again going back to turning your bedroom into a spa. Turn down the thermostat, put up blackout curtains, use white noise machines, and make your environment a tech-free zone — whatever you have to do to feel relaxed and safe.

Boost Your Sleep Quality & Boost Tomorrow’s Success

We all know that wonderful feeling — waking up, feeling refreshed, and ready to kickstart an amazing day. Sleep is huge for our mood and productivity, which means the work you do tonight to have better sleep, sets you up for tomorrow’s success. There’s no downside to improved sleep. Happy dreaming!