A Meditation For Whatever You’re Feeling Right Now

Feeling anxious, stressed, or tired? Meditation can help.

By: Lexy Parsons

Feelings of stress, anxiety, fatigue, and burnout are far too common. And while these feelings are unpleasant in and of themselves, they can be quite damaging when it comes to your mental and physical wellbeing. The good news? There are so many effective ways to support your mental health and manage symptoms when they arise. One of the best coping mechanisms? Meditation.

Although meditation is all the rage, it’s nothing new! In fact, there’s evidence suggesting this stress-busting wellness modality dates all the way back to 5000 to 3500 BCE. So, it’s not just some trendy fad — it’s been around for centuries! And it’s clearly effective, hence the 200-500 million people that meditate globally. But, you don’t need to be struggling or out of balance to benefit from it. In fact, general wellness is the number one reason people get started with a meditation practice. 

In all honesty, there’s pretty much a meditation for every emotion or feeling. Stress? Anxiety? Lack of sleep? No matter what’s coming up, we’re here to help support your needs with a meditation for whatever you’re feeling.

Why Meditate?

In a world that encourages a busy lifestyle, it’s ironic that slowing down may be the best thing for both our mind and body. The benefits of meditation are immeasurable, with science and research backing up all it claims to be!

Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, reduce feelings of anxiety, and improve sleep … shall we go on? 

The benefits speak for themselves — Sign. Us. Up! 

Plus, meditation can be practiced anywhere, anytime, by anyone. This practice seemingly meets the needs of any state of mind, helping to bring the body back to balance while offering some incredible health benefits. 

Whether you’re stressed, struggling with confidence, having trouble sleeping, or just want to relax, here’s a meditation for every emotion you’re feeling.

A Meditation For Every Emotion 

Meditation For Stress

According to the American Institute of Stress, 33% of Americans report feelings of extreme stress, with over 70% experiencing stress that affects both mental and physical health. While a little stress is normal (and even healthy), chronic stress can lead to long-term health issues such as obesity, depression, heart disease, and other serious illnesses. The good news? Meditation can be a proactive measure to combat these feelings and tackle chronic stress. 

Start by dedicating five minutes every day to your meditation practice. Find a quiet, comfortable space where you can relax and disconnect. Carving out a few minutes of your time can help alleviate feelings of stress and bring more balance into your day.

If you need a meditation to reduce stress, try this Break From Stress FitOn Meditation. 

Meditation For Anxiety 

While we may not be able to completely eliminate all feelings of anxiety, especially during heightened times of stress, meditation has been shown to reduce anxious feelings and improve long-term coping skills

If you’re feeling anxious, start by bringing your attention to your breath. To get started, try this Free from Anxiety meditation with DeAnde. 

Meditation For Sleep 

Laying in bed ruminating over your thoughts (when you should be snoozing away) is frustrating and potentially unhealthy. Even a single night of sleep deprivation can affect your mood, metabolism, and cognitive function. So if this is an ongoing pattern, having some guided meditations for sleep can be more helpful than you think. 

In addition to shifting the body into rest and digest mode, meditation has been shown to increase the sleep hormone melatonin, helping to support the body’s circadian rhythm and promote a sleepy state. 

Start by powering down all electronics or distractions and get comfortable in bed. Lying flat on your back, close your eyes, and bring awareness to your breath. Begin counting your breaths, inhaling and exhaling for a count of three. Keep repeating this pattern until your thoughts fade and you drift off to a dreamy sleep.

If you need a meditation to help you sleep, try this Sleep Yoga Nidra meditation. 

Meditation For Gratitude 

Shifting your mentality isn’t always easy, especially if you’re having one of those days. If you’re struggling to see the bright side of things, meditation can help turn a tough day around by simply redirecting your mindset.  

Gratitude meditation has been shown to increase feelings of happiness, strengthen relationships, and improve both mental and physical health.

Start by keeping a daily gratitude journal and writing down three things you’re grateful for, no matter how big or small! Try doing this before or after your meditation — see what works best for you! 

Try this Deep Gratitude meditation with DeAndre. 

Meditation For Conflict 

When conflict arises, it can be comforting to ask for advice — but you may already have the answers you need! Instead of looking for external guidance, take a few minutes to get centered and look within. Research suggests a brief 15-minute meditation could help you process emotions while also leading to a peaceful state of mind and improved cognitive function! 

The next time you’re in a difficult spot, try to remove yourself from the situation and take a few minutes before reacting. Close your eyes and picture yourself in a soothing environment. Breathe in, and breathe out. Even a few moments can help us approach a difficult situation from a more calm and rational state of mind.

If you need a meditation to work through difficult emotions or feelings, try this Difficult Emotions meditation with Laurasia Mattingly.

Affirmation Meditation 

Practicing daily affirmations can help build confidence, increase positive self-awareness, and even help achieve certain goals. Our words and thoughts are powerful, which is why having a meditation you can turn to no matter what you are feeling can be a supportive tool when feelings of self-doubt or lack of motivation arise. 

To get started with affirmations, begin with the phrase “I am _____.” Fill in the blank with a positive, powerful statement about your health, character, or goal. Repeat this affirmation daily!

To help you get started, try these Affirmation Meditations:

And, it’s never too soon to start! If you have little ones, help them build their self-confidence from an early age with this 4-minute Kids Affirmation.

Meditation for Productivity & Focus

Meditation can be especially useful when your mind is racing, and concentration is nowhere to be found. Instead of wasting a day due to procrastination or lack of focus, redirect your thoughts with a quick meditation! One study found a few weeks of meditation helped reduce a wandering mind while improving concentration and focus.   

If your thoughts are moving a million miles a minute, pausing to clear your head can help calm a busy mind. Before you begin your meditation, try writing out your to-do list and any lingering thoughts so you can allow your mind to be fully present in the moment.

If you need a meditation to help you focus, try this Unclutter the Mind practice with Vytas. 

Get Started with FitOn

Regardless of how you’re feeling, keep showing up to your meditation practice. With so much going on in the world, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed by your emotions. To get access to unlimited free meditations, join FitOn for free and use this guide whenever you need to bring balance back into your life. 

Need help getting started with your meditation practice? Here’s our Ultimate Guide to Meditation.