Here’s Your One-Week Mindfulness Plan That Will Completely Change How You Handle Stress

Whether you are new to mindfulness or a mindfulness pro, this plan is for you.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Mindfulness is one of those buzz words that just about everyone and their mother is talking about. It’s becoming one of the most talked about ways to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and just be more present in day to day life. But, if you aren’t exactly sure how mindfulness works, it can be hard to really see how this approach can help you get a better grip on your daily stress levels. 

If you are new to mindfulness, read on. We are sharing a one-week mindfulness plan that will completely change how you handle stress. Been using mindfulness for a while but need a little refresh? Yep, this one-week mindfulness plan is for you too! 

What is Mindfulness?

Real quick-let’s just break down what mindfulness actually is. Mindfulness is being able to be present and aware of the here and the now while not reacting or feeling overwhelmed to what’s going on. It’s easier to really understand what mindfulness is by actually doing it, so stay with us here. 

But, how exactly does mindfulness help you manage your stress better? Research has shown that being more mindful may build an inner strength. With inner strength comes more resilience to the outside stressors, and what used to stress you out may not get you totally frazzled anymore. 

Ready to try it out for yourself? Here’s your one-week mindfulness plan to get you started.

A One-Week Mindfulness Plan to Help You Manage Stress

Monday: Bring Mindfulness to Your Monday Morning Breakfast 

You can be mindful without having to stop what you are doing. When Monday morning comes around, and you are enjoying breakfast, focus on the flavor and the aroma of your morning meal. Try to tune out other thoughts that come in and just sit and be mindful for a few moments while eating your Monday morning breakfast

Tuesday: Be Mindful at the Grocery Store 

Hey, you can even be mindful while you are waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store. Just be present in the moment, take some long deep breaths and just be in the moment. We promise it will make the waiting time in the checkout line go by that much faster. Plus, it makes the perfect mindfulness practice moment!

Wednesday: Be Mindful While Stuck in Traffic 

There’s truly no better time to be mindful than when you are stuck in traffic and irritated about the fact that your commute is significantly delayed. Of course, you want to be 100% focused on the road, but when stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, or when you are stopped at a red light, just be mindful in the moment. How does your body feel, are you super tense? Pay attention to how you are feeling without any judgment. 

Thursday: Be Mindful While Washing Dishes

We all have to wash dishes, and for some of us, it’s the most dreaded household chore. Why not take this time to put in your headphones, listen to some calming music and be mindful and present in the moment? Notice how the water feels on your hands, and maybe even notice the colors of the dishes you are washing. 

Just being present and taking in what’s around you is a great way to train your brain to be more mindful in other areas of your life. 

Friday: Bring Mindfulness to Your Teeth Brushing Routine 

Most of us brush our teeth twice per day, so being mindful while brushing your teeth means you are practicing mindfulness at least twice. Win! When brushing your teeth, notice how the toothbrush feels, how to mint flavor may invigorate your senses, and how your teeth feel once they are brushed and clean. It’s the perfect opportunity to really practice being more mindful. 

Saturday: During Your Workout

Next time you press play on your FitOn workout, practice mindfulness by just being present in the workout and noticing how each move makes your muscles, joints, and breath feel. When you notice a thought coming in telling you “you can’t,” or a certain exercise is “too hard,” acknowledge the thought and let it pass and press on with your workout. Mindfulness can actually be a really great tool to maximize your workouts.

Sunday: Take a Relaxing Bath While Diffusing Essential Oils

Make Sunday the ultimate relaxation day by enjoying a warm bath with your favorite bath bomb, and diffuse some lavender, chamomile, or copaiba essential oils. Play some quiet music in the background. Focus on your breath, and the relaxing scent of essential oils as you just sit and be. Try to let each thought come and go without judgment to just completely relax.

Be More Mindful, Change Your Life

Try this one-week mindfulness plan, and see how it can change your life. After one week of trying out mindfulness and being more mindful during periods of stress, you may be totally shocked at how such a subtle shift can change how you handle your everyday stress. So, give it a shot. It’s only a week, and you have nothing to lose.