12 Tips for a Body Positive Life

It’s time to feel amazing in your own skin.

By: Kate Imogen

About 91% of American women are unhappy with their own bodies. Thirty-four percent of men are dissatisfied with theirs. With unrealistic beauty standards in movies, advertising, and now Instagram, it can be pretty difficult to stay confident. Here are some approachable ways you can live your best body positive life. 

12 Ways to Live Your Best Body Positive Life 

#1 Focus on How Exercise Makes You Feel, Not How it Makes You Look 

Ever notice how amazing you feel after a good workout? That’s all thanks to that endorphin rush. So, focus on how a solid workout makes you feel, not how it makes you look. 

#2 Don’t Listen to Fitspo Messages


Don’t push yourself too hard because you heard one ripped guy say “no pain no gain.” Listen to your body and do what feels good. Exercise does not have to be painful in order to be effective. 

#3 Respect Your Body’s Limitations 

Not all of us will be marathon runners, triathletes, or Olympians, and that’s OK. Be realistic about what your body can (and wants) to do. 

#4 Put Your Mental Health Before Your Physical Fitness

Put away the shame or guilt for missing a session, taking a rest day or doing the modifications on a workout video. If you’re moving your body, you’re doing an amazing thing for both your physical and mental health, so there’s no room for any sort of guilt. On your rest days, you could also consider some guided meditations, like this I Am Enough meditation with DeAndre. 

#5 Ditch The Scales

You are more than a number, and there are better ways to measure your worth than weighing yourself. Besides, our weight naturally fluctuates, muscle weighs more than fat, and healthy bodies come in all different sizes. 

#6 Say No to Diet Culture 

Diet culture tells us that thin bodies are the most valuable and desirable, and it’s time to ditch this idea. Start by reading Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison to educate yourself and then watch out for sneaky diet culture messages all around you. 

#7 Eat What You Like

Science tells us that we absorb nutrients better when we enjoy our food. So get those tacos. Stop talking about “good” and “bad” food. Have a side of broccoli for the body and a scoop of coconut milk ice cream for the mind! 

#8 Take a Second Look at Who You Follow 

Do an audit of your Instagram feed. Click ‘unfollow’ on anything who makes you feel rubbish about yourself and fill your feed with positive vibes. Search #bodypositivity. 

#9 Set Fitness Goals That are Nothing to do With Your Appearance

Forget abs and thigh gaps. Get into fitness because you want to dance longer, run faster, or swim further. 

#10 Don’t Compare Yourself to a Younger Version of You

Quit looking at photos of yourself from 10 years ago and wishing you looked like that. Our bodies change as we age, and that’s more than OK. 

#11 Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Comfortable 

When you’re in the dressing room, try something on, and decide if you like it before you look in the mirror. Choose comfort always. 

#12 Know That We All Come in Different Shapes and Sizes 

Even if we all ate the same and did identical workouts, we’d still come in different shapes and sizes. Health is about self-care, happiness, calm, fitness, and joy — not weight. 

Love Everything About YOU 

There you have it — 12 amazing ways to live your best body positive life and feel great in your own skin. With practice, you may find it easier and easier to show your body some love and walk around with the confidence we know you have waiting to be unleashed!