7 Daily Habits That Will Protect Your Health During Stressful Times

Not just your physical health but your mental health as well.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Stress — it’s a part of life we all deal with, some more than others. And, times of increased stress can be a reason many of us let our goals fall to the wayside. But, we’re sharing seven daily habits for stress that you can implement to not only help protect your health during stress but to also help you stay on top of your health goals. 

Want in? Keep reading. 

Use These 7 Daily Habits During Times of Increased Stress 

#1 Breathe in The Fresh Air 

If you’re stuck in a rut, take some time to breathe in some fresh air. Nature and some much-needed vitamin D can do wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing. Even if you only manage to sit on your front porch or backyard while drinking your morning cup of tea, you may find yourself feeling a bit perkier during those extra stressful times. 

#2 Take a Time Out 

Here’s another daily habit for stress we all could do better about. Taking an adult time out can be seriously beneficial when things start to feel overwhelming. 

If you feel yourself spiraling down a negative rabbit hole, take five. 

Stop, breathe, go for a walk, or do something that helps you clear your mind. Taking a step away from whatever is stressing you out is a powerful tool to help recenter and get yourself back on track with your day. 

#3 Sip on Herbal Tea  

During times of excess stress, it’s easy for us to turn to tons of caffeine, right? I mean, stress often comes with a lack of sleep or pressing deadlines that make it seem impossible to get through the day without the caffeine pick-me-up. But, what if you stuck to 1-2 cups of coffee per day and sipped on some herbal tea when you felt that afternoon energy slump kick in?

Lowering your caffeine intake may be helpful, especially if your levels of stress are leaving you feeling burnt out and depleted. Caffeine tends to make us feel wired, and some even feel jittery, which is exactly what we don’t want when we are trying to find our inner zen. 

Caffeine and stress are both notorious for increasing the stress hormone cortisol, so the two don’t mix very well. 

Ditch that third cup of joe, and try something like Holy Basil (aka Tulsi), chamomile, or another adaptogenic tea blend of your choice to help you feel a greater sense of calm and no post-caffeine jitters. 

Need some other energy-boosting caffeine alternative inspo, check out our post here. 

#4 Sweat it Out

Getting that daily workout in is good for mind, body, and soul — plus, it’s one of those daily habits for stress that may ultimately help you deal with stress better when it comes your way. Exercise serves as a wonderful mood-booster as well all thanks to that impressive endorphin rush you get after a good sweat. 

So, during times of increased stress, use fitness to your advantage and kick things up a notch. Your mind and body will benefit! 

#5 Go to Bed Earlier 

We know — this is easier said than done. But, even if you can manage to get to bed 20 minutes earlier and work your way up to an entire hour, you’re accomplishing some serious sleep goals. 

Sleep is super-duper important, and even more so during times where you are stressed out. Stress takes a toll on the body (physically and mentally), and we need sleep to help our body restore. 

So, stop scrolling through Insta until 1 AM and hit the hay earlier! You may just find yourself waking up feeling more refreshed, less tense, and ready to tackle the day ahead. 

#6 Get Into a Routine 

Routines are everything when it comes to better managing time and all the daily to-dos. This is especially important if you are going through a period of what seems like total chaos. Getting into some form of a routine (even a flexible schedule) can be extremely beneficial. 

Start by loosely scheduling your day from AM to PM, writing out what takes priority first. If you’re really getting into the groove of it, try blocking out times, so you know when and what is exactly getting done each day. 

#7 Be Mindful Of Your Sugar Intake

Last but not least has to do with nutrition — why? Because nutrition impacts everything. From physical to mental wellbeing, the food choices we make are going to make a difference (positively or negatively). 

So, let’s try to eat as clean as we can to give us the added nutrients and support we all need during times where stress levels may be out of control. 

One way of doing this is to be mindful of your sugar intake. While it’s easy to grab fast food when things are super crazy, we want to be avoiding foods with simple carbs or added sugars as a way to keep our blood sugar levels stable. Blood sugar imbalances can result in moodiness, which is the exact opposite of what we want during periods of increased stress. So limit sugar as much as you can and focus on whole and nutrient-dense foods instead. 

Here are some great foods to nourish your body without added sugar. 

  • Clean protein: wild-caught fatty fish, organic poultry, eggs, full-fat unsweetened Greek yogurt, nuts, seeds. 
  • Healthy fats: avocados, coconut, nuts, seeds, nut butter. 
  • Complex carbs: oats, quinoa, veggies, berries. 

Stay Healthy Even During Times of Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but there are times where tension and stress levels are extremely high. And, too much stress may even lead to lower motivation to do the things you need to do to stay healthy. 

But, we invite you to actually take the steps to help support overall health, even when things around you seem completely stressful. 

Use these seven daily habits for stress and see how they make you feel. They may make a huge difference in helping you keep up with your fitness and health goals even as you navigate a stressful season of life.