12 Healthy Habits to Follow For Life

Simple changes with big rewards!

By: Lexy Parsons

Our daily habits are the automatic behaviors we carry out without thinking. These unconscious behaviors (such as brushing your teeth or making your bed) have the ability to both support and harm your goals! Think about when you’re stressed — what habits do you find yourself following? While these behaviors may seem small, over time, they can have a major impact!

So, if you want to achieve your health and wellness goals, developing healthy habits is an important first step!

The Importance of Healthy Habits 

What are healthy habits, and why are they important? Think of healthy habits as the secret to success. While motivation may get you started, healthy habits keep you going. Let’s face it, you’re not going to wake up every single day motivated to crush an early morning gym session, meal prep after a long day at the office, or meditate when your mind feels like it can’t slow down (and if you are, spill your secrets!!)

When motivation is fleeting, healthy habits help us stay on track during busy and stressful times. Developing healthy habits can even support specific health and wellness goals, too! If you’re trying to achieve your goal weight, for example, developing small daily habits can help you get there without obsessing over your exercise routine or meal plan. It’s all about finding sustainable lifestyle habits that work for you and staying consistent.  

How Long Does it Take For a Habit to Stick?

Speaking of consistency, how long does it take to form a healthy habit? 

According to popular belief, 21 days is the gold standard for developing healthy habits. But, in actuality, there is no one-size-fits-all period of time! Studies show it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a habit — it all depends on the person, situation, and goal! 

Our advice? Try not to spend too much time focusing on a number or period of time. Instead, define your goals, find sustainable habits that will help you achieve them, and stay consistent! The results will happen over time. Before you know it, you’ll have developed a range of healthy habits to follow for life! 

12 Healthy Habits For a Healthy Life 

#1 Start Your Morning with a Protein-Rich Breakfast

We get it — mornings are busy. It can be easy to fly out the door with a piece of fruit or cup of coffee and consider it breakfast. Or, maybe you skip your morning meal altogether. But, starting your morning with a protein-rich breakfast is a healthy habit you’ll want to get behind! A breakfast rich in protein has been shown to boost metabolism, satiety, and muscle mass, while decreasing the urge to snack! Maybe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all. 

Consider trying this delicious FitOn PRO Sweet Berry Omelet for breakfast. It’s rich in protein and easy to make.   

Sweet Berry Omelette


  • 3 egg whites
  • 1 tbsp flaxseeds
  • 1 tsp stevia granules (optional)
  • ½ cup berries
  • 1 tbsp desiccated coconut
  • 2 tbsp greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp mixed seeds, to serve


Step #1: Whisk the egg whites, flaxseeds, stevia, a handful of berries, 1 tbsp yogurt, and desiccated coconut in a bowl.

Step #2: Place 1 tsp of coconut oil in a pan over medium heat.

Step #3: Pour the mixture into the pan. Once the edges begin to look cooked, flip the omelet. Cook through for another minute or two. Let the omelet sit for a couple of minutes.

Step #4: Plate up the omelet and serve with the remaining yogurt, coconut, berries, and seeds.

#2 Drink a Glass of Water Right When You Wake Up

Did you know your body wakes up in a mild state of dehydration after a long night of sleep? Starting your morning with a hydrating glass of water not only replenishes your fluid stores but it also helps to flush out toxins, promote healthy lymphatic flow, kickstart your metabolism, boost your energy, and even support a glowing complexion. 

With benefits like these, be sure to mix up your daily routine with a tall glass of water and soak up this healthy habit! 

#3 Eat For Nourishment Not Restriction 

Did you know severe dieting and restriction is a predictor of weight gain? Even if dieting is initially effective, studies show dieters are likely to gain back more weight than they started with. The fact of the matter is, yo-yo dieting doesn’t work. So, why punish yourself when you could nourish yourself? 

Instead of focusing on what you can’t eat, focus on filling your plate with a variety of colors, wholesome ingredients, and balanced proportions. Goodbye restriction — we’re welcoming the healthy habit of nourishment! 

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#4 Double or Triple Your Meal Prep Recipes

Making a yummy dinner or trying a new recipe? Plan ahead for busy days by making extra servings of whatever dish you’re preparing! Even if you have a lunch option prepped and ready to go, making extra portions of any meal is a good healthy habit to start adopting. 

Portion out any leftovers and store them in the freezer for those busy days. Without worrying about cooking or cleaning, you’ll be more efficient with your time and less likely to snack or make unhealthy food choices. 

#5 Meal Prep Your Snacks 

Speaking of meal prep, having healthy snacks on hand is a healthy habit that is equally as important. When hanger strikes, patience, and willpower seem to disappear. So, instead of fighting not-so-healthy food cravings, be prepared with nutrient-dense meal prepped snacks! Plus, having healthy snacks to munch on can help increase satiety and prevent splurging on excess calories. 

#6 Be Mindful of How Much Sugar You Eat & Swap With Healthy Alternatives 

One of the best healthy habits to follow? Read ingredient labels! Sneaky sugars come in many forms and can easily make their way onto your plate. Be mindful of what foods you’re consuming and the amount of sugar they contain. Avoiding processed ingredients and artificial sugars is the best way to stay on track with your goals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite foods. 

When cravings strike, swap unhealthy options for healthier alternatives. Satisfy all your needs with these simple swaps

#7 Prioritize Daily Movement

You don’t have to do a heart-pumping HIIT workout or even break a sweat. Prioritizing daily movement is as simple as it sounds — moving your body daily! Daily movement could include your workout, but it could also mean getting out for a long walk with your dog, taking the stairs over the elevator, or even parking further away from your final destination to get in more steps. 

#8 Establish an Evening Routine to Support Better Sleep 

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, optimize your performance and recovery, or boost your mood and cognitive function, the answer is simple — sleep! For a deeper beauty rest, get in the healthy habit of adopting an evening routine to support your sleep cycle and wake up feeling more rested. 

If you find it difficult to unwind at night, try a free FitOn sleep meditation to help calm the mind and body before bed. 

#9 Find Time to Destress Daily 

When it comes to your health, being busy is no excuse! Set aside daily time to destress — this can be as little as five minutes per day. Research shows even five minutes of meditation can reduce cortisol levels and regulate stress. The most important thing is consistency, not duration. 

Need some stress-relieving ideas? Meditate with a calming FitOn meditation, roll out your mat, or go for an (uninterrupted) walk. 

#10 Do More of What You Love 

This could be making more time for hobbies, spending more time with your kids (or fur babies), or even changing your career. Doing more of what you love increases gratitude, lowers stress, and simply makes you happier. 

#11 Find Time for Connection 

Connection is key to health, longevity, and happiness. In addition to strengthening our relationships, connections with friends, family, or community can provide support during times of stress and simply make us feel like we’re not alone. 

Craving more connection? Join our FitOn community, volunteer, take a new course, join a club, or reach out to family or friends.  

#12 Learn The Power of Saying No

Before you can fill anyone else’s cup, you have to fill your own. And, sometimes investing in yourself and your wellbeing means learning how to say no. So, before you take on another job commitment, accept an invitation to a night out, or agree to lend a helping hand, check-in with yourself. Do you have the time and the energy? Or, more importantly, do you want to say yes? 

Adopting healthy habits can be as simple as adopting healthy boundaries. Sometimes saying no to others is saying yes to yourself.

Healthy Habits for a Healthier & Happier You 

When it comes to your health and happiness, simple healthy habits make for big changes. Try incorporating these twelve habits into your daily wellness routine. Start by mastering one habit, and then add in another. Before you know it, these simple healthy habits will become a part of your daily ritual for life!