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15 Life-Changing Productivity Boosters

Seriously though — life changing.

By: Emma Lunsford

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re like most of us, that at some point during the day could use a serious productivity boost. Productivity may feel like it’s dragging, especially since many of us have started working from home — there are so many distractions! And, did you know that the average person — when they have their phone on them — is distracted every 6 minutes? Totally not surprising, right? Scrolling Instagram seems like a great idea, especially when you’re avoiding a task. (even if it’s to your productive doom) And in general, 40% of workers get a maximum of 30 minutes of undistracted work time. Wow. No wonder we’re all stressed that nothing gets done! In reality, hardly anything does get done. 

If you’re ready to boost your productivity, keep reading. We’re sharing more about what causes low productivity in the first place, plus 15 life-changing ways to boost productivity. 

Causes of Low Productivity

#1 Dehydration

Being as productive as possible really comes down to energy. The more energized you feel, the more motivated you are to smash through your goals. This is how hydration and productivity are so connected. When you skimp out on water, your energy diminishes. Thus, you’re less productive. 

#2 Lack of Sleep

Same thing here! We all know how it feels: a bad night’s sleep usually leads to a hard day. Nothing gets done simply because you’re too tired. (Midday desk nap, anyone?) 

#3 Nutrient Deficiency

Water, sleep, and food are your body’s biggest energizers. So if you primarily eat processed foods or are deficient in nutrients, your brain and body usually feel sluggish and fatigued. So before you grab another cup of coffee, maybe snag a protein bar instead! 

#4 High Stress

One of the biggest productivity blockers: stress. We often think the more stressed we are, the more we’ll get done. This might be true at first, thanks to adrenaline speeding up our body processes. But eventually, the adrenaline must come down, and we end up more tired than before. Not a great long-term strategy!

15 Simple Hacks to Boost Productivity

How to boost productivity 101: take care of yourself! The more you fill up your own cup, the more you can give to your work. Here are 15 super easy hacks to try today! 

#1 Listen to Classical Music 

Say hello to the Mozart Effect, a theory where classical music makes you more productive. Some studies show it to be true, but why not try it out for yourself and see? A good symphony can go a long way!

#2 Improve Your Posture

Your mind and body are intricately connected. So when you’re having trouble getting your mind on board for productive mode, let your body guide the way. Sit up a little straighter and improve your posture. Get an ergonomic chair if needed to prevent back pain! 

#3 Delegate Tasks

When you delegate out tasks that you don’t have to do yourself, BOOM! Your energy increases. You have more time. And you feel so much more productive. 

#4 Put Your Phone Away

Let’s just admit it: our phones are so distracting, and most of us face some form of social media addiction. When it’s time to grind, put your phone completely away, so you’re not tempted to check it every 5 minutes. 

#5 Break Your Day Into Time Blocks

There’s nothing worse than feeling chained to your desk. To be more productive, you have to make your day as enjoyable as possible. So rather than working for hours straight, schedule breaks and work in time blocks. For instance, work for 2 hours and break for 30 minutes. Or work 25 minutes and break for 5. Whatever feels best for you!

#6 Take Stretch Breaks

One of the easiest solutions for how to boost productivity is to make it super quick and effective, like stretching! You don’t need any equipment. Just a little bit of space and it makes all the difference in your mood and energy.  

#7 Start Your Day With a Workout

Some studies show the workday exercise can increase your productivity by up to 72% — that’s incredible! Browse the For You Tab in the FitOn app and schedule in a workout you’ll be excited to add to your morning routine! 

#8 Schedule in a Mid-day Meditation

Meditation is seriously underrated when it comes to productivity. The relaxation involved can increase your productivity like crazy, calming your mind and helping you focus. Give these a go this afternoon! FitOn has an entire meditation category with a meditation for whatever you are looking for! 

#9 Take a Power Nap

Power naps are seriously just that: powerful. You only need 20 minutes! 

#10 Drink Green Tea in The Afternoon

Coffee is great for a morning pick-me-up. But the afternoon? Not so much. The later you drink coffee, the less likely you’ll have a good sleep tonight. Stick to a cup of green tea instead! The caffeine is just enough for a productivity boost without hurting your snoozes. 

#11 Declutter Your Space

Your environment is simply a reflection of how your mind feels. So if your desk is cluttered, chances are your mind is cluttered, too. Okay, but why does this matter? Because when you have a lot on your mind and try to multitask, your productivity drops. Take 5 minutes to declutter your space. (And maybe write down all that’s on your mind while you’re at it!)

#12 Eat a High-protein Snack

Re-energize! Some protein might be just what you need to get back on track. Some delicious snack ideas include a hardboiled egg, a handful of nuts or seeds, a cup of yogurt, hummus, and veggies. 

#13 Only Focus on The Top 3 Things

Sometimes the more we have on our to-do lists, the less we get done. Overwhelm is the top cause of procrastination, which inevitably leads to unproductivity. So set yourself up for success! Prioritize the 3 things you need to get done and let everything else follow after they’re done. 

#14 Check in With Your Feelings

Ask yourself: what do I actually have the energy for today? How am I feeling? How can I give myself just a little bit more grace today? Our feelings play a massive part of productivity. So be honest with yourself and set realistic expectations when you’re feeling low. 

#15 Talk About Your Goals

What do you want to do today? What do you really want to accomplish? Tell someone! When you talk about your goals to others to keep yourself accountable, the more likely you are to actually do it.  

Less Stress, More Rest

In moments of low productivity, our go-to is usually to try and push through the pain. But, this can end up making things worse. Learning how to boost productivity comes down to taking care of yourself first. Take breaks, stay hydrated, eat quality foods, and be easy on yourself when necessary. Then, watch your productivity soar!