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7 Gut Boosting Trends We’re Loving

Old trends returning to the spotlight and new gut-healthy products and trends to try!

By: Lexy Parsons

Gut health has been a trending topic in the wellness world for quite some time, and not surprisingly, it’s here to stay! From probiotic and prebiotic-rich foods like yogurt, kimchi, and kombucha, to gut-healthy habits (like stress management and sleep), to digestive aids and supplements, we’ve seen GI health take center stage. Aside from benefiting digestion (think: keeping you regular and alleviating belly bloat), a healthy gut does so much good for your body. It helps to strengthen our immune system, boost our mood, benefit our sleep, and even support our cognitive and mental health. With so many benefits, of course, gut health is an anticipated 2023 wellness trend! And we’re here to give you the inside scoop on all that’s to come. From new health food products to a return of oldie-but-goodie gut-healthy trends, read on for all you need to know. 

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7 Popular Gut Health Trends For 2023  

Probiotic-Rich Everything 

From TikTok trending probiotic yogurt (Coconut Cult, we’re looking at you) to trending 2023 fermented foods (like kimchi), gut-healthy probiotic foods are only continuing to grow in popularity. And while we’re not saying you should trust every probiotic trend or product recommendation you see on social media, taking gut health seriously isn’t such a bad thing! With trending TikTok hashtags like #guttok and #guttalk, we’re seeing an increased awareness surrounding gut health and its importance for both mind and body. There are even some good-for-you gut trends we totally approve of — like cucumber kimchi and chia seed pudding. Plus, functional trending beverages like kombucha and mocktails, and ads for gut-healthy brands like Olipop.

Including, Probiotic Supplements

Not surprisingly, probiotics are a top trending health and wellness supplement. And with more than 38,000 research articles as of recently, their spotlight is warranted! The science on probiotics and their beneficial effects on gut health is anything but scarce. Shown to benefit things like GI health and immune function, probiotic supplements are expected to remain a wellness industry focus in the year ahead. Brands like Seed Synbiotic, Florastor, Garden of Life, and Align are some of the best brands backed by science. When choosing, be sure to look at the ingredients, research, CFUs, probiotic strain, and storage requirements! And expect to see more research-backed brands in 2023.

IBS-Friendly Food 

While Paleo, keto, and plant-based diets have been the food focus in recent years, IBS-friendly foods are coming your way! For those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, you’ll be happy to know that low-FODMAP and IBS-friendly foods are poised to be a top trending item. And even if you don’t suffer from IBS or similar digestive issues, experiencing an increased sensitivity to IBS-irritating foods like garlic and onions is common! At the very least, you’ll have some new gut-friendly food products to try! 

Collagen Supplements 

Another gut-boosting product we know and love? Collagen. Whether you take it as a whole food in the form of bone broth or add a scoop of collagen powder to your coffee or smoothie, you’re likely (according to science) to do your gut some good. It’s been shown to help support the intestinal and stomach lining, aid digestion, benefit belly bloat, and lower inflammation. And good news, with the rise in plant-based and sustainable eating and living, expect to see a rise in plant-based collagen sources in 2023!

Fiber-Rich Food Alternatives

Prebiotic foods like beans, oats, lentils, nuts, seeds, and veggies are known gut-boosting superstars, and they’re making their way into tons of trending items in the year ahead. From veggie-based pasta alternatives to upcycled nut pulp snacks, these fiber-rich foods help feed the friendly probiotic bacteria in our gut to help them survive and thrive. 

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Plant-Based Food as Gut-Healthy Medicine

Plant-based eating is making its way mainstream in a big way — so much so that the global plant-based and vegan market is expected to surpass an estimated $22 billion by 2025! With so many benefits for the planet and our body (and to no surprise, our gut!!), simply loading up on whole food sources of fruits and veggies is one of the best and easiest ways to support your digestion and overall health. Plus, research suggests a diet rich in a variety of plant foods means improved gut microbiome diversity!

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The Year of Postbiotics

Pre and postbiotics are nothing new, but what about postbiotics? Simply put, postbiotics are the metabolites of probiotics, or the gut-friendly compounds made when probiotics feed on (consume) prebiotics. While this is still an up-and-coming topic, these beneficial bacteria have been shown to support gut health and digestion. And the good news? Postbiotic food sources are identical to the pre and probiotic foods we know and love, such as yogurt, kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut, flaxseeds, and other high-fiber foods. Expect to see more on this topic in the year ahead!

Trending: Global Gut-Health 

Whether you’re loading up on probiotics, filling your plate with fiber, or searching the aisles for new gut-healthy foods, there are so many ways to support your digestion and benefit your health. And while not all trends are guaranteed to be good for you, this is certainly a healthy (and science-supported) trend we can get behind! So, blend up a gut-healthy smoothie, snack a fiber-filled snack, or pour a bubbly beverage full of good-for-you gut bacteria. The options are endless!